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Large Snowflake cookie favor $2.25

Rose M&P Lotion Bar $3.50

Porcelain Cheese Board $32.95

Red Chequered Hobo Style $25.00

Ruby & Zoisite Necklace $30.00

Palm Talk 3 $125.00

Black & Green Bracelet $8.00

bracelet $20.00

Eagle in Frame $85.00

Simple Petals $20.00

Simple Petals $20.00

The Ivy $89.00


Petals - Pink Chunky Crystal and Oxidize... $20.00

The Annadale-30 $39.00

Blue Opal Filigree Bracelet $15.00

Rose Leather Choker $40.00

Sterling silver, swirled glass beads, Sw... $25.00
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10/12 2013-12/31 login! Somerville, MA 80% Saturday Local Artist Market (SLAM)  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
SLAM (Saturday Local Artists Market)is in its third year and offers local artists a place to show and sell their work, as well as an opportunity for local residents to find a wide variety of art and handmade goods in one location. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 300
Booth Price: $35
Jury Requirements: Artist details & images of work
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Busy Urban Square
Setup Time: 11am-12pm
Hours: 12-4pm

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@ 04/30 2014login!North Charleston, SC51% /14 National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition   Website URL??? 
The eighth annual National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition will be installed at the stunning North Charleston Riverfront Park from May 2013-March 2014. Sculptors from across the nation are welcome to submit an application for participation. Up to 15 imaginative and t...
05/08 2014-02/15 login! Kent, OH 71% Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion  Website URL ??? 
The Kent State University Museum is excited to host "Entangled: Fiber to Felt to Fashion," an exhibition of the work of fifteen contemporary textile artists that are using felt in startling and innovative ways. "Entangled" pays special attention to the ways these artists use felt...
05/20-05/22 2016login!Rosemont, IL39% Anime Central  Website URL??? 
@ 07/01 2014login!Macon, GA82% City Market on the Green  Website URL??? 
Year # 9. Organic farmers market in historic down town Macon from 10 am till 3pm. WE are looking for hand made crafts and art work, plants and organic foods. There is no fee for site 10 ft x 10 ft and free parking. Food vendors are welcomeOrganic farmers market seeking hand made crafts... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: free
Jury Requirements: hand made local grown
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: down town park on grass
Setup Time: 7-9 am
Hours: 10 am, 3pm
@ 07/30-07/05&nbslogin!Lancaster, MA56% Flea Market and Indoor Carnival  Website URL??? 
Open Every Sunday Rain or Shine Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 40.00 booth and 25 for table
Hours: sun 8am to 4pm
08/01 2014-07/26 2015login!Racine, WI60% Charlotte Kruk: Consumer Couture - The Politics of Having ??? 
Exploring alternative understandings of the term "eye candy," artist Charlotte Kruk uses recognizable consumer packaging and materials to make garments and sculptures that reflect on the society that produced them. For this exhibition, Kruk has created a series of vignettes for t...
08/07 2016 login! Albany, GA 64% Tift Park Market ??? 
This is a community market. All items must be handcrafted. There is no vendor fee currently, there will be a fee next year. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 2000
Booth Price: Currently $0.00
Location Type: City park with trees
Setup Time: 7:30-8:45
Hours: 9-2

