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06/28 2016-05/28
974 mi. Macon, GA 82% City Market on the Green  Website URL ??? 
Organic farmers market in historic down town Macon from 10 am till 3pm. WE are looking for hand made crafts and art work, plants and organic foods. There is no fee for site 10 ft x 10 ft and free parking. Food vendors are welcomeOrganic farmers market seeking hand made crafts... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: free
Jury Requirements: hand made local grown
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: down town park on grass
Setup Time: 7-9 am
Hours: 10 am, 3pm

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07/27-07/02 2017
261 mi. Lancaster, MA 56% Flea Market and Indoor Carnival  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Open Every Sunday Rain or Shine Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 40.00 booth and 25 for table
Hours: sun 8am to 4pm

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@ 07/29-07/23&nbs999 mi.Racine, WI60% Charlotte Kruk: Consumer Couture - the Politics of Having ??? 
Exploring alternative understandings of the term "eye candy," artist Charlotte Kruk uses recognizable consumer packaging and materials to make garments and sculptures that reflect on the society that produced them. For this exhibition, Kruk has created a series of vignettes for t...
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08/06 2016-06/10
208 mi. Hanover, PA 49% Saturdays in Hanover ??? 
2nd Saturday's in Downtown Hanover are a great way to enjoy all the great shopping and dining Main Street Hanover businesses have to offer! Special promotions, events and specials can be found every 2nd Saturday of the month. With special themes and events, you'll always find som...
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09/23-09/08 2017
747 mi. Cincinnati, OH 43% EXHIBIT PROPOSALS Solo, Group and Concept Submissions  Website URL ??? 
ÂOn average, one-third of Manifest's exhibits are dedicated to solo exhibits. Solo exhibitors have included local, regional, and national artists from as far away as New York City, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It is important to our non-profit operations that each of our seasons...
@ 09/24-09/17&nbs307 mi.Salem, MA71% Branching Out: Trees as Art  Website URL??? 
The Peabody Essex Museum presents "Branching Out," an exhibition that addresses the role that trees play as inspiration and medium in contemporary art. "Branching Art" includes work in a wide variety of mediums, from carving to music composition.
10/01 2016-05/28 1300 mi. Tampa, FL 35% Tampa Downtown Weekly Market  Website URL ??? 
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10/01 2016-05/28
1340 mi. West Palm Beach, FL 31% West Palm Beach Saturday Green Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 11/09 2016348 mi.Hampton, VA33% Halls of Art Exhibition at the Hampton Roads Convention Center  Website URL??? 
@ 11/12 20163091 mi.Palm Springs, CA71% Contemporary Glass  Website URL??? 
"Contemporary Glass" features a wide variety of glass works by some of the most accomplished and skilled artists working in the field today. The exhibition includes examples of casting, fusing, slumping, lamp-working, glass blowing, and many other innovative techniques. Exhibitin...
@ 11/23-11/01&nbs761 mi.Walton, KY28% Christmas Bazaar ??? 
11/25 2016-12/04 20193161 mi.Norco, CA37% Hillside Holiday Craft Fair   Website URL??? 
@ 12/04 2016275 mi.Brockton, MA71% Crafting a Collection: Fuller Craft Museum Recent Acquisitions  Website URL??? 
Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Fuller Craft Museum is pleased to present "Crafting a Collection," an exhibition that highlights some of the superb objects that the Craft Museum acquired for its permanent collection between 2012 and the present. The exhibition will includ...
@ 12/17-12/16&nbs1322 mi.Saint Petersburg, FL26% Third Saturday Art Walk ??? 
@ 12/22 20162375 mi.Albuquerque, NM51% EXPO New Mexico Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Flea Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to dusk on the Midway lot. Featuring hundreds of vendors with tens of thousands of unique and one-of-a-kind items to choose from. Foot traffic is welcome to enter at Gate 1 (Central between Louisiana and San Pedro).
@ 12/23-12/22&nbs37 mi.New York, NY80% Hells Kitchen Flea Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 12. We are oppened for our 3rd season, every sat& sun, rain or shine,you will find unique antiques and collectibles,great fashion finds,arts & crafts,food and more.. we welcome all vendors.Come visit us down at the newest and hottest arts & craft show in town.once a month we have a r... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 150
Booth Price: $75 10x10
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Mid town west
Setup Time: btw 7-10 am
Hours: sat & sun 10-6 pm
@ 12/23-12/22&nbs1676 mi.Wichita, KS26% Final Friday Gallery Crawl ??? 
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12/29-12/28 2017
621 mi. Ronda, NC 31% Raffaldini Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 12/29 2016967 mi.Manchester, TN42% Highway 41 Toy Convoy and Show  Website URL??? 
17th Annual Highway 41 Toy Convoy and Show The excitement of the 17th annual Highway 41 Toy Convoy is already growing when it was confirmed that Virgil T and Friends will be special guest this year. Virgil T. and the Uncle Tom Band will be rocking the crowd. The convoy will line ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: 865 McMinnville Hwy Manchester Tn
Setup Time: Lineup 11 am
@ 12/30 20161276 mi.Mokane, MO34% Frog and Hogs ??? 
Free admission, free primitive camping, live music, bike games, wet tee shirt contest, bike show and car show. Free vendor spots- no food vendors.
@ 12/30-12/02&nbs1504 mi.Prescott, AR48% Navada County Trade Days ??? 
2nd Saturday of each month, hours from 9:00 a.m -2:00 p.m. We invite you to downtown Prescott for the Navada County Trade Days. Come and see the arts and crafts vendors from the Ark-La-Tex area. Admission: FreeDowntown Brandy Jones PO Bo x307 Prescott, AR 71857 2nd Saturday... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 12/30-12/15&nbs1464 mi.Kansas City, MO38% St. Art Walk ??? 
Every third Friday from 6 – 10pm the merchants of 39th Street open their doors to local and regional painters, photographers, sculptures, printmakers, artists, musicians, belly-dancers, fire twirlers, roller-derby girls, motorcycle enthusiasts, and – of course – to you the ...
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12/30 2017
774 mi. Lansing, MI 26% Allen Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
1083 mi. Jacksonville, FL 26% Pecan Park Flea & Farmers' Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
539 mi. Cary, NC 26% Cary Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
3549 mi. Chehalis, WA 26% Chehalis Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
695 mi. Dundee, MI 26% Dundee Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
545 mi. Floyd, VA 26% Floyd Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
906 mi. Ellsworth, MI 26% Friske's Farm Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
43 mi. Trenton, NJ 26% Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
461 mi. Rogers, OH 64% Rogers Community Open Air Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
show is held every friday. Flea market & Arts and Crafts Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 1300
Booth Price: 15' X 30' $18.00 outside, 12' X 12' $20.00 inside
Setup Time: Day befor the show & Day of the show
Hours: 9am- untill dark

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12/30 2017
924 mi. Grayson, GA 26% Grayson Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
191 mi. Lee, MA 26% Lee Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
934 mi. Lilburn, GA 26% Lilburn Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
419 mi. Morgantown, WV 26% Morgantown Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
299 mi. New Boston, NH 26% New Boston Farmers' Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
870 mi. Lake City, MI 31% Thursday Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 12/31-12/16&nbs1118 mi.Madison, WI43% Dane County Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Local vendors sell their wares at this weekly Farmers' market. Saturdays from April 18 - November 7.
@ 12/31-12/02&nbs1724 mi.Farmersville, TX49% Farmers & Fleas Market  Website URL??? 
Includes arts, crafts, jewelry and food vendors. Historic Onion Shed. E-mail: Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10 15x15 in field & 15 10x10 under shed
Hours: 9-4
@ 12/31-12/02&nbs666 mi.Bennettsville, SC36% Cruzin For Christ ??? 
@ 12/31-12/02&nbs475 mi.Altavista, VA31% First Saturdays in Altavista ??? 
@ 01/01-06/04&nbs1403 mi.Hollywood, FL40% Dream Car Classics Car Show ??? 
@ 01/01-12/01&nbs1210 mi.Maitland, FL33% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/091803 mi.Pasadena, TX91% Saturday Craft & Vendor Market   Website URL??? 
Year # 4. Monthly craft and vendor market in Pasadena, Texas Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 40
Booth Price: $30 15x15 (+$10 for electricity if needed)
Location Type: parking lot
Setup Time: Sat Morn 8am- Must be ready for business by 8:45am
Hours: 9:00am-3:00pm
01/01-12/30251 mi.Arlington, VA31% Columbia Pike Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/301767 mi.Dallas, TX31% Dallas Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/3064 mi.Pearl River, NY31% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/303207 mi.Hollywood, CA31% Hollywood Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/303223 mi.Encino, CA31% Encino Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30----Three Forks, MO26% Three Forks Weekly Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/301309 mi.Waynesville, MO25% Pulaski County Farmers’ Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/301271 mi.Winter Haven, FL33% & Saturday Markets in Downtown   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/303549 mi.Chehalis, WA42% Wes Knodel Monthly Gun and Knife Show   Website URL??? 
