Seymour Pumpkin Festival Association

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Seymour Pumpkin Festival Association
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Seymour Pumpkin Festival Association
P.O. Box 860
Seymour, CT 06483

Personal Page Web Address: http://www.CraftLister.com/SeymourPumpkinFestival/
Personal Page Web Address: http://www.EventLister.com/SeymourPumpkinFestival/

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09/17 2017
Seymour, CT 93% Seymour Pumpkin Festival  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar (8 comments, 16,000 people, $840 avg sales at 6 X spot price)
The Festival is held at French Memorial Park in Seymour, Connecticut. The park is located at the junction of Route 8 and Route 67. Parking is again available this year at Chatfield-LoPresti School (off Route 67). Shuttle bus service will be available, free of charge. French Memo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 10k
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: $150 12x12, $250 12x24
Jury Requirements: picture of crafts
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: downtown park
Setup Time: Saturday afternoon 12pm-3pm or Sunday 6am-9am
Hours: Sunday 10-5

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