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08/22 2014-02/01 login! New York, NY 72% Masterpieces & Curiosities: A Russian American Quilt  Website URL ??? 
"Masterpieces & Curiosities" continues a series of exhibitions focused on individual works in the Jewish Museum's world-renowned collection. This exhibition highlights a colorful patchwork quilt (c. 1899) bearing Eastern European and American imagery. Owned by a Russian Jewish fa...
08/25 2014-02/27 login! Logan, UT 65% Black Mountain College: Shaping Craft + Design  Website URL ??? 
This exhibition delves into the role that Black Mountain College played in establishing mid-century design and studio craft in the United States. "Shaping Craft + Design" will feature ceramics, textiles, furniture, sculpture, paintings, printed material, and other ephemera and ar...
09/01 2014-03/21 login! Washington, DC 73% Call for Entries: National Juried Bonsai Pot Competition  Website URL ??? 
Since the last National Bonsai Pot Competition in 2002, the number of potters making quality bonsai containers in the United States has increased significantly. This exhibition will feature the work of some well-known potters but it will also introduce to the public a new generat...
09/01 2014-05/01 2015login!Red Lodge70% Red Lodge Clay Center: Short Term Residency  Website URL??? 
The Short-Term Residency at the Red Lodge Clay Center is ideal for the ceramic artist who is working to complete a special project requiring one to eight weeks' time. Accepted short-term residents are provided with studio space and 24 hour access to the studio. Fully furnished ap...
09/06 2014-02/22 login! Charlotte, NC 72% Beyond Craft: Decorative Arts from the Leatrice S. and Melvin B.  Website URL ??? 
The Mint Museum Uptown is excited to present "Beyond Craft: Decorative Arts from the Leatrice S. and Melvin B. Eagle Collection." The Leatrice S. and Melvin B. Eagle Collection is one of the world's most outstanding collections of American Mid-Century Studio Craft. The collection...
09/09 2014-03/08 login! Boston, MA 65% Hollywood Glamour: Fashion and Jewelry from the Silver Screen  Website URL ??? 
"Hollywood Glamour" features some of the most startling designer gowns and jewelry from the 1930s and 40s. The exhibition is built around the signature styles of some of the greatest actors of the period, including Gloria Swanson, Anna May Wong, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mae...
09/13 2014-02/01 login! Tacoma, WA 71% Hilltop Artists  Website URL ??? 
The Museum of Glass is excited to present "Hilltop Artists," a look back at the two-decade history of Hilltop Artists, a program that introduces glass art skills and techniques to marginalized and economically disadvantaged youth. There will be an opening reception for Museum of ...
09/13 2014-02/15 login! Neenah, WI 71% Beauty Beyond Nature: The Art of Paul Joseph Stankard  Website URL ??? 
The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is pleased to present this exhibition of 70 intricate, flame-worked still-life sculptures encased in clear crystal by the celebrated artist Paul Joseph Stankard. A testament to the artist's unceasing creativity and endurance, "Beauty Beyond Na...
09/13 2014-03/08 login! Minneapolis, MN 71% Life on the Edge of the Forest: Russian Traditions in Wood  Website URL ??? 
The Museum of Russian Art is excited to present "Life on the Edge of the Forest: Russian Traditions in Wood." The exhibition will explore the way that folk woodworking was shaped by the Russian landscape and went on to influence broader understandings of Russian identity.
09/23 2014-02/08 login! New York, NY 71% What Would Mrs. Webb Do? A Founder's Vision  Website URL ??? 
The Museum of Arts and Design is excited to present the exhibition ""What Would Mrs. Webb Do? A Founder's Vision," which celebrates the legacy of the institution's founder, Aileen Osborn Webb. Webb championed the role of craft in art and design and paved the way for some of the m...
09/26 2014-02/13 login! Brooklyn, NY 42% Rub Me the Wrong Way by Traci Talasco  Website URL ??? 
Traci Talasco transforms BAC Gallery into an interactive, domestic environment created entirely out of sandpaper. Rub Me the Wrong Way humorously represents how women have become worn out by their absurd attempts to fit “ideal” standards, juggling their home and work life. Th...
09/26-09/11 2015login!Cincinnati, OH40% EXHIBIT PROPOSALS Solo, Group and Concept Submissions  Website URL??? 
 On average, one-third of Manifest's exhibits are dedicated to solo exhibits. Solo exhibitors have included local, regional, and national artists from as far away as New York City, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It is important to our non-profit operations that each of our season...