Wes Knodel Gun Shows presents the Gun and Knife Show at that Southwest Washington Fairgrounds. 2017 Scheduled Dates: January 14 & 15 February 11 & 12 March 11 & 12 April 8 & 9 May 20 & 21 June 17 & 18 July 8 & 9 August 26 &...
01/01-12/30340 mi.Williamsburg, VA33% Sundays Art & Music Festival   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30 82 mi. Souderton, PA 31% First Fridays  Website URL ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Phone: 215-723-6627

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01/01-12/30 82 mi. Souderton, PA 31% Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Phone: 215-723-6627

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@ 01/01-12/31&nbs3508 mi.Everett, WA83% Bayside Art & Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 8. Open-air market featuring local artisans, farmers and musicans. Easy to find behind the Everett Public Market and visible from W. Marine View Dr at CAlifornia St.Market located outside just off the water. It does have a regular breeze all day so a tent side or back may be des... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $25
Location Type: outside, tents and market umbrellas suggested. Oceanside views.
Setup Time: 8:00am-10:00am
Hours: Saturdays 10-3
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs1802 mi.Clear Lake Shore, TX51% Clear Lake Shores Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
First and third Saturdays of each month from 8 AM to 12 PM Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: free
Hours: Sat 8-12
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs1400 mi.Ocean Springs, MS43% Classes @ Mary C ??? 
The Mary C offers classes for all ages that include oil painting, art, drawing, photography, field trips, etiquette & social skills, introductory boat building, creative writing, music, dance, pottery, piano & guitar lessons, and more. Call for complete details on all classes, ti...
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs1023 mi.Elgin, IL43% Elgin Winter Market  Website URL??? 
Saturday only... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $30 8 x 8
Setup Time: Sat 8-9 am
Hours: Sat 9-4
01/01-12/31 20171485 mi.Weston, MO41% 2nd Saturdays in Weston  Website URL??? 
Stroll into Unique Shops & Galleries for late night shopping and enjoy in-store Specials, Local Wine and Beer, Food Samples and Live Entertainment. Have fun with us every Second Saturday...shops open late in downtown Weston.
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs1803 mi.Fort Worth, TX31% Handley Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/311783 mi.Kingwood, TX31% Kingwood Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs6325 mi.Honolulu, HI77% Aloha Stadium & Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. The Aloha Stadium & Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace are proud to partner with the Ronald McDonald House Charities�� of Hawaii (RMHC-Hawaii) and recently added Food Trucks Hawaii for the 2012 Shop & Grind for A Cause Series. Featuring local grinds from some of the best f... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $50 20 x 20
Location Type: stadium
Hours: 11am - 4pm
01/01-12/31 201793 mi.Stroudsburg, PA28% Pocono Vendors Marketplace - An Indoor Flea Market ??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs526 mi.Kenly, NC31% Vendor Events Year Round  Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs1438 mi.Pinecrest, FL37% Green Market Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 20172216 mi.Louisville, CO33% First Friday Art Walk   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 1321 mi. Saint Petersburg, FL 52% Saturday Morning Market   Website URL ??? 
Runs every saturday, october thru may, 9am-2pm. The largest green market oin the southeast united states. Over 150 food and craft vendors every week, live entertainment. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $35 10X10
Hours: 9am-2pm

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01/01-12/313162 mi.San Diego, CA55% Ocean Beach Weekly Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Every Wednesday from 4-8pm, and 4-7pm in winter, on Newport Avenue between Cable and Bacon Streets in Ocean Beach, don't miss your opportunity to purchase the freshest, and most delicious locally grown produce, art, flowers, and more! And the music can't be beat. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Wednesday 4pm to 8pm
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3154 mi.San Diego, CA32% Harney Street Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/311110 mi.Shawano, WI31% Flea Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/311005 mi.Kenosha, WI57% Kenosha Harbor Marketplace   Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
Held from may to october every Saturday. Near the lakefront in front of a public museum. Well known market with lots of traffic.This juried event is held at Harbor Park every Saturday beginning on the 3ed Sat. of May through the 2nd Sat. in October. Then it moves indoor. It i... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 25
Hours: Sat 9-2
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs32 mi.Brooklyn, NY70% Ps 321 Flea Market  Website URL??? 
Classic outdoor flea market every Saturday and SundayClassic outdoor flea market every Saturday and SundayClassic outdoor flea market every Saturday and Sunday Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: 180 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215
Setup Time: 8 am
Hours: 9 am - 5 pm
@ 01/01-12/31&nbs3028 mi.Boise, ID28% Boise Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1300 mi.Tampa, FL28% Ybor City Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/311026 mi.Baileys Harbor, WI26% Bailey's Harbor Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1325 mi.Gulfport, FL28% Tuesday Morning Fresh Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1679 mi.Belleville, KS28% Belleville Chamber & Main Street Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3515 mi.Tacoma, WA28% Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3186 mi.Santa Ana, CA28% First Saturday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1448 mi.Eureka Springs, AR35% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1010 mi.Caledonia, WI28% 7 Mile Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1322 mi.Saint Petersburg, FL28% Saturday Artwalk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs2699 mi.Salt Lake City, UT28% Downtown Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 20172315 mi.Santa Fe, NM28% Railyard Artisan Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs2205 mi.Denver, CO28% Mile High Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs164 mi.Norfolk, CT28% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1149 mi.Daytona Beach, FL31% Flea & Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs6100 mi.Hilo, HI25% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3206 mi.Long Beach, CA28% Saturday Art Walk   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs92 mi.Wayne, PA28% Lancaster County Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs548 mi.Cleveland, OH28% Westside Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs548 mi.Cleveland, OH31% Tremont Artwalk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs2375 mi.Albuquerque, NM34% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3161 mi.La Jolla, CA33% Open Aire Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3157 mi.San Diego, CA28% Hill Crest Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs767 mi.Greer, SC28% Barnyard Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs529 mi.Durham, NC28% Green Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs802 mi.Charleston, SC31% Charleston City Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3390 mi.Sacramento, CA28% Second Saturday Sacramento Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs2205 mi.Denver, CO34% Tennyson Street First Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3186 mi.Fullerton, CA28% Downtown Fullerton Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/312764 mi.Jerome, AZ28% Jerome Art Walk   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1464 mi.Kansas City, MO28% Street Artwalk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3083 mi.Palm Desert, CA28% College of the Desert Street Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3184 mi.Laguna Beach, CA28% First Thursdays Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs2058 mi.Post, TX28% Post City Crafter's Day  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs567 mi.Greensboro, NC28% First Friday  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1228 mi.Clermont, FL31% First Friday Family Food Trucks & Music on Montrose  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1131 mi.Live Oak, FL25% Downtown Friday  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1426 mi.Miami, FL28% Bird Road Art District Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1008 mi.Clarksville, TN28% Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs33 mi.New York City, NY34% Marketplace on Mulberry Little Italy  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3213 mi.Wilmington, CA31% Wilmington Art Walk  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 20173510 mi.Ukiah, CA31% First Fridays Art Walk   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3460 mi.San Francisco, CA32% Lower Polk Art Walk  Website URL??? 
Every First Thursday 6-10 pm
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3501 mi.Woodinville, WA31% Hollywood Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1643 mi.Longview, TX31% Art Walk Downtown Longview  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs357 mi.Richmond, VA27% Richmond MindBody Fair  Website URL??? 
When: First Saturday of the month 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs533 mi.Hillsborough, NC31% Last Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs433 mi.Mc Donald, PA31% McDonald Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs435 mi.Washington, PA25% Main Street Farmers’ Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs412 mi.Monongahela, PA26% Monongahela Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs3448 mi.Alameda, CA31% Second Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs1343 mi.Fairhope, AL31% First Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 20171300 mi.Tampa, FL31% Harbour Island Artwalk   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/313216 mi.Torrance, CA76% Torrance Street Faire   Website URL??? 
The Dec. 24 show is perfect for last minute Christmas shopping. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $45 10 x 10, $65 for 10 x 20
Location Type: downtown city streets w/ trees
Setup Time: 6 - 7 :30 am
Hours: 8 am to 3 pm
@ 12/30-12/28&nbs325 mi.Woodstock, VT37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/312932 mi.Quartzsite, AZ33% The Main Event   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/311404 mi.Hollywood, FL55% 3rd Saturday ArtsWalk   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/312796 mi.Peoria, AZ53% Momma Organic Market & Food Truck Fridays   Website URL??? 
happens every third Saturday from Sept to April Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 50.00 10x10
Hours: Saturday 9 to 2
01/01-12/313200 mi.Pasadena, CA31% Pasadena Certified Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
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633 mi. Worthington, OH 50% Worthington Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
The Worthington Farmers Market is a year round tradition held in the heart of Worthington The Worthington Farmers Market brings together more than 75 high quality artisans farmers food producers gardeners and musicians Its mission is simple Encourage support and promote the entre...
