Seymour Pumpkin Festival Association

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Seymour Pumpkin Festival Association
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Phone: 203-888-2511 (Town Hall)
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Years Promoting: 49
PromoterType: Misc Non-Profit Organization
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Seymour Pumpkin Festival Association
P.O. Box 860
Seymour, CT 06483

Personal Page Web Address: http://www.CraftLister.com/SeymourPumpkinFestival/
Personal Page Web Address: http://www.EventLister.com/SeymourPumpkinFestival/

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09/18 2016Seymour, CT96% Seymour Pumpkin Festival  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(8 comments, 16,000 people, $840 avg sales, sales 6 X spot cost) 
Year # 51. The Seymour Pumpkin Festival is a juried craft show with an average of 15,000 people in attendance each year. Each craft booth is given special consideration for placement, depending on their product. Our craft booths include handmade jewelry, silk and dried flower arrangements, ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 10k
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: $150 12x12, $250 12x24
Jury Requirements: picture of crafts
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: downtown park
Setup Time: Saturday afternoon 12pm-3pm or Sunday 6am-9am
Hours: Sunday 10-5
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