09/27-09/20 2015 login! Salem, MA 71% Branching Out: Trees as Art  Website URL ??? 
The Peabody Essex Museum presents "Branching Out," an exhibition that addresses the role that trees play as inspiration and medium in contemporary art. "Branching Art" includes work in a wide variety of mediums, from carving to music composition.
@ 09/29 2014login!Laconia, NH78% Laconia Indoor Winter Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 5. a group of farmers, crafters, bakers, jewelers, candy makers, coffee, embroiderers, and so much more Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Location Type: Skate Escape
Setup Time: 2pm
Hours: Every other Thursday 3pm to 6pm
09/30 2014-03/15 login! New York, NY 71% Maryland to Murano: Neckpieces and Sculptures by Joyce J. Scott  Website URL ??? 
The Museum of Arts and Design is pleased to present "Maryland to Murano," an exhibition of work by Joyce J. Scott. Highlighting Scott's range in both form and content, the exhibition will bring together Scott's neckpieces, created in her workshop in Baltimore, Maryland, with her ...
10/03 2014-02/15 login! Sheboygan, WI 60% This Must Be the Place  Website URL ??? 
Experience the emotion we feel for places despite distance in time or space. The Arts Center presents original installations, sculpture, photography, film, and work by vernacular environment builders that reveal powerful places of influence in twelve artists' lives. An opening re...
10/03 2014-03/01 login! Bellevue, WA 54% Jason Walker: On the River, Down the Road ??? 
"On The River, Down The Road" features work by Northwestern ceramicist Jason Walker. Walker's sculptures explore human experience and society through the lens of nature. "On The River, Down The Road" is a site-specific installation that addresses the impact of human industry on t...
@ 10/04 2014login!Prescott, AR43% Nevada County Trade Days ??? 
Downtown Brandy Jones PO Bo x307 Prescott, AR 71857 870-887-2101 bjones@pnpartnership.org 2nd Saturday of each month, hours from 9 a.m -2 p.m. Arts and crafts vendors from the Ark-La-Tex area. Admission: Free
10/05 2014-03/08 login! Chicago, IL 73% Amy Reichert: Reinvented Judaica  Website URL ??? 
Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership is pleased to present this exhibit of work by local architect and designer Amy Reichert. Amy Reichert has been creating Jewish ritual objects (or Judaica) since 1995 when she was inspired to create a Passover Seder plate for a ...
10/10 2014-02/01 login! Bellevue, WA 71% Nick Mount: The Fabric of Work--Sculptural Glass from a Master o  Website URL ??? 
The Bellevue Arts Museum is excited to present "Nick Mount: The Fabric of Work--Sculptural Glass from a Master of Australian Craft." Mount is one of the world's preeminent glass artists, and this exhibition features new glass tableaus that include superb examples of every imagina...
10/10 2014-02/01 login! Bellevue, WA 65% Quality is Contagious: John Economaki and Bridge City Tool Works  Website URL ??? 
Portland furniture designer John Economaki developed a severe allergy to wood dust. As a result, Economaki turned from making furniture to making high-quality heirloom hand tools as Bridge City Tool Works in 1983. This exhibition will highlight the company's 30 years of products,...
@ 10/11 2014login!Somerville, MA80% Saturday Local Artist Market (SLAM)  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
SLAM (Saturday Local Artists Market)is in its third year and offers local artists a place to show and sell their work, as well as an opportunity for local residents to find a wide variety of art and handmade goods in one location. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 300
Booth Price: $35
Jury Requirements: Artist details & images of work
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Busy Urban Square
Setup Time: 11am-12pm
Hours: 12-4pm
10/12 2014-02/01 login! Racine, WI 71% (in)Organic  Website URL ??? 
The Racine Art Museum is excited to present "(in)Organic," an exhibition that explores the biological through artificial materials. Artists in this exhibition work with materials like polymer, acrylic yarn, fibrous handmade paper, pencil, and ceramics.
10/13 2014-03/28 login! Columbia, SC 71% Celebrating South Carolina Ceramics: Recent Acquisitions from th  Website URL ??? 
The McKissick Museum is excited to present an exhibition of new additions to their unparalleled collection of early southern stoneware. "Celebrating South Carolina Ceramics" draws from the recently donated collection of Steve and Terry Ferrell, including selections from the Ferre...