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45 mi. Morristown, NJ 31% Morris County Winter Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
01/01-12/31 2205 mi. Denver, CO 33% VFW Post One First and Third Friday Art Show  Website URL ??? 
01/01-12/31 ---- Reno, RE 33% Great Western Marketplace  Website URL ??? 
Shopping Hours:(FREE Parking & Admission) Fridays 11:00am to 7:00pm and Saturdays & Sundays 11:00am to 5:00pm. Crafts, Art and much, much more. You can just shop till you drop...
01/01-12/31 2030 mi. Kerrville, TX 31% Exit 505 Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
01/01-12/311739 mi.Mckinney, TX31% Farmers Market in McKinney TX   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Includes fresh, locally grown produce, meat, dairy and more. Hours are 8 a.m. to noon. Chestnut Square Historic Village, 315 S. Chestnut. Includes fresh, locally grown produce, meat, dairy and more. Hours are 8 a.m. to noon. Chestnut Square Historic Village, 315 S. Chestnut.
01/01-12/31 1608 mi. Jefferson, TX 33% Jefferson Flea Market  Website URL ??? 
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563 mi. Greensboro, NC 31% Saturday Morning Market  Website URL ??? 
01/01 2017-12/31 2018223 mi.Troy, NY76% Troy Makers Market in the Atrium   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 3. This juried event runs from November 7 2015 through April 30, 2016, except for 12/26/15. This juried event runs from November 7 2015 through April 30, 2016, except for 12/26/15. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: season runs 25 Saturdays: minimum 3 @ $65 each, $1000 for full season
Jury Requirements: photos or samples of items to be sold
Location Type: mall, connected to the Farmers Market
Setup Time: 7:30-8:30
Hours: 9:00-2:00
01/07-12/31 20173450 mi.Oakland, CA31% Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
01/07-12/31 194 mi. Harrisburg, PA 28% Hbg Flea  Website URL ??? 
@ 01/07-08/19&nbs66 mi.Mount Laurel, NJ36% High Octane South Jersey Cars & Coffee ??? 
01/08-12/101008 mi.Grayslake, IL28% Antique & Vintage Market   Website URL??? 
@ 01/08-12/24&nbs1389 mi.Fort Lauderdale, FL36% Cars and Coffee Alpine Jaguar ??? 
@ 01/08-01/04&nbs3190 mi.Garden Grove, CA55% Garden Grove International Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
This farmers market has the standard produce and foods as well as all types of crafts, fine art, mystical art, glass art, face painting etc. Operates every Sunday from 10am - 3pm or so. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10% of gross or $20 minimum
Hours: every sunday 10-3
01/12-08/15 3501 mi. Auburn, WA 31% Auburn's Downtown Sculpture Gallery  Website URL ??? 
@ 01/14-12/16&nbs1433 mi.Miami, FL36% Shorty's Bar B Q Cruise Night ??? 
@ 01/14-12/16&nbs872 mi.Cleveland, GA52% Cruise'n For A Cause ??? 
  We will be at TCB Diner on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays and at Adams Food IGA on the second Sunday. Contact me thru email or text and I can send you the schedule with times and address.  
@ 01/14-12/31&nbs286 mi.Boston, MA71% Nature, Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay: 100 Years of American  Website URL??? 
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is excited to present an exhibition that surveys the last 100 years of American ceramics. Including the best works from the Arts and Crafts movement alongside Midcentury Modern and contemporary pieces, "Nature, Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay" is a...
@ 01/14-01/13&nbs1174 mi.Deland, FL36% Cruisin' Downtown DeLand ??? 
@ 01/20-12/22&nbs591 mi.Wallace, NC40% Wallace Bojangles Cruise In ??? 
@ 01/20-12/22&nbs1452 mi.Liberty, MO34% Friday in Liberty  Website URL??? 
For your convenience the following businesses will be open until 9pm every 4th Friday: Aggieal’s Attic Vintage Boutique, Bea’s Designs, Bittersweet Apothecary, Brant’s Clothing, Historic Liberty Jail, James Country Mercantile, Main Street Goods & Goodies, Orange Ease...
@ 01/20-12/29&nbs32 mi.Brooklyn, NY32% Foley Square Fair ??? 
@ 01/20-07/08&nbs3504 mi.Portland, OR72% Extra Credit: Students Mine the Museum  Website URL??? 
The partnership between Pacific Northwest College of Art and Museum of Contemporary Craft is excited to present this incredible opportunity for creative collaboration. This exhibition, the first of its kind at the Museum, will be the final product of an intensive and experimental...
@ 01/21-05/28&nbs3459 mi.San Francisco, CA71% Turn, Weave, Fire, and Fold: Vessels from the Forrest L. Merrill  Website URL??? 
The SFO Museum is pleased to present a selection of Forrest Merrill's world-class collection of 20th and 21st century American ceramics. "Turn, Weave, Fire, and Fold" highlights the unique relationship between collector and artist, profiling not only the artists and their work, b...
@ 01/22-06/25&nbs1300 mi.Tampa, FL26% Harbour Island Art Walk ??? 
@ 01/27-12/28&nbs32 mi.Brooklyn, NY32% Bowling Green Fair ??? 
@ 01/28-12/09&nbs1378 mi.Mason City, IA38% The Neighbor's Market ??? 
Indoor County-Wide Garage SaleHeartland Center9 a.m. to 9 p.m.The Neighbor's Market will provide a place for a county-wide garage sale to be open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Booth rental is $45 per Saturday which will cover the cost of advertis...
01/28-12/22 2017285 mi.Lake George, NY26% Courthouse Gallery Exhibitions ??? 
@ 01/28-05/28&nbs3157 mi.San Diego, CA37% Function and Fantasy: Steven and William Ladd ??? 
"Function and Fantasy" features the heterogeneous works of brothers Steven and William Ladd. The exhibition will include the Ladd's intricately beaded fashion accessories, large-scale installations, drawings, and more. The artists will be on hand a number of times throughout the ...
@ 01/28-11/25&nbs1400 mi.Ocean Springs, MS39% Saturday Art Market @ the Mary C! ??? 
Enjoy an open-air market where you can view, browse, & shop for art, pottery, sculpture and more...from artists all across the coast!
@ 01/29-08/15&nbs701 mi.Spruce Pine, NC42% Call for Entries: Toe River Arts Juried Show  Website URL??? 
The Toe River Arts Council presents the Toe River Arts Juried Show, open to all mediums. Artists must be over 18 and reside in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. There is a $35 non-refundable entry fee for up to three entries. $2000 will be awarded ...
@ 01/29-10/28&nbs6332 mi.Lihue, HI43% Ohana Day at the Kauai Museum ??? 
'Ohana Day A day to explore the Museum with your family! There is no admission this day only, but donations are welcome. Cultural activities abound this year to allow discovery of island heritages. 'Ohana Day is offered the first Saturday of each month, excluding December which i...
@ 01/30-05/27&nbs770 mi.Columbia, SC71% Crafting Civil (War) Conversations  Website URL??? 
McKissick Museum at the University of South Carolina is excited to present the exhibition 'Crafting Civil (War) Conversations.” Held in conjunction with other events around the state celebrating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, McKissick Museum invited regiona...
@ 01/30-10/28&nbs1464 mi.Kansas City, MO72% Third Saturday Wine Walk on Delaware  Website URL??? 
Wine Walk on Delaware is to share the charming atmosphere and rich history of Delaware Street with Kansas City locals through a seasonal wine tasting event hosted by an eclectic mix of Delaware Street establishments. Join us every third Saturday of the month (April-October) from...
@ 01/30-11/21&nbs3226 mi.Los Angeles, CA55% UCLA Latin American and Iberian Film Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 02/04-06/04&nbs379 mi.Shelburne, VT72% Supercool Glass  Website URL??? 
The Shelburne Museum is pleased to present "Supercool Glass," an exhibition that juxtaposes nineteenth century glass objects with the work of more than a dozen contemporary glass artists whose work references the past. There are food vessels, architectural glass, medical instrume...
@ 02/04-07/02&nbs3157 mi.San Diego, CA72% Black Dolls  Website URL??? 
This new exhibition at Mingei International Museum presents a collection of 125 unique, handmade African American dolls made between 1850 and 1940. On view publicly for the first time, these dolls represent young and old African Americans, playful boys and girls, finely dressed g...
@ 02/04-09/30&nbs1461 mi.Slidell, LA40% Coastal Cruisers Monthly Cruise In ??? 
@ 02/04-11/183511 mi.Beaverton, OR31% Umc Art Court   Website URL??? 
