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Rotary of Studio City-Sherman Oaks Mother's Day Art Festival in Studio City, CA

Sat May 13th - Sun May 14th
Other Possible Names for this Event:   -   Rotary Arts and Crafts  -   Rotary Club of Studio City-Sherman Oaks  -   Rotary Club of Studio City-Sherman Oaks Arts and Crafts

Event Location
12061 Moorpark St.
Studio City, CA 91604
Los Angeles County - 3,136,279 housholds avg $61,811 ea.

Location/Facility Type: Moorpark Park, with grass and trees
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Posted: Aug 25, 2016
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016
Listing Completeness %: 89%
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Event Details
Primary Category:
  - Art & Craft Events
  - Childrens Event
     - Family-Friendly Event
  - Holiday & Seasonal Events
     - Mother's Day
  - Vendor Events
     - Outdoor Show
Dates: Sat May 13th - Sun May 14th
Show Hours: 10:00AM to 5PM both Saturady and Sunday
Setup Time: Friday after 3PM all night until 9AM Saturday
Year #: 47
Public Admission Price: Free
Haul Details: Parking on street near spot and use truck dolly to carry to location
Vendor Help: Some help available from adults, contact Rotary Club
Vendor Breakfast: free coffee and donuts with provided coupon in Welcome Kit
Vendor Lunch: none provided, food vendor (BSA #Troop 210) on site
Parking: Street availablility
Vendor Parking: Street parking near the park and in the residentual area
RV Parking: none available, but Sportsmen's Lodge approximately 2 miles West on the courner of Ventura Blvd. and Coldwater Cyn.
Restrooms: 12 high end outdoor units with individual sinks + 1 handicap
Awards/Prizes: none
Electricity: Not availabile
Water: Public outside fountain or available for purchase at food booth
Tables/Chairs: Not provided
Misc Details: Outdoor Event w/o Cover Provided, Juried Fine Arts & Crafts
Website: URL on file! Click Here for more info.
Entertainment: Flowers for Mothers given by Rotary Club members
Activities: Childrens play area
  Jury Fee: $275 application fee
Jury Requirements: 4 pictures of work and one of booth
Commission: none
Art/Craft Spaces This Yr: 150
Art/Craft Space Price: $275 12'x18' some 12'x20'
URL to Offical Art/Craft Application: View!

Food Spaces This Yr: 1
Food Space Price: $550 20'x40'
URL to Offical Food Application: View!

App Deadline: unknown
Still Accepting App's: unknown
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The Rotary Club of Studio City-Sherman Oaks has held their art shows since October 1970. The net proceeds are given back to the Community to various needed groups. The food booth is maintained by BSA Troop #210 of Burbank. Their net proceeds off set the cost of summer camp and other weekend activities.
This highly successful event in Studio City, CA is held at Moorpark Park. It is on the corner of Moorpark and Laurel Cyn. We have 150 spaces with top artists that display their fine arts and crafts.
Advertising Done for This Event
We send out 8 thousand post cards to customers. Along with 800 emails. We are attempting to go green with emails only. We started 3 years ago and continue with great progress. We advertise in the Daily News--twice and two local newspapers. There is a sign on the corner of Laurel Cyn. and Moorpark St. at the intersection or entrance to the park 30 days before the event.
Event/Application Rules & Regulations
(for Rotary’s Use) Renewal: _______ Judging Cat.: ______________________ Postcards________ Booth Assigned: _________


I would like to participate in your Mother’s Day Arts & Crafts show on May 12 & 13, 2012.
(The following Rotary Fall Arts and Crafts show is October 13 & 14, 2012.)
Brief Description of Art proposed to sell: _________________________________________________
I certify that I will display only the type of artwork items show in the enclosed photos; I certify that the displayed items are my own original artwork and that the work has not been purchased from other sources. (Artists are encouraged to report to the Rotary Club any concerns regarding buy & sell products that are being exhibited in the show; numerous/recurring complaints regarding buy & sell artists will be seriously considered during future application selection.).

Jewelry Artists - Priority is given to Renewing Artists. New applicants are encouraged to submit their applications with the understanding that they will be place on a waiting list.