10/21 2014-02/01 login! New York, NY 60% Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire  Website URL ??? 
"Death Becomes Her" will delve into the fascinating history of mourning dress in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Including about 30 different ensembles, "Death Becomes Her" will feature mourning dresses worn by Queens Victoria and Alexandria.
10/31 2014-01/31 login! Portland, OR 65% ShowPDX: A Decade of Portland Furniture Design  Website URL ??? 
"ShowPDX" is a biennial exhibition presented by fix studio that showcases the best of Portland's innovative and thriving culture of furniture design. The 2014 version of this exhibition includes over 60 pieces, and creates an important focal point for recognition by peer and publ...
11/01 2014-03/30 login! Philadelphia, PA 26% Spring Garden Indoor Antique and Vintage Flea Market ??? 
11/04 2014-04/06 login! New York, NY 71% New Territories: Laboratories for Design, Craft and Art in Latin  Website URL ??? 
The Museum of Arts and Design is excited to present "New Territories," an exhibition that explores the effects of globalization on art, design, and craft. "New Territories" asks the viewer to consider concepts of commodification, urbanization, and sustainability through the eyes ...
11/07 2014-02/02 login! Richmond, CA 70% Call for Entries: "California Now: Clay, Glass & Enamel"  Website URL ??? 
"California Now" offers the opportunity to show the most contemporary and innovative California clay, glass, and enamel art. The exhibition will include functional and non-functional, 2D and 3D works that illustrate the wide scope of Californian art in these mediums. Work will be...
11/07 2014-03/01 login! Atlanta, GA 72% Call for Entries: Velocity of Textiles  Website URL ??? 
The Chattahoochee Handweavers Guild is pleased to announce an international exhibition of art that references and/or uses fiber, fiber techniques and fiber technologies in innovative ways. Deeply rooted in tradition, textile arts are an expression of the hands and the heart of t...
11/08 2014-02/16 2015login!Salem, MA65% In Plain Sight: Discovering the Furniture of Nathaniel Gould  Website URL??? 
Nathaniel Gould was a prominent cabinetmaker and craftsmen of 18th century Massachusetts. "In Plain Sight" features 20 of Gould's most ambitious and impressive works, many of which have only been recently attributed to the artist. The works are presented with supporting sketches,...
@ 11/14 2014login!Morristown, NJ41% Morristown CraftMarket: Call for Entries  Website URL??? 
The Morristown CraftMarket, celebrating its 38th consecutive year, is seeking artist applications for its 2014 festival. The CraftMarket will feature 160 gifted artists from 25 states throughout the country selling their original works of jewelry, ceramics, glass, wearable fiber,...
11/15 2014-03/08 login! Shelburne, VT 71% Natural Beauties: Jewelry from Art Nouveau to Now  Website URL ??? 
The Shelburne Museum is pleased to present "Natural Beauties," an exhibition that celebrates jewelry and jewelers that uses natural forms as a source of inspiration. "Natural Beauties" groups works according to technique, featuring pieces from the Art Nouveau movement through the...
11/15 2014-03/21 login! New Bern, NC 40% Colonial Capital Rods and Classics Bojangles Cruise In ??? 
11/16 2014-02/15 login! Duxbury, MA 71% Moving Right Along... Kinetic Sculpture by David A. Lang  Website URL ??? 
The Art Complex Museum is excited to present "Moving Right Along," an exhibition of kinetic sculptures by artist David A. Lang. Lang's studio has been described as an eclectic version of Gepetto's workshop, serving as one of the best illustrations of the surprising connections be...
11/16 2014-03/15 2015login!Denver, CO71% Brilliant: Cartier in the Century  Website URL??? 
The Denver Art Museum is pleased to host the world-exclusive exhibition "Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century." Featuring a wide variety of signature jewelry, timepieces, and decorative objects, "Brilliant" provides a comprehensive survey of Cartier's ascendance to the peak of ...
@ 11/16 2014login!Walpole, MA73% Walpole Winter Market and Craft Fair  Website URL??? 
Year # 5. Visit us on November 20th to get your local produce for Thanksgiving and start your holiday shopping with our crafters. Visit us on December 5th to buy the freshest local produce and deliciously prepared foods while supporting area farmers and food producers. Get a jump on y... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 200-300
Admission Price: free