@ 02/04-12/06&nbs646 mi.Fremont, OH80% Flea Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Monthly Flea Market with new and used items. Variety of vendors, change all the time Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $10 for 1 day, $16 for 2 days
Location Type: mulitple buildings at Sandusky Co. fairgrounds, outside space wh
Setup Time: all day Friday, Sat. at 7am
Hours: 9-4 Sat., 9-3 Sunday
@ 02/04-12/23&nbs348 mi.Glen Allen, VA36% Cars & Coffee ??? 
@ 02/05-12/10&nbs872 mi.Cleveland, GA36% Cruisen' For A Cause ??? 
@ 02/09-06/27&nbs302 mi.Nantucket, MA42% Nantucket Art and Artisan Show  Website URL??? 
The Nantucket Art and Artisans Show is looking for new artisans to exhibit at the 24th Annual Nantucket Art and Artisan Show. The event kicks off with a Preview Party in the evening on Thursday, July 16th and the show runs Friday July 17th through Sunday July 19th, 2015 at Bartle...
@ 02/11-11/071197 mi.Lake Saint Louis, MO31% Farmers & Artists Market   Website URL??? 
@ 02/11-11/11&nbs1289 mi.Dover, FL28% Route 60 Swapmeet ??? 
@ 02/11-11/11&nbs694 mi.Aynor, SC36% CRUISING AYNOR ??? 
@ 02/11-12/31&nbs972 mi.Chicago, IL71% Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry  Website URL??? 
The Richard H. Driehaus Museum proudly presents the major exhibition 'Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry.” The exhibition features more than 250 stunning pieces of art jewelry created between the late Victorian period and World War I. 'Maker & Muse” i...
@ 02/12-11/26&nbs1713 mi.Hutchinson, KS43% Flea Market ??? 
Monthly indoor Flea Market. Mid-America Markets holds their Flea Markets in the Meadowlark Building on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. Flea Markets for 2010 will be held on the following dates: Feb 21, March 7, April 11, May 2, June 6, July 11, August 8, October 3, November 7 and D...
@ 02/14 20173266 mi.Reno, NV51% Downtown Reno Wine Walk  Website URL??? 
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST! Join us every third Saturday of the month from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm when the Riverwalk Merchants Association hosts the popular Wine Walk (the original, and still the best!) along the Truckee River and neighboring streets in downtow...
@ 02/17-12/17&nbs1426 mi.Pass Christian, MS77% Menge Flea Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 22. flea market every sat and sun year around rain or shine The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s largest outdoor flea market offers furniture, arts & crafts, plants, baked goods, concession stand and more! Featured on Turner South’s television shows Junkin’ and 3 Day Weekend! Antiq... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 40.00 for 2 days under the cover with electric
Hours: 7am till 4pm
@ 02/17-10/29&nbs3476 mi.Ashland, OR51% Oregon Shakespeare Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 02/18-10/01&nbs3022 mi.Boise, ID71% Modern and Contemporary Ceramics: the Kay Hardy and Gregory Kasl  Website URL??? 
Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo have spent decades assembling one of the most exquisite collection of modern and contemporary ceramics in the country. This exhibition at the Boise Art Museum features over 40 of their finest collected pieces, including works by Rudy Autio, Frank Boyde...
@ 02/19-11/28&nbs692 mi.Gastonia, NC40% Gastonia Pepboys Cruise In ??? 
@ 02/23-06/10&nbs1478 mi.Monroe, LA33% Masur Museum Juried Art Competition  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-05/28&nbs414 mi.Portland, ME31% Youth Art Month Museum of Art  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-06/05&nbs554 mi.Cleveland, OH55% Greater Cleveland International Auto Show  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-08/19&nbs3504 mi.Portland, OR71% Portland Collects: British Ceramics  Website URL??? 
Curated by Nicole Nathan, "Portland Collects: British Ceramics" explores the relationship between artist, object, and collector. Including work by Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Michael Cardew, and Bernard Leach, this exhibition is the first of its kind at the Museum of Contemporary Craf...
@ 02/24-11/24&nbs749 mi.Covington, KY39% Friday Gallery Hop! ??? 
MainStrasse Village presents the First Friday Gallery Hop! on the first Friday of each month. Shops, restaurants and taverns in MainStrasse become ga...
@ 02/25-05/27&nbs1495 mi.New Orleans, LA55% Wednesday at the Square  Website URL??? 
@ 02/25-08/06&nbs677 mi.Charlotte, NC71% Allure of Flowers: Botanical Motifs in Craft, Design, & Fashion  Website URL??? 
The Mint Museum is pleased to present "Allure of Flowers," an exploration of the role that botanical prints and representations have played in the decorative arts. Drawn entirely from the museum's permanent collection, "Allure of Flowers" is organized by flower type, asking the M...
@ 02/25-12/21&nbs3503 mi.Portland, OR32% Portland Saturday Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 02/26-12/28&nbs145 mi.Ephrata, PA28% Green Dragon Farmers Market and Auction ??? 
@ 02/26-12/28&nbs61 mi.Trevose, PA33% Philadelphia Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 02/26-08/07&nbs179 mi.Red Lion, PA33% Treasure Trove Flea Markets  Website URL??? 
@ 02/26-10/01&nbs3149 mi.San Marcos, CA40% Car Show Sundays Restaurant Row ??? 
@ 02/26-10/29&nbs915 mi.Cumming, GA36% Das Auto Event ??? 
@ 02/27-12/19&nbs2842 mi.Kayenta, UT56% Tuacahn Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
Every Saturday 100 Venders at the Tuacahn Saturday Market Tourist Destination in Padre Canyon. Beautiful location. Live Music, Prizes, Live Amphitheater Professional Broadway plays in the evenings. Come experience something wonderfuly new! Come join our event. Application on the ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $50.00
Hours: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
@ 02/28-12/24&nbs1810 mi.Houston, TX31% St. Anthony’s Market  Website URL??? 
@ 02/28-10/25&nbs3476 mi.Ashland, OR28% Lithia Artisans Market  Website URL??? 
03/01-12/31352 mi.Virginia Beach, VA51% Virginia Beach Farmers Market Craft Show   Website URL??? 
Handmade Crafts only. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $40.covered $ 30. covered
Hours: 9-5
@ 03/03-06/11&nbs3502 mi.Bellevue, WA71% Fragile Fortress: the Art of Dan Webb  Website URL??? 
The Bellevue Arts Museum is pleased to present the first solo museum exhibition of Northwestern wood artist Dan Webb. "Fragile Fortress" features over 15 years of Webb's delicate and exploratory work, including some of his most iconic pieces.
@ 03/03-11/17&nbs643 mi.Statesville, NC48% Friday Night Bike Night ??? 
@ 03/04-06/11&nbs1236 mi.Memphis, TN71% Tributaries: Kirk Lang  Website URL??? 
Kirk Lang's kinetic sculptures celebrate the wonder and beauty of mechanical forces on the largest and smallest of scales. the works he has created for "Tributaries" are activated by motion sensors, allowing the viewer to play a direct role in the creation of the artwork.
@ 03/04-10/07&nbs484 mi.Henderson, NC40% Tar River Cruizers Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/04-11/04&nbs1773 mi.Denton, TX36% Lake Cities Misfits Monthly Meet & Greet ??? 
@ 03/04-11/04&nbs1746 mi.Plano, TX62% Monthly Muscle Car Show  Website URL??? 
  Monthly Muscle Car Show will be held at Gazeebo Burger located at 6009 Parker Rd. in Plano. Show starts at 4:30pm with awards at 8:15pm.You can find us on Facebook.    \r\nMonthly Muscle Car Show will be held at Gazeebo Burger located at 6009 Parker Rd. in Pla...
03/04-11/25340 mi.Williamsburg, VA40% Williamsburg Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Over 35 vendors offer a variety of local products, among which are fresh seasonal produce, meats, seafood, herbs, potted plants, baked goods, honey, cheese, cut flowers, and more. The Market accepts cash, credit cards, SNAP, and W&M Express. Enjoy chef demonstrations, listen to l...
@ 03/04-11/27&nbs1174 mi.Tallahassee, FL39% Downtown Marketplace  Website URL??? 
The Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace is a continuing event sponsored by the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority. Located in Ponce de\' Leon Park on Monroe Street.
@ 03/04-12/021745 mi.Newcastle, OK40% Tri-City Cruisers Monthy Cruise In ??? 
 \r\nCome Join us for our Monthy Cruise In the First Saturday of each Month. Located at the Sonic & Arby\'s on Hwy 37 in Tri-City (Newcastle). 6 PM to 9PM.\r\n 
@ 03/04-12/23&nbs2023 mi.San Antonio, TX28% Oldies But Goodies Show and Shine and Swap Meet ??? 
@ 03/05-12/10&nbs1087 mi.Jacksonville, FL40% Sunday Tribute Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/05-12/10&nbs1389 mi.Fort Lauderdale, FL40% Stout Bar & Grill Weekly Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/05-08/20&nbs67 mi.Melville, NY38% Melville Coin Show ??? 
