Earn More Time!
For a very limited time, hopefully only days, (since it is only valid while it looks like I cant pay my immediate bills), you can Get 150% of the time you pay for!

You will get 3 months for the 2 month period.
You will get 9 months for the 6 month period.
You will get 18 months for the 12 month period.

This offer extends to our new membership gift certificates also!
1 Year for $37.00  
6 months for $30.00  
2 months for $22.00  

Members of CraftLister / EventLister get access to:

         81,498 upcoming events, 71,047 with vendors.
         513,972 listings going back 15 years. 1GB of searchable text.
         184,353 Promoters. Searchable by Contact, Company, Address, Website, etc.
         141,654 Crafters, Artists, Exhibitors, keyword searchable.
         59,410 event comments & ratings on-file. starstarstarstarstar
         6,547 upcoming event listings have doc's on file! (9.2%)
         137,062 pages of documents on 28,276 listings.
How much is it worth to learn a show is BAD because of other user comments before you waste a day or weekend at it?

Is the largest database of events and comments available anywhere worth $0.71 per week to your business and livelihood?

Do you spend over $0.71 at a show for coffee?

If you want to make more money selling at shows, I suggest subscribing to a few online and printed event directories; and as the feedback below demonstrates, this is one of the best and oldest at nearly 15 years on dat der interweb thingie!

Great things are ahead! I was able to pay for help with data entry for the first time last year. The website is more advanced than ever; from online stores, scanned PDFs, to online jurying! Please pay if you can. - Louy - Owner, Programmer, etc.
Craftlister.com is a great tool for the professional crafter. I encourage both crafters and promoters to use this site.
-   Left: July 21, 2014, 11:41 pm - by: CJ BrockusRapp   Crafter from Wakita, OK   Signed up 6 years ago
Great sight to find shows
-   Left: May 21, 2014, 10:07 am - by: Jenee Capponi   Crafter from Hills And Dales, OH   Signed up 5 years ago
Great site for good information
-   Left: May 19, 2014, 9:43 am - by: Tom Hayes   Crafter from Sonora, OH   Signed up 16 months ago

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