Location Type: Function Hall
Setup Time: Sunday 9 am on
Hours: Sunday 10-2
11/21 2014-02/23 login! Paducah, KY 60% Motion  Website URL ??? 
A collection of quilts from the Contemporary QuiltArt Association in Washington State. The quilts in this exhibit feature movement; with each artist bringing a different interpretation to the theme, "Motion" is a study in creativity. The exhibit runs through February 23, 2015.
11/22 2014-01/31 login! Lenox, MA 70% Call for Entries: Emerging Artist Platform Award  Website URL ??? 
This award is offered bi-annually to an emerging artist showing merit, skill, and innovation in their work. The goal of this award is to give an emerging artist practical experience and the opportunity to be publicized, advertised and supported. The recipient will receive a solo ...
@ 11/26-11/04&nbslogin!Walton, KY22% Christmas Bazaar ??? 
@ 11/28 2014login!Providence, RI83% Craftland!  Website URL??? 
Year # 11. Craftland is an annual month-long holiday sale in downtown Providence, RI that celebrates all kinds of sparkly handmade objects and the sparkly people who make them! This year we will be open December 1st-22nd. Craftland has a unique store format! This means that you don't... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: consignment
Jury Requirements: 3 jpgs
Jury Fee: $10 per application
Location Type: Downcity retail space
Setup Time: volunteer hours
Hours: CRAFTLAND is open five days a week, Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 6p
11/29 2014-01/31 login! Pomona, CA 61% Site Unseen: Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers  Website URL ??? 
Tim Berg and Rebekah Myers have been collaborating with each other for the last eight years. As individuals they seek to produce seamless work in which its hard to distinguish where one artist ends and the other begins. Their work often focuses on environmental issues of social c...
11/29 2014-02/08 login! Brockton, MA 71% Barbara Andrus: Fieldwork  Website URL ??? 
The Fuller Craft Museum is excited to present "Fieldwork," an exhibition of large-scale installation work by Barbara Andus. "Fieldwork" explores the relationship between art and environment, and the liminal space between the inside and outside. A portion of the exhibition will be...
@ 11/30 2014login!Portland, OR33% Call for Entries: the Art in the Pearl(R) Fine Arts  Website URL??? 
12/01 2014-02/28 login! Lancaster, PA 38% Call for Entries: Long's Park Art & Craft Festival ??? 
Apply now through midnight, February 28, 2015 to be a part of the 37th Annual Long's Park Art & Craft Festival held at beautiful Long's Park in Lancaster, PA. This top rated show draws sophisticated, high income buyers from Philadelphia, Baltimore, across Central Pennsylvania, Ne...
12/01 2014-03/02 login! Albuquerque, NM 39% Call for Entries: Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta  Website URL ??? 
The Albuquerque Fiber Arts Council presents the 2015 Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta, May 21-23, 2015 at Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque. This will be the tenth biennial juried show and fiber arts exhibit. Entry applications are due March 2, 2015. Entry divisions are: beadwork, croc...
12/04 2014-02/15 login! Honolulu, HI 71% Conversations with Wood  Website URL ??? 
"Conversations with Wood: A Gift of Contemporary Wood Works from the Collection of Ruth and David Waterbury" features works donated to the museum by Minneapolis collectors David and Ruth Waterbury. Including more than 30 works, the exhibition serves as a spectacular survey of the...
12/04 2014-04/01 login! Sheboygan, WI 72% John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts / Industry Program  Website URL ??? 
Artists working in any discipline may apply for the Arts Center's Arts/Industry 2016 program, which takes place at and is funded by Kohler Co. in Kohler, Wis. Each year, 16-22 artists are accepted for 2- to 6-month residencies in the Pottery or Foundry/Enamel areas of the factory...
12/05 2014-01/31 login! Wayne, PA 71% CraftForms  Website URL ??? 
Wayne Art Center is excited to host the 20th Anniversary iteration of "CraftForms," their international juried exhibition of contemporary craft art. "CraftForms 2014" features artists working in every conceivable craft media. There will be a preview party on December 5 from 6 to ...
12/05 2014-03/01 login! Memphis, TN 71% All That Glitters  Website URL ??? 
"All That Glitters" is a chance for the Metal Museum to celebrate its 35 years of collecting by displaying some of the finest pieces from its permanent collection. Divided into three sections, "All That Glitters" showcases some of their finest pieces of gold, silver, and copper.
