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Jackson Craft-A-Rama in Jackson, MI

 Event Details 

Jackson Craft-A-Rama in Jackson, MI

Sun Oct 9th
Other Possible Names for this Event:   -   Jackson Craft-O-Rama  -   Craft-O-Rama  -   Jackson Craft-O-Rama Arts and Crafts Show  -   Craft o Rama  -   Jackson Craft-A-Rama ()

Event Location
American One Jackson Fair Events Center
200 W. Ganson
Jackson, MI 49204
Jackson County - 58,318 housholds avg $53,012 ea.

Location/Facility Name: American One Fair Events Center
Location/Facility Type: Large building perfect for show rental
Listing Details for Event #: 2078515
Posted: Nov 2, 2015
Last Updated: Feb 18, 2016
Listing Completeness %: 93%
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Event Details
Primary Category:
  - Art & Craft Events
     - Art and Craft Show
Additional Categories:
     - Juried Art & Craft Show
Dates: Sun Oct 9th
Date Pattern: Always the second Sunday in October
Show Hours: Sunday, 10AM- 4PM
Setup Time: Day of show, 7:15- 9:30 AM
Year #: 45
Public Admission Price: $2 gen. admission, kids 5 and under free (may change to $3, not
Haul Details: Can drive to overhead doors to unload but must move vehicle after unloading.
Vendor Help: Stand watchers will be available. It is also possible that we will have young people to help you load your product after the event.
Vendor Breakfast: Plans at this time are to have the caterer offer donuts, coffee and soda in the morning hours. They will set their prices.
Vendor Lunch: Caterer will be on premises. Varied menu. They set their prices. Not the expected craft show foods, better quality foods will be served.
Parking: parking lots open on fairgrounds property
Vendor Parking: next to building. Overhead door also open for easy unloading.
RV Parking: not on premesis overnight. Camp sites nearby as well as motels.
Restrooms: large indoor restrooms
Awards/Prizes: none at this time
Electricity: $10 if elec. space requested. ($15 for vendors with 2 spaces and electric.)
Water: available in sinks in restrooms only
Tables/Chairs: Up to two chairs provided IF requested, 6' or 8' tables available for $10 fee
Misc Details: Indoor Event, Juried Crafts, Juried Fine Arts & Crafts
Entertainment: None. Our wide variety of exhibitor's items is entertaining in itself!
  Jury Fee: n/a
Jury Requirements: 3-5 photos of types of items to be sold, in progress photos required. Photos of workspace also encouraged.
Commission: none
Art/Craft Spaces This Yr: 80
Art/Craft Spaces Still Open: 43
Number of Apps Expected This Yr: 80
Art/Craft Space Price: $65, 10'x10' and 8'x10' corners
URL to Offical Art/Craft Application: Email Promoter for Application

Food Spaces This Yr: 3
Food Space Price: $65

App Deadline: unknown
Still Accepting App's: NO
NOT Needed: We have food catered by a restaurant that is offered from the kitchen so we do not accept vendors with sandwiches and similar food items. However we will accept vendors with packaged foods such as homemade candies, popcorn, salsas etc.
% of Vendors that Re-Apply: 75%
% of all Applications Accepted: 95%
% of Re-applying Re-accepted: 98%

Applications are Juried ongoingly & Accepted progressively as they arrive, until all spaces are filled.

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Juried arts and crafts show with only quality handmade items by exhibitor.(Our name was changed to Craft-A-Rama in 2012.) We also keep track of each category of art/craft accepted and will turn down applicants in that category once our quota has been filled. This system keeps our show well-balanced and will help every vendor to be successful if there isn't too much of any one type of thing in the show.

Photos must be supplied with application. Photos of work in progress are required, photos of workspace also helpful. If there is any question about your products additional photos of works in progress will be required before approval can be considered. We also keep track of each category of art/craft accepted and will turn down applicants in that category once our quota has been filled. This system keeps our show well-balanced and will help every vendor to be successful if there isn't too much of any one type of thing in the show. We will accept applications (without payment) for a waiting list in categories that have previously filled.

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Door prize drawings for shoppers every half hour to make them happy and to encourage them to continue shopping. We ask each vendor to please participate and donate an inexpensive handcrafted item to be used for these door prizes.
Advertising Done for This Event
We always do extensive advertising. In 2015 we spent over $1,000 in addition to taking advantage of our non-profit status and securing free advertising from local businesses,newspapers etc. We also had over 350 large, outdoor signs posted in Jackson and the surrounding communities as well as flyers distributed all over town. (This is in addition to the $1,000+ we spent with media advertising.) We had paid ads in two newspapers and three businesses also had outdoor LED signs promoting our event.
Event/Application Rules & Regulations
All items must be handmade by the exhibitor and/or someone they partner with. NO product categories are allowed that are not pre-approved!!!! We do ask for a doorprize donation of a handcrafted item worth at least $5. All tables must be skirted. Set-up must be completed by 9:30 AM. More information on our application.
Common Rules Selected: Previous acceptance does not guarantee re-acceptance. Jury materials, slides or photos, will not be returned to you. Vendors can share a booth. Spots are assigned prior to show based by promoter. Conditional Partial or Full Refunds by conditions such as date and whether your space is resold. Held Rain or Shine! ALL product categories must be itemized on the application. No vendor may sell any soft drinks, name brand drinks, or bottled water. No streamer poppers, snaps, silly string, stink bombs or other similar items may be sold! No pop guns, marshmellow guns or other disruptive items may be sold. Trash must be removed from your space to provided receptacles. No Gas Generators. No Early Packup Allowed. Raffle / Door Prize Donation Required. Table Cloth or Drape Required. Event Helping Hands will come around/be available to relieve you for short periods. NO Setup until vehicle fully unloaded and moved. Vehicles can not be brought near stand for un/loading. Vehicle must be parked in designated areas. Standard Rules: All work and displays must stay within designated space. No boxes, extra merchandise or debris should be visible. Spot area must be kept clean throughout the event and be left spotless afterwards. No soliciting, approaching patrons, or distribution of advertising material outside of booth area. All vendors must have a state sales tax license. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting all sales tax.
Event Quality Level Determining Flags:
Photos of workshop, supplies, or works in progress required.
All items must be mostly hand made, no minor Embellishments only.
All items must be Fine Craft or Art.
Limited number of Artists per category.
Floor length table cloths required.
No inventory boxes in view.
All product types to be sold must be listed on application.
Vendors with items violating contract terms WILL BE asked to remove them.
Exhibitors must wear name badges.
Determined Quality Level: 6   quality levels explained
Driving Directions
A packet is sent out in Sept. with booth spaces and information to include a small map of the area. It is suggested you type in the address with MapQuest or another similar site to get specific directions from your area.
Promoter Details

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