Artist selection will be by a committee of Rotarian members; their decisions are final. After artist selection, booth assignments are made by application postmark. The committee will assign spaces using their best judgment and their decisions are final. Due to tree locations, spaces are 12’ wide and 18’ to 20’ long.

I have reviewed the map enclosed. My booth location preferences are:
First choice # __________, Second choice # ___________, Third choice # ___________.

Please return the signed agreement and this completed application, with the following:
a.     Non-Shared Booth fee: $275; Shared Booth fee: $400 (two artists only and each must apply separately).
b.     Check or money order, payable to Rotary Club of Studio City/Sherman Oaks; returned checks must be replaced with cash or money order plus an additional $25 fee. Money order must be provided with any application submitted within 10 days of the show. Money to be refunded if application is declined.
c.     3 Color photos: 1 of booth and 2 of artwork to be sold (photos will not be returned);
d.     Copy of your sales tax license;
e.     If available, staple a Business Card to the Application (to assist with interpreting hand-written info);
f.     You may have, at no charge, up to 100 postcards, postage not included. Artist will mail postcards at their expense. (Applications received after April 15th will not receive postcards).

The following information must be filled in completely. All information is kept confidential.

Artist Name __________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________
City _______________________________ State __________ Zip code _________________
Company name ________________________________________ # of Postcards (item e) _______
Phone (_____)___________________ Car License # & State __________________________
Resale #_______________________
Email Address ___________________________________________ (Important-Show communications are sent)
Signature: _________________________________________________
Return to: Rotary Club of Studio City/Sherman Oaks, P.O. Box 1234 Studio City, CA 91614
Web Site: http://www.RotaryArtShow.org
Questions: call 818-775-3877 or e-mail: ArtShowDirector@LVThome.org

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Rotary Club of Studio City-Sherman Oaks, hereafter referred to as ROTARY and ARTIST agree as follows:

ARTIST has requested from ROTARY the privilege of exhibiting his/her approved artwork in the semi-annual ROTARY Show. It is agreed that the Show is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM on the dates shown on page two

CITY OF LOS ANGELES DEPARTMENT OF RECREATION AND PARKS, hereafter referred to as CITY, is agreeable to granting ROTARY and ARTIST a revocable permit for the purpose of displaying artwork at Moorpark Park, at the corner of Moorpark Ave and Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City, providing such display does not in any way interfere with, destroy or damage the property of the CITY. Due to tree locations, booth spaces are 12’ wide and 18’ to 20’ long.

Said license is personal to ROTARY and ARTIST and may not be assigned in any way. Sharing of booths is not permitted. Said license does not convey, grant or otherwise transfer to ROTARY and ARTIST any rights, title or interest in CITY’S real property.

ARTIST shall hold ROTARY and CITY harmless from any injury or liability with respect to the artwork, its display, or any person or persons with respect to the display or viewing thereof. ARTIST agrees to provide, at his own expense, a full and adequate defense for ROTARY and CITY of any lawsuit or action relating in any way to his display of artwork and to promptly pay any judgment rendered against ROTARY and CITY in any suit or action.

ROTARY and ARTIST agree that they will maintain the licensed premises in a clean, tidy and safe condition during their use and they shall leave the premises in a clean, tidy and safe condition after such use.

Artists are solely responsible for the setup and break down of their own booths. Unloading and loading must be done from the street; no vehicles are permitted to drive into the park (or in the driveway). Immediately after unloading artwork, and before booth setup, ARTISTS are encouraged to move their vehicles, thus allowing other ARTIST unloading access as well as providing convenient customer parking. Without exception, all artists will move their vehicles from the exhibit site location before the art show begins. Failure to follow this rule will be recorded in their file and may effect their future participation in our art shows.

ARTIST certifies that ARTIST will display/sell his/her own original artwork and that the work has not been purchased from other sources. Artists are encouraged to report to the Rotary Club any concerns regarding buy & sell products that are being exhibited in the show; numerous/recurring complaints regarding buy & sell artists will be seriously considered during future application selection.