12/05 2014-03/01 login! Memphis, TN 70% Tributaries: Susie Ganch  Website URL ??? 
The Metal Museum is pleased to present "Tributaries," an exhibition of jewelry and sculpture by Susie Ganch. Ganch creates intricate, molecular structures that suspend precious stones and enameled copper in webs of silver and steel.
12/05 2014-04/04 login! Saint Louis, MO 65% 3-D Fiber Explorations  Website URL ??? 
Missouri Fiber Artists is pleased to announce "3D Fiber Explorations," an exhibition that will prompt the visitor to pause for a moment and to see fiber work in a new light, beyond craft and into the realm of fine art. Artists merge fiber and fabric materials (such as paper, wool...
12/06 2014-03/28 login! Stroudsburg, PA 26% MONROE FARMERS MARKET ??? 
12/06 2015 login! Phoenixville, PA 38% Jinglefest  Website URL ??? 
Family christmas event with vendors put on by Horse Power for Life at the oaks Expo Center. Crafters, food, kids activities, dog friendly
12/07 2014-07/12 login! Brockton, MA 71% Crafting a Collection: Fuller Craft Museum Recent Acquisitions  Website URL ??? 
Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Fuller Craft Museum is pleased to present "Crafting a Collection," an exhibition that highlights some of the superb objects that the Craft Museum acquired for its permanent collection between 2012 and the present. The exhibition will includ...
@ 12/10 2014login!Baltimore, MD58% Faith Community Spring Bazaar and Craft Festival ??? 
We are looking for crafters - expecially eco crafters. We will have a Flea Market, Nifty Thrifty Clothing, Food, White Elephant Table and Door Prizes. This event is for the benefit of our Food Pantry which serves the homeless and less fortunate in our area. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $50.00 for two eight foot tables
Hours: 12 Noon - 4 P.M.
@ 12/11 2014login!North Charleston, SC42% National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Sculptors from across the nation are welcome to submit an applicationfor participation. Up to 14 imaginative and thought provoking outdoor sculptures are juried into the eleven month exhibition. Visitors can enjoy the sculpture displays among ten acres of walking paths, a fishin...
@ 12/13 2014login!Philadelphia, PA41% Call for Entries: the Philadelphia Museum of Art Cra  Website URL??? 
Featuring over 195 craft artists from around the United States, the 38th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show is a juried exhibition and retail sale that draws more than 18,000 visitors each year. Applications are available online and must be received by April 1, 2014.
12/15 2014-03/01 login! Saint Louis, MO 71% Dogs in Porcelain Sculpture  Website URL ??? 
The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is excited to present "Dogs in Porcelain Sculpture," an exhibition that focuses on the museum's extensive collection of porcelain figurines. The highlight of the exhibition will be samples from the newly acquired collection of figurines ...
12/19 2014-03/15 login! Metuchen, NJ 31% Confluence  Website URL ??? 
@ 12/23 2014login!Cote d\'Azur40% Antibes Sacred Music Festival  Website URL??? 
First held in 1992, this popular music festival is held in Antibes Cathedral in the very heart of the historic old town. In addition to some of Bach’s best-loved works, which always appear on the programme, each year the festival focuses on a particular theme, region or cou...
12/23 2014-05/10 login! Prospect & Vine 36% Arts & Crafts Adventure  Website URL ??? 
Artists & craftsartists from far & near will fill Hodges Park, Park Ridge IL  with work they themseles created during this long-time popular event. Exhibitors located on the grass alongside sidewalks which wind around and through this popular centrally located park.  Loyal, lsu...
@ 12/25 2014login!Albuquerque, NM51% EXPO New Mexico Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Flea Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to dusk on the Midway lot. Featuring hundreds of vendors with tens of thousands of unique and one-of-a-kind items to choose from. Foot traffic is welcome to enter at Gate 1 (Central between Louisiana and San Pedro).
@ 12/26-12/25&nbslogin!New York, NY80% Hells Kitchen Flea Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 10. We are oppened for our 3rd season, every sat& sun, rain or shine,you will find unique antiques and collectibles,great fashion finds,arts & crafts,food and more.. we welcome all vendors.Come visit us down at the newest and hottest arts & craft show in town.once a month we have a r... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 150