Coin & Stamp Show Every 2nd & 4th Sunday (Except Easter Sunday)
@ 03/05-11/16&nbs145 mi.Dickson City, PA33% Circle Drive-in Flea Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
@ 03/11-06/11&nbs1198 mi.Dubuque, IA28% Dubuque Museum of Art Biennial Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/11-07/02&nbs37 mi.New York, NY71% Grand Central Centennial Quilts  Website URL??? 
In honor of Grand Central Terminal's centennial in 2013, the New York quilting and fabric store The City Quilter designed four commemorative fabrics and recruited the magazine American Patchwork & Quilting to sponsor a national quilt-making challenge with these fabrics. The winne...
@ 03/11-10/14&nbs608 mi.Hope Mills, NC40% Hope Mills Cruzers Monthly Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/11-10/14&nbs1469 mi.Mandeville, LA36% Northshore Cruise Nights ??? 
@ 03/11-11/11&nbs1283 mi.Plant City, FL40% Plant City Strawberry Classic Car Show ??? 
@ 03/11-12/02&nbs1829 mi.Stafford, TX48% Saturday Nights at Otto's BBQ ??? 
@ 03/11-12/16&nbs1223 mi.Winter Garden, FL40% Winter Garden’s Cruz-N-Car Show ??? 
@ 03/12-07/03&nbs6871 mi.1700 South Main , IN54% Commemorative Quilts - the Library Gallery, Goshen College ??? 
An exhibit of old and recent Amish and Mennonite quilts that were made to record and honor an event in the life of an individual, group or institution:  for birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, disaster, retirement, death... The makers, recipients and events will be docum...
@ 03/12-07/30&nbs1812 mi.Houston, TX36% Sunday Funday's @ Doc's Motor Works Grill ??? 
@ 03/13-09/03&nbs80 mi.Philadelphia, PA71% Flea Market (3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. First Friday in Old City. November 7th 6pm. Tons of Tables Please join us for great deals on Furniture, Household items, clothing, toys, collectables, sports equipment, bikes, video games, jewelry, movies, books, holiday items and more. Tables avail. for a $10 fee. Please call ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: THIS IS OUR FIRST TIME-LET HOPE ALL GOES WELL
Booth Price: $20
Setup Time: 5:30PM
Hours: 6PM
@ 03/15-06/04&nbs791 mi.Sevierville, TN76% Smoky Mountain Springfest  Website URL??? 
Enjoy spring decorations, mountain wildflowers and plenty of great events during Smoky Mountain Springfest. Enjoy spring decorations, mountain wildflowers and plenty of great events during Smoky Mountain Springfest.
@ 03/16-08/24&nbs781 mi.Greenville, SC48% Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive  Website URL??? 
@ 03/16-10/26&nbs174 mi.Bel Air, MD51% Cruise With the Boys ??? 
@ 03/18-09/23&nbs971 mi.Dallas, GA40% Georgia Classic Rides Block Parties - Car Cruises ??? 
@ 03/18-10/14&nbs989 mi.Villa Rica, GA59% Golden City Cruisers Cruise Night  Website URL??? 
 \r\nThe Golden City Cruisers start the season with a cruise in at The Mill in Villa Rica, Georgia from 5 P M to 8 P M and every third Saturday through October.There will be games for the family, food vendors, and lots of classic cars. All proceeds go to local charities and...
@ 03/18-10/14&nbs876 mi.Athens, TN40% Athens Travelers Cruise-In ??? 
@ 03/18-10/21&nbs1001 mi.Newnan, GA36% Great South Harley Davidson of Newnan Car, Truck & Bike Cruise N ??? 
@ 03/18-11/18&nbs772 mi.Irmo, SC40% Central Carolina Mopar Club Monthly Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/18-12/09&nbs215 mi.Westminster, MD53% Carroll Co Farmers Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Holiday weekend, crafters, farmers market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10 X 10 $15
Hours: 8-1
@ 03/19-08/27&nbs1463 mi.Belton, MO36% Sunday Cruise Nights at Pizza Shoppe ??? 
@ 03/19-10/22&nbs922 mi.Bloomfield, IN40% DQ Cruise-Ins ??? 
@ 03/20 20173218 mi.Beverly Hills, CA33% Beverly Hills Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/21-06/10&nbs934 mi.Montgomery, IN48% Gasthof Spring Festival ??? 
@ 03/23-05/31&nbs530 mi.Durham, NC49% Juried Jewish Art Show  Website URL??? 
Exhibition and sale of Jewish-themed artwork. Sponsored by the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, the show draws entries from artists across America. FREE admission. Exhibition and sale of Jewish-themed artwork. Sponsored by the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North ...
03/24-08/251452 mi.Lees Summit, MO42% Friday Art Walk   Website URL??? 
Fourth Fridays Art Walks in Downtown Lee’s Summit are packed with a variety of activities including artist receptions, artist showcases, Music in the Park at Howard Station Park, street theatre, Yoga in the Streets, and even some surprises! Join us for this exciting 2016 seaso...
@ 03/24-10/20&nbs706 mi.Indian Land, SC40% Cobblestone Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/24-11/24&nbs271 mi.Onancock, VA50% First Fridays in Onancock  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Take an evening art stroll through this 1680 harbor town, first Fridays April through December. Participating shops & galleries stay open late featuring local artists, demonstrations and specials. Fine dining is available in international and eclectic eateries. Sponsored by the O...
@ 03/24-11/24&nbs999 mi.Racine, WI55% First Fridays!  Website URL??? 
Downtown Racine comes to life the first Friday of each month April through December. over 35 merchants , restaurants and museums collaborate to bring this series of events. Live music, shopping, carriage rides, dining, specials,and more.
@ 03/25-08/25&nbs940 mi.Mc Minnville, TN29% Opening day for the Warren County Farmers Market. ??? 
6:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Opening day for the Warren County Farmers Market.
@ 03/25-08/26&nbs969 mi.Summerville, GA40% North Georgia Cruisers - Cruise-In ??? 
@ 03/25-09/23&nbs1741 mi.Ardmore, OK50% Paradise Alley Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10.00
Hours: 7AM-1PM
@ 03/25-10/14&nbs1796 mi.Haltom City, TX40% Christian Classic Cruisers Car Show ??? 
@ 03/25-11/11&nbs1485 mi.Habberton, AR42% Fayetteville Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Historic Downtown Square James Phillips Downtown Square , AR 72701 Open from early spring through fall -- the biggest farmer's market in the state is an open-air market, and come rain or shine the vendors will be on the historic downtown ...
@ 03/25-11/25&nbs1502 mi.Canehill, AR42% First Saturday Flea Market and Bean Supper  Website URL??? 
Cane Hill College Building Doris Williams 15128 South Highway 45 Cane Hill, AR 72717 Beginning April 4, a Flea Market will be held on the first Saturday each month from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. BBQ chicken and pork lunches will be available. All f... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 03/25-11/25&nbs174 mi.Bel Air, MD36% CARS AND COFFEE WITH THE BOYS ??? 
@ 03/26-05/27&nbs1354 mi.Sarasota, FL55% Call to Artists - Cash Awards - Juried Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Embracing Our Differences is accepting submissions for its 11th annual outdoor art exhibit celebrating diversity to be displayed during April - May 2014 in Sarasota, FL USA. Submissions must be postmarked no later than January 6, 2014. National and international submissions are e...
@ 03/26-06/04&nbs1767 mi.Dallas, TX26% A Mosaic Passover Story ??? 
@ 03/26-11/24250 mi.Hubbardston, MA60% Rietta Flea Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
For as long as most of us can remember, Rietta Flea Market has been one of the largest and most popular flea markets in the Northeastern U.S. The location is easy to find (see directions) on Route 68 in Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Rietta is open on Sundays only from April thr... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)# Of Spaces: 650
Booth Price: $30
Hours: Sun 6 am-4 pm
@ 03/27-09/22&nbs3525 mi.Gig Harbor, WA26% Gig Harbor Farmer's Market (2 Comments star) ??? 
@ 03/27-10/25&nbs2204 mi.Denver, CO83% The Ballpark Market (11 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 20. The Ballpark Market is Denver's original outdoor, open-air flea market with European style and urban flair, presenting a remarkable shopping alternative. Among other cool and unique items, merchants & artisans offer an eclectic array of antique & vintage furnishings, arts & craft... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 60
Booth Price: $65 - 10x10, $85 - 10x15, $115 - 10x20
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Urban setting, The Ballpark Neighborhood, downtown Denver
Setup Time: Sat Morn 5-7:45 am
Hours: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
@ 03/27-10/27&nbs1541 mi.Paynesville, MN43% Paynesville Antique Mall ??? 