CITY, in granting said license to ROTARY and ARTIST, undertakes no liabilities, obligations or responsibilities to any person or group of persons for any artwork, viewers, agent employees, or invitees.

Nothing contained in this agreement shall be construed to create the relationship of principal and agent, or of partnership or joint venture, or any other association other than set forth herein.

This event will be held regardless of the weather. Fees are non-refundable. Artist guarantees that he/she will attend both days of the Show.

The purpose of the Show is to raise funds to be used by the many charitable programs of ROTARY CLUB OF STUDIO CITY/SHERMAN OAKS; therefore a charge is made for artist participation.

ARTIST: _______________________________________________DATE:______________
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There are always a few artists that stretch the rules to the detriment of others. The following rules are RE-emphasized and are a part of the Application & Agreement that must be submitted. Please read. Please sign that you have read and will follow these rules.

1.     Parking is a serious problem. I will move my vehicle after the art is unloaded. The vehicle will not be left on Moorpark Ave or Laurel Canyon Blvd.
2.     I make/create the art I display and sell. I do not sell “Buy & Sell” products.
3.     I will not display any form of clothing, unless I have receive written authorization from the Rotary club.

Art Work
I am permitted to exhibit multiple types of my original art. I have listed below the types that I plan to exhibit at my booth. The 1st type is the primary art work I consider descriptive of my art work. (The 1st artwork type listed will be recorded in the data file.)

Type of Artwork: ___________________________________

Among the Judging categories listed below, I have circled the one category that describes the one art type I wish to have judged:
a.     Ceramic
b.     Craft
c.     Folk Art
d.     Glass
e.     Jewelry (Priority is given to Renewing Artists. New artists are placed on a waiting list.)
f.     Metal
g.     Mixed Media
h.     Mosaic
i.     Painting
j.     Photography
k.     Stone/Lapidary
l.     Textile
m.     Wood
n.     Other

I understand the above rules. I will abide by the rules. Further, I understand that my non-compliance will be considered when my future applications are reviewed by the Rotary Club and may result in disqualification from future shows.

____________________________                    _____________________
          Signature                              date

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Common Rules Selected: Previous acceptance does not guarantee re-acceptance. A percentage of vendors are cycled out each year to maintain freshness. Jury materials, slides or photos, will not be returned to you. Vendors can share a booth. City law requires city issued vendor permit. (Permit Phone: (213) 978-1133) Spots are assigned prior to show based by promoter. No Refunds or Show Credits. Held Rain or Shine! Overnight Security Provided. ALL product categories must be itemized on the application. No vendor may sell any soft drinks, name brand drinks, or bottled water. No streamer poppers, snaps, silly string, stink bombs or other similar items may be sold! No pop guns, marshmellow guns or other disruptive items may be sold. Trash must be removed from your space to provided receptacles. No Gas Generators. Pets OK! No Early Packup Allowed. Food Service will take orders from and deliver to vendor booths. Event Helping Hands will come around/be available to relieve you for short periods. NO Setup until vehicle fully unloaded and moved. Vehicles can not be brought near stand for un/loading. Vehicle must be parked in designated areas. Standard Rules: All work and displays must stay within designated space. No boxes, extra merchandise or debris should be visible. Spot area must be kept clean throughout the event and be left spotless afterwards. No soliciting, approaching patrons, or distribution of advertising material outside of booth area. All vendors must have a state sales tax license. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting all sales tax.
Event Quality Level Determining Flags:
Photos of workshop, supplies, or works in progress required.
All items must be entirely hand-made, no Embellishments only.
All items must be entirely hand-made by the artist alone.
All items must be Fine Craft or Art.
Limited number of Artists per category.
Artist must be present day of show.
All product types to be sold must be listed on application.
Vendors with items violating contract terms WILL BE asked to leave.
Determined Quality Level: 4   quality levels explained
Event Application Documents & Files for this Event
Document: contact_us.aspx
Origional URL Location / Web Address: Login to See
Up-to-date: unknown
View as a .PDF file - 227kB

Document: 2017%20MAY%20Art%20Show%20Agreement.pdf
Origional URL Location / Web Address: Login to See
Up-to-date: unknown
View as a .PDF file - 245kB

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