Booth Price: $75 10x10
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Mid town west
Setup Time: btw 7-10 am
Hours: sat & sun 10-6 pm
@ 12/26-12/25&nbslogin!Wichita, KS26% Final Friday Gallery Crawl ??? 
@ 12/27-12/20&nbslogin!Pass Christian, MS77% Menge Flea Market   Website URL??? 
Year # 20. flea market every sat and sun year around rain or shine The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s largest outdoor flea market offers furniture, arts & crafts, plants, baked goods, concession stand and more! Featured on Turner South’s television shows Junkin’ and 3 Day We... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 40.00 for 2 days under the cover with electric
Hours: 7am till 4pm
@ 12/27-12/26&nbslogin!Everett, WA83% Bayside Art & Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. Open-air market featuring local artisans, farmers and musicans. Easy to find behind the Everett Public Market and visible from W. Marine View Dr at CAlifornia St.Market located outside just off the water. It does have a regular breeze all day so a tent side or back may be des... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $25
Location Type: outside, tents and market umbrellas suggested. Oceanside views.
Setup Time: 8:00am-10:00am
Hours: Saturdays 10-3
@ 12/27-12/26&nbslogin!Clear Lake Shore, TX51% Clear Lake Shores Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
First and third Saturdays of each month from 8 AM to 12 PM Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: free
Hours: Sat 8-12
@ 12/27-12/26&nbslogin!Ocean Springs, MS43% Classes @ Mary C ??? 
The Mary C offers classes for all ages that include oil painting, art, drawing, photography, field trips, etiquette & social skills, introductory boat building, creative writing, music, dance, pottery, piano & guitar lessons, and more. Call for complete details on all classes, ti...
12/27-12/26 2015login!Elgin, IL38% Elgin Winter Market  Website URL??? 
Saturday only... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $30 8 x 8
Setup Time: Sat 8-9 am
Hours: Sat 9-4
@ 12/28 2014login!Kahului, HI42% Vintage: Maui Artists With A Presence ??? 
Exhibit: VINTAGE: MAUI ARTISTS WITH A PRESENCE - Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. A group invitational exhibition with some of Maui€™s favorite established artists, whose careers as active and innovative leaders in the arts, are hono...
@ 12/29 2014login!Silver Spring, MD50% Washingtonprintmakers  Website URL??? 
Since 2004, The Washington Print Club has joined with the Washington Printmakers Gallery and its nonprofit arm, The Washington Print Foundation, to award an annual Excellence in Printmaking student prize. The aim of this award is to encourage printmaking and the use of traditiona...
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Siesta Key, FL36% Siesta Farmer's Market ??? 
Location: Davidson's Plaza 5124 Ocean Boulevard Siesta Key Village Hours: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm every Sunday Open air farmer's market featuring fresh produce, seafood, plants, jewelry,soaps, teas, art, etc.
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Saugus, CA81% Saugus Swap Meet   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 17. Saugus Swap Meet, Santa Claritas Open Air Market is one of the largest and oldest open air markets in Southern California. For more than forty years this market has been open every Sunday, rain or shine. Conveniently located in the heart of the Santa Clarita Valley, just 3 mil... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: $1.50 on sunday free on tuesdays
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $15-65 16x20
Location Type: saugus speedway SwapMeet
Setup Time: 5:30am for reserved, 7:00am non reserved
Hours: 7 am to 1pm
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Ames, IA58% Ames Farmers' Market ??? 
Fresh local grown produce including but not limited to raspberries, lettuce mixes, rhubarb, green onions, yellow squash, broccoli, chard, kale, green beans, carrots, potatoes, snow peas, and beets. Home baked items including breads, kolaches, kringla, and cinnamon rolls. Durin... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: Mainstreet Depot
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!San Bernardino, CA34% Swap Meet & Market  Website URL??? 
7am-2pm. Orange Show Events Center, 689 S E St. R.G. Canning Attractions ( www.RGCShows.com
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Quakertown, PA56% Quarkertown Farmer's Market & Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