12,000 square feet of bonafide antiques with emphasis on furniture, particularly victorian oak, mission oak, hunting fishing duck decoys fishing lures, toys, crocks, gas station, lighting, glassware, advertising, aladdin lamps, kero lamps, beer collectibles, stain glass.
@ 03/27-12/26&nbs993 mi.Rosemont, IL76% Wolff's Flea Market  Website URL(9 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 25. Wolff's Flea Market will be opening for it's 17th Season at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont on Sunday April 8, 2007. New this season we will be opening Saturdays beginning May 5.Chicagoland’s largest weekly flea market is back!! WOLFF’S FLEA MARKET WILL BEGIN ITS 17th SEASON... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: $1 Adults, $0.50 Senior Citizens (62+) & children 6-12, children
Booth Price: $35 25'x18' (3 parking spaces
Location Type: Arena Parking Lot
Setup Time: 5am
Hours: 6am-3pm
@ 03/28-05/27&nbs852 mi.Nappanee, IN37% Spring Farming Days Kicks off with Maple Sugar Camp ??? 
Maple Sugaring comes first as the freezing and thawing prepares the sap from the Hard Maple Trees. Amish Acres will be ringing in spring with a two-day Maple Sugar Camp. Maple syrup demonstrations will be held in the Kuhn's Grist Mill April 19th-April 20th. Get a close-up look of...
@ 03/28-09/03&nbs38 mi.New York, NY71% Re: Collection  Website URL??? 
The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) celebrates the fifth anniversary of its move to 2 Columbus Circle with "Re: Collection." The exhibition will survey Chief Curator Emeritus David McFadden's sixteen years at MAD through objects acquired during his tenure. With the aid of former ...
@ 03/29-09/27&nbs3226 mi.Northridge, CA81% Northridge farmers market ??? 
Year # 16. farmers market, variety of food & variety of crafts please contact suri for vendor information, she has the pricing and availability. Vendors must provide own canopy in WHITE only!! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 10
Booth Price: space is 10x10 call for prices
Jury Requirements: na
Jury Fee: na
Location Type: Mall parking lot
Setup Time: 3pm
Hours: weds from 5pm to 9pm
@ 03/29-10/10&nbs99 mi.Saylorsburg, PA33% Blue Ridge Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 03/29-10/263136 mi.Hesperia, CA89% Hesperia Civic Market & Street Faire  Website URL??? 
Year # 9. Weekly Farmer's Market & Street Faire located outdoors in a beautiful midtown park. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $15 12x12
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Beautiful, new park located downtown directly behind Hesperia Ci
Setup Time: Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00
Hours: Wednesdays, 3 - 8 p.m.
@ 03/29-10/27&nbs135 mi.Adamstown, PA31% Shupp’s Grove Antique Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/29-12/13&nbs33 mi.Warren, NJ35% Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market (2 Comments star) ??? 
Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market 146 Washington Valley Road Warren, NJ 07059 8ft. tables $20 for first one, $5.00 for each additional table. Market hours 7am to 2pm. If you have a steady spot you can set up early, if weekly vendor, line up at entry point, fire volunt...
@ 03/29-12/22&nbs441 mi.Beaver, PA26% Flea Market â€' Spotlight 88 ??? 
03/30-05/311354 mi.Sarasota, FL78% Embracing Our Differences   Website URL??? 
Embracing Our Differences invites all artists to be a part of this change through your submissions to its 12th annual outdoor art exhibit celebrating diversity and inclusion. 39 artists will be selected and national and international submissions are encouraged.  Final selections...
@ 03/31-05/27&nbs3448 mi.Alameda, CA50% Alameda on Camera  Website URL??? 
The 48-Hour Photography Challenge 48 Photo-based artists, 48 hours, 48 Pieces of the Map A Photo Documentary of a City All photos must be taken between 9 PM Friday, February 22 – 9PM Sunday, February 24 First Friday Gala Opening – Friday, April 12, 7-9 PM Photos will be displayed...
@ 03/31-05/27&nbs3448 mi.Alameda, CA51% Frank Bette Art Exhibit  Website URL??? 
�Primary Pigments� Exhibit It�s back to basics along the following themes: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, prime, first, central, fundamental, essential, color, dye, stain, tint, tincture. All artistic mediums welcome. Receiving artwork: June 27, Sunday, 11 � ...
@ 03/31-05/27&nbs1610 mi.Lincoln, NE28% Mug Shots: National Juried Cup Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/31-06/04&nbs858 mi.Indianapolis, IN34% Juried Exhibition of the Indiana Artists Club, Inc ??? 
@ 03/31-06/17&nbs429 mi.Sewickley, PA42% Wild Things  Website URL??? 
Wild creatures. Wild urges. Wild colors. Wild movement. For the upcoming exhibition Wild Things, Sweetwater Center for the Arts is seeking art with an unrestrained spirit that upsets its surroundings and moves the viewer. This show coincides with the building's outdoor installati...
@ 03/31-06/20&nbs1082 mi.Paducah, KY71% Distortion  Website URL??? 
The European Patchwork Meeting (EPM) of 2013 included an exhibition of juried works around the theme of "distortion." The National Quilt Museum is honored to be the only North American venue for this exhibit, highlighting the ingenuity and global scope of the contemporary quiltin...
@ 03/31-09/26&nbs3535 mi.Bremerton, WA31% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-09/29&nbs3143 mi.Escondido, CA36% Cruisin’ Grand Escondido ??? 
@ 03/31-09/29&nbs1483 mi.Olathe, KS42% Olathe Fourth Fridays  Website URL??? 
With live music, giveaways, local shops and restaurants, and great activities for everyone, Downtown Olathe is the place for you to celebrate the end of your week on Fourth Fridays! April 22 - 5:-00-7:00 PM Theme:  Educator Appreciation Month Location: County Courthouse Court...
@ 03/31-10/08&nbs682 mi.Valdese, NC55% Myra's Classic and Antique Car Cruise In  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-10/26&nbs822 mi.Seneca, SC28% Cruzin on Main  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-10/27&nbs3378 mi.Sacramento, CA40% Mean Machines Friday Night Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/31-10/30&nbs41 mi.Neshanic Station, NJ56% Neshanic Fleamarket  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
A wide assortment of vendors,delicious food,and ample parking The fleamarket is open every Sunday 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM from early April to Christmas Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 12.00
Hours: 6AM to12PM
@ 03/31-11/03&nbs72 mi.Horsham, PA48% Hatboro Cruisers First Friday Night Cruise ??? 
@ 03/31-11/24&nbs173 mi.Abingdon, MD36% LOWES CRUISE NIGHTS ??? 
@ 03/31-11/25&nbs890 mi.Bloomington, IN28% Bloomington Communit Farmers’ Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-11/25&nbs953 mi.Marietta, GA28% Marietta Square Artisan Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31 2017556 mi.Pittsboro, NC31% Chatham Mills Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-12/13&nbs1001 mi.Newnan, GA79% Downtown Newnan Market Days  Website URL??? 
Year # 12. Newnan Market Days showcases some of the best homeade, homegrown and handmade crafts this side of Atlanta! Come spend a Saturday with us and stroll the streets of Historic Downtown Newnan and its unique shops and fabulous dining! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 60
Booth Price: $35 10x10
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: On the Square
Setup Time: Sat morn 8-9:30am
Hours: Sat 10-2pm
@ 04/01-12/13&nbs3534 mi.Poulsbo, WA37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-12/26&nbs3553 mi.Port Townsend, WA28% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
04/01-06/17 3046 mi. Nampa, ID 26% Summer Pop-Up Market ??? 
@ 04/01-09/02&nbs1128 mi.Medina, TN40% Medina Sonic Cruise-In ??? 
@ 04/01-09/02&nbs1471 mi.Parkville, MO39% Parkville Cruise Nights  Website URL??? 
Voted Best in the Northland 2014! Find your ultimate dream car while you listen to the cool tunes of yesterday. Take in a little shopping and grab a tasty bite at one of Parkville's terrific eateries. Parkville Cruise Nights are held the first Saturday of each month (April thru...
@ 04/01-09/21&nbs1396 mi.No Little Rock, AR40% Certified Arkansas Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Main & 6th Streets, downtown North Little Rock Summer Toyne PO Bo 5511 North Little Rock, AR 72119 In the heart of historic North Little Rock, open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until noon across from the new Argenta Market. Located on t... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: FREE
@ 04/01-09/27&nbs3525 mi.Gig Harbor, WA32% Wednesday's Farmer's Market ??? 
Every Wednesday June thru August Rain or Shine 11:am-4pm. Skansie Brother\'s Park On the water in down town Gig Harbor. 3211 Harborview Dr. )Visit Website
@ 04/01-09/27&nbs1208 mi.Troy, MO28% Cuivre River Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-09/30&nbs640 mi.Marion, OH40% Rod Knockers Car Club Car Shows ??? 
@ 04/01-09/30&nbs861 mi.Tellico Plains, TN36% First Saturday Wheel In ??? 
@ 04/01-10/11&nbs775 mi.Kingsport, TN43% Cycle City Cruise In ??? 
Cruise In Rod and Bike Show, Rat Rods, Food Vendors, Music, Bikini Bike Wash. Swap Meet Too!!! Will Have Rides In The Afternoon As Well. This Will Be Every 1st And 3rd Saturday Starting April 6th And Ending Oct 16th 2013.Cruise In Rod and Bike Show, Rat Rods, Food Vendors, Mu...
@ 04/01-10/28&nbs930 mi.Dalton, GA40% Cruisin' Dalton Cruise-In ??? 
04/01-10/283521 mi.Salem, OR26% Salem Saturday Market - April   Website URL??? 
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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1735 mi. Norman, OK 33% Norman Farm Market  Website URL ??? 
04/01-10/31580 mi.Sanford, NC28% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-11/04&nbs1746 mi.Plano, TX71% Gazeebo Burger Monthly Muscle Car Show  Website URL??? 
  Monthly Muscle Car Show to be held April 6, 2013 starting at 4:30pm with awards at 8:15pm. Only $10 entry fee. 20 classes with best of car & truck. find us on facebook.    \r\nMonthly Muscle Car Show to be held at Gazeebo Burger. Show located at 6009 Pa...
04/01-11/042036 mi.Bandera, TX29% Market Days ??? 
04/01-11/11 3516 mi. Eugene, OR 33% Eugene Saturday Market   Website URL ??? 
@ 04/01-11/21&nbs101 mi.Middletown, NY76% Orange County Flea Market (7 Comments star) ??? 
Welcome to the Orange County Antique Fair & Flea Market. Held all outdoors at the Orange County Fairgrounds parking lot. Free admission and free parking. Shop many vendors that sell: Antiques & Collectibles, Arts and Crafts, Black Kettle Barbeque, Books, Custom Jewelry, Comic Boo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 10,000
Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $25
Location Type: Orange County Fairgrounds
Setup Time: Sat Morn 7-9
Hours: Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5
@ 04/01-11/25&nbs748 mi.Cincinnati, OH43% Findlay Market Farmers Market ??? 
On Saturdays and Sundays from April to November Findlay Market hosts a thriving farmers market, dozens of outdoor vendors, numerous street performers, and lots of special events. Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cher...
@ 04/01-12/02&nbs1488 mi.Key Largo, FL40% D-Hooker Sports Bar & Grill Monthly Car Show ??? 
@ 04/01-12/02&nbs1773 mi.Denton, TX36% Lake Cities Misfits Meet & Greet ??? 
@ 04/02-10/01&nbs1619 mi.Beaumont, KS72% Flint Hills Beaumont Biker Breakfast  Website URL??? 
Flint Hills Beaumont Biker Breakfast April 6th to October 5th, 7 am to 10:30 am. Live band on those days from 10 am to 1 pm. Bikers get 15 percent off a room. There is also a Pilot's Fly In every 2nd Saturday of the month, but bikers are more then welcome any time!! Deep in the...
@ 04/02-12/03&nbs931 mi.Alpharetta, GA40% Caffeine and Octane Car Show ??? 
@ 04/02-12/10&nbs707 mi.Ann Arbor, MI80% The Sunday Artisan Market  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 18. The Sunday Artisans Market is open from April through December. 100 spaces or more are available for artists and craftspeople. It is open-air but with a roof overhead. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: $15.00 for daily, $200.00 for annual membership
Jury Requirements: must complete an application to be elligible
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Downtown, by Kerrytown and Zingermans
Setup Time: Sundays, 9:00 AM
Hours: Sundays, 11-4
@ 04/02-12/11&nbs244 mi.Seekonk, MA33% Seekonk Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/02-12/17&nbs707 mi.Ann Arbor, MI80% Ann Arbor Sunday Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 18. All applicants must complete an application and be approved before setting up. This usually takes a week or two after the application has been received. No commercial products, or buy/sell. All items must be made by the artist and be of good quality. We strive for diversity and q... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: $15.00 for daily, $200.00 for annual membership
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Downtown, by Kerrytown and Zingermans
Setup Time: 9:3- AM Sundays
Hours: 11-4
@ 04/03-09/03&nbs671 mi.Bristol, VA42% Border Bash ??? 
After hours meet and greet block party, dancing, live music, food, fun and games for children. Please contact Paramount Center for the Arts for more information.
04/03-10/291772 mi.Ennis, TX31% Ennis Downtown Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/03-11/06&nbs132 mi.Sinking Spring, PA28% Willow Glen Flea Market ??? 
@ 04/03-11/28&nbs61 mi.Hastings, NY31% Hastings Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/05-10/04&nbs115 mi.Downingtown, PA36% Downingtown Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/05-10/04&nbs23 mi.North Brunswick, NJ36% Cruise Night at Brunswick Shopping Center ??? 
@ 04/06-06/06&nbs1723 mi.Roosevelt, MN55% Max's Bash  Website URL??? 
@ 04/06-07/04&nbs822 mi.Seneca, SC25% Jazz on the Alley  Website URL??? 
@ 04/06-07/12&nbs1005 mi.Kenosha, WI31% Parkside National Small Print Exhibition  Website URL??? 
04/06-11/023186 mi.Fullerton, CA26% Fullerton Downtown Farmers' Market ??? 
@ 04/06-11/09&nbs237 mi.Riverdale Park, MD88% Riverdale Park Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 20. It's a great place to buy organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables, buy freshly made sausage with homemade recipes, purchase freshly laid cage free eggs, and organically raised chicken, beef, lamb, and eggs. Here are some of the activities we have at our market: great local ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 10
Booth Price: $15 10x10, $20 10x20
Jury Requirements: 5 work slides and 2 booth slides sent w/ app
Location Type: Town Center @ Riverdale MARC train station
Setup Time: 2pm sharp
Hours: Thurs 3-7
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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69 mi. Nyack, NY 31% Village of Nyack Thursday Farmers' Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/07-06/08&nbs2799 mi.Prescott, AZ33% The best of the Dog ART Show ??? 
@ 04/07-06/20&nbs244 mi.Gaithersburg, MD37% Spring/mothers Day Craft Show ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: $95 + 26%
@ 04/07-06/25&nbs2054 mi.San Angelo, TX41% San Angelo National Ceramics Competition  Website URL??? 
The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to present its annual San Angelo National Ceramics Competition. Now in its 20th year, the exhibition will feature a juried selection of ceramics pieces submitted by top artists from around the country. Admission is $2 for adults, $1 f...
@ 04/07-07/06&nbs3494 mi.Vancouver, WA28% Call for Entries: the NACF Regional Artist Fellowship  Website URL??? 
@ 04/07-09/23&nbs33 mi.New York, NY34% Little Italy Metro Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/07-10/20&nbs361 mi.Smithfield, VA36% Daniels Performance Group Friday Night Cruz-Ins ??? 
@ 04/08-05/28&nbs3575 mi.Eureka, CA28% Northwest Eye Regional Fine Art Photography Competition ??? 
04/08-05/29 20171784 mi.Waxahachie, TX90% Scarborough Renaissance Festival   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 36. Recreated 16th Century English village with 21 stages of entertainment, jousting, falconry, music, 200+ artists and craftspeople, games and rides, and foods from around the world. Just 30 minutes south of Dallas/Fort Worth Free parking. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Adults $19.99, kids 5-12 $6.50, 4 and under are free
# Of Spaces: 210
Booth Price: $700
Jury Fee: $700
Location Type: Theme Park
Setup Time: Prior week up to Saturday Morning by 9 AM
Hours: Sat and Sunday 10-7
04/08-05/29 20171767 mi.Dallas, TX53% Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
2511 FM 66 in Waxahachie Czech & Slovak Meetup Group 11 am FREELocation: 6195 West Main Street in FriscoBegan in 1981 The Festival runs 8 consecutive weekends and Memorial Day Monday each spring Scarborough Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance-themed festival based du... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: $24 Adults/$10 kids ages 5 - 12
Location Type: Partially wooded acreage. Parking in a field with designated ro
04/08-06/101679 mi.Nacogdoches, TX26% Texas National ??? 
04/08-07/201481 mi.Olathe, KS49% KC Passport to Adventure  Website URL??? 
Visit participating Kansas City-area natural and historic sites and get your passport stamped each time. After completion, turn the passport in for a prize. Ernie Miller Nature Center and other sites. Visit booths and hands-on activities, then pick up your 2017 Passport to A...
@ 04/08-08/20&nbs1083 mi.Neenah, WI71% Retrospective  Website URL??? 
The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is pleased to present "Retrospective," an exhibition celebrating nearly 40 years of artist/factory collaborations at Bullseye Glass Company. "Retrospective" features work by Klaus Moje, Catherine Newell, Jessica Loughlin, Silvia Levenson, Rich...
@ 04/08-09/091423 mi.Winterset, IA40% Classic Car Show & Shines ??? 
 \r\nAlways the second Saturday of the month from April to September. On the Winterset square from 4 to 7 pm. Oldies music and door prizes. Free entry.\r\n 
@ 04/08-09/09&nbs1052 mi.Athens, AL40% Southern Street Toys Saturday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-09/23&nbs168 mi.Mount Joy, PA31% Corn Crib Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-09/271471 mi.Overland Park, KS40% Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
Fresh food and market wares will be available again at this excellent outdoor venue. April 18 on Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and starting May 20, Wednesdays, 7:30 - 1 p.m.    Cost Free The Overland Park Farmers\' Market opens its 33rd season with farm-fresh produce, loc...
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs530 mi.Durham, NC40% Timeless Cruizers Chick-fil -A Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs324 mi.Locust Grove, VA40% Good Time Cruisers Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs535 mi.Kinston, NC40% Carolina Classic Cruisers Saturday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs889 mi.Jefferson, GA40% Jefferson Classic Car Show ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs559 mi.Kinston, NC40% Monthly Cruise-in ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs631 mi.Columbus, OH36% Saturday Cruisin' at Dan's Drive In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbs1445 mi.Blue Springs, MO30% Car Cruise Blue Springs ??? 
Car Cruise downtown Blue Springs second Saturday of every month April - October. Concessions available.
@ 04/08-10/14&nbs245 mi.Chincoteague Isl, VA31% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-11/04&nbs1735 mi.Norman, OK48% Rudy's BBQ Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/08-11/04&nbs943 mi.Hobart, IN31% Ladies Exhale Party ??? 
@ 04/08-11/08&nbs171 mi.Bel Air, MD58% Bel Air Farmers Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Local farmers provide fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheese and beef primarily agricultural products Typical items from Blog Entry March 29, 2007: Annuals (especially pansies) Perennials, Shrubs and Trees Hanging Baskets Top Soil Pussy Willows Frittilaria Daffodils Forced bul... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Jury Fee: N/A
Location Type: District Court house Parking Lot
Hours: Tues 9am - 3pm, Sat 7am - 11am
@ 04/08-11/11&nbs1006 mi.Centre, AL40% Poor Boys Toys Car Club Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-11/11&nbs243 mi.Chincoteague Isl, VA33% Second Saturday Art Flea & Stroll  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-11/11&nbs902 mi.Gainesboro, TN36% DQ Classic Cruz N ??? 
@ 04/08-11/18&nbs1451 mi.Unity Village, MO29% Downtown Lee's Summit Farmers Market ??? 
Fresh food market with certified organic choices Cost Free
@ 04/08-11/18&nbs1471 mi.Overland Park, KS38% Overland Park Farmers' Market ??? 
Named the "Best Farmers' Market in Kansas" by both Cooking Light and Tripping, the Overland Park Farmers' Market has provided farm-to-table fresh food in Downtown Overland Park for over 30 years. Vendors offer a wide variety of products from farm fresh produce, local foods and...
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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1108 mi. Birmingham, AL 33% Pepper Place Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/08-04/07&nbs653 mi.Mount Clemens, MI51% Pet Adoption Saturday  Website URL??? 
04/09-06/03 ---- - unknown - 24% Juried Exhibition of Indiana Artists  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/09-06/17&nbs31 mi.Brooklyn, NY92% Artisans Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 13. Saturdays, April 19-June 28 Artisan-Market is a sales venue for functional and collectible art created by artists residing or working within easy commute. Featured in cultural calendar of events provided and advertised by Downtown Brooklyn Development Corp. in conjunction with an... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 1,000+annually
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 60
Booth Price: $60 10x6 (minimum),$100 10x10
Jury Requirements: 4 work photos or slides
Jury Fee: $40 per year
Location Type: DeKalb Ave. sidewalk Perimeter of Ft.Greene Park
Setup Time: Sat. Morn 8:30
Hours: Sat. 9-6
@ 04/11-10/24&nbs29 mi.Scotch Plaines, NJ40% Hollywood Night Cruisers Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/11-10/25&nbs1695 mi.Barnesville, MN43% Front Street Village Antiques and Collectables ??? 
We are a very quaint Antique and Collectables store and Boutique. We have a line of clothing and also gifts for all occasions. We are in the heart of the lakes area, Barnesville, Minnesota.The Wadena Flea Market is a full fun filled weekend of finding those collectables and antiq...
@ 04/12-10/29&nbs1004 mi.Rolling Meadows, IL51% Rolling Meadows Park District Craft Fair  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Admission is free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $50 10 x 10 space
Hours: Sunday 9:00-4:00
@ 04/12-11/24&nbs344 mi.Orange, VA76% Orange County Farmers Market ??? 
Held outdoors from April through November in Town of Orange. Wednesdays and Fridays in Taylor Park on W. Main St. from 12-5; Saturdays in the Municipal Parking Lot on Rt. 15 Bypass (Madison Road) from 9-1. Contact Jeff Curtis, Director, Orange Downtown Alliance (see email above... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 5
Booth Price: $50 for the season/space
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Downtown park w/ trees (W-F); paved pkg lot w/ trees(Sa)
Setup Time: At your convenience, before market opens
Hours: Weds & Fris 12-5, Sats 9-1
@ 04/13-09/14&nbs3318 mi.Murphys, CA40% Murphys Classic Car Cruise Nights ??? 
@ 04/13-09/14&nbs50 mi.Levittown, PA48% Delaware Valley Road Runners Club Cruise Nights ??? 
@ 04/13-09/21&nbs1239 mi.Lisbon, IA36% Baxa's Sutliff Store & Tavern Car & Bike Night ??? 
04/13-10/12 262 mi. Foxborough, MA 59% Cruise Nights at Bass Pro  Website URL ??? 
 \r\nOk, cruise night fans, here is the news you\'ve been waiting for: The 2016 schedule.We will start on April 14 and the rest will be every two weeks - 4/28,5/12,5/26, 6/9,6/23,7/7,7/21,8/4,8/18,9/1,9/15,9/29,10/13 and 10/27\r\n 
@ 04/13-10/12&nbs257 mi.Wellsboro, PA36% Tiago County Cruise Night ??? 
04/14-06/22414 mi.Portland, ME34% Winslow Homer Studio Tours - Spring Season  Website URL??? 
@ 04/14-07/29&nbs81 mi.Palmer, PA59% Ya Fest Pa!  Website URL??? 
Teens!! YA FEST 2012 is a first-ever, sure to be amazing, event for anyone who loves Young Adult Fiction! 30 amazing YA authors will be joining us. We plan on a fun filled day of signings, book sale, a discussion panel, author scavenger hunt, used YA book sale, bake sale (them... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Must call for prices
Hours: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
@ 04/14-09/29&nbs975 mi.La Vergne, TN51% Christian Hot Rod Association of Tennessee ??? 
 \r\nSonic Drive\r\n5210 Murfreesboro Road\r\nLa Vergne, TN 37086\r\nParking at CVS\r\nFor more information contact our Facebook page:\r\nChristian Hotrod Ministry\r\n 
@ 04/14-10/13&nbs614 mi.Aberdeen, NC48% Cruise-in at Mac's Breakfast Anytime ??? 
@ 04/14-10/27&nbs706 mi.Myrtle Beach, SC40% Burky's Grill Cruise In ??? 
04/15-06/04978 mi.Fairburn, GA58% Georgia Renaissance Festival  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
(WO + Mem. Day) 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Admission: $19.95 / Contact: Norma Pope, PO Box 986, Fairburn, GA 30213, (, email: , web: / Site: 6905 Virlyn B. Smith Rd. / Booths: 150+ / Attendance: 250,000+ / Weapons: must be sheathed and peace-ti... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: $19.95
Location Type: on grounds/somebuildings/$750.crafter fee + rental of space on g
Hours: weekends + memorial day + apr 29th= student day
@ 04/15-06/10&nbs16 mi.Farmingdale, NJ40% The Paddock Cars & Coffee - Motorcycles Welcome ??? 
@ 04/15-08/06&nbs270 mi.Harvard, MA71% The Ehrenkranz Basket Collection  Website URL??? 
Fruitlands Museum is excited to exhibit their latest acquisition, the Elaine Ehrenkranz Basket Collection. The collection includes over 80 exquisite historical and contemporary baskets made by artists from North, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.
@ 04/15-08/07&nbs1353 mi.Mobile, AL24% Spring Market on the Square ??? 
@ 04/15-08/12&nbs1400 mi.Bolivar, MO40% Cruise in on the Bolivar Square ??? 
@ 04/15-08/26&nbs346 mi.Hampton, VA41% Saturday Street Fest ??? 