One of the East Coast's oldest, busiest, well known and successful markets. There is an indoor and outdoor Farmer's Market and Flea Market every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Outdoor Flea Market (unreserved)-$10.00 for 8 x 8 table for one day
Hours: Fri & Sat 9 AM-9 PM; Sun 10 AM-5 PM
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Rome, NY81% Rodmill Indoor Market ??? 
Year # 5. Rodmill Indoor Market is a year round weekend market in Rome, NY. Come to experience the farmer's market and a wide variety of crafts, collectibles and SURPRISING FINDS !! Our facility will be a family-friendly environment with food, music and games for all ages. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: $0 - Free to everyone
Location Type: Indoor year round market
Setup Time: Friday, 5 - 8pm, Sat 8 - 9am, and Sun 8 - 9am,
Hours: Sat 9-3, Sun 9-3
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Detroit, MI63% 8 Mile Trade Center   Website URL??? 
200 Vendor Booths sellings hundreds of items at the best prices. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $85 10 x 10
Location Type: Shopping Center
Hours: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
@ 12/30-12/29&nbslogin!Toledo, WA40% Toledo Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
This will be the 2nd year for The Toledo Saturday Market, 2011 was a great success with between 300-500 vistors by count to to each weekend event. We have confirmed return vendors and merchants, and are looking forward to a even bigger response for 2012.
12/31 2014-02/27 2015login!Quartzsite, AZ33% Quartzsite Hobby, Craft & Gem Show  Website URL??? 
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Siesta Key, FL41% Siesta Farmer's Market   Website URL??? 
Location: Davidson's Plaza 5124 Ocean Boulevard Siesta Key Village Hours: 7:00 am - 1:00 pm every Sunday Open air farmer's market featuring fresh produce, seafood, plants, jewelry,soaps, teas, art, etc.
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Durham, NC51% Durham Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
Vendors offering locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, cut flowers, potted plants, artisanal cheeses and breads, home-baked pies, honey, handmade chocolates, preserves, local wines, hand-made soaps, pottery, jewelry and artwork of all sorts. (Fruits and vegetables are...
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Tucson, AZ43% El Barrio Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Produce, flowers, arts and crafts, white elephant, chair massage, live music.
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Tucson, AZ38% El Barrio Farmers Market ??? 
Produce, flowers, arts and crafts, white elephant, chair massage, live music.
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Fayetteville, GA72% Ben's Flea and Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 13. Flea Market Christmas Shopping. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Location Type: Old Walmart Building
Setup Time: Friday 8am
Hours: Friday 8am - 6pm
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Jacksonville, FL71% Riverside Arts Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Under the Fuller Warren Bridge! Great people,also Stages for entertainment! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 22.00-36.00
Setup Time: must be there by 9:30 or you can't get in to set up
Hours: 10-4 saturday
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Rogers, OH64% Rogers Community Open Air Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 58. show is held every friday. Flea market & Arts and Crafts Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 1300
Booth Price: 15' X 30' $18.00 outside, 12' X 12' $20.00 inside
Setup Time: Day befor the show & Day of the show
Hours: 9am- untill dark
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Kansas City, MO37% City Market Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/31-12/30&nbslogin!Kingwood, TX26% Thursday Vendor Market  ??? 
01/01-01/31 2015 login! Jupiter, FL 72% Call for Art - Theme Seasons Online Art Competition  Website URL ??? 
96 Normal false false false EN-IE JA X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4...
01/01-04/01 login! Morristown, NJ 42% Call for Entries: Morristown CraftMarket  Website URL ??? 
The Morristown CraftMarket, one of the top juried fine art and craft shows in the nation and a not-for-profit event sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Randolph, NJ, seeks artists to display and sell their work at this year's show. Now in its 39th consecutive year, the Morristown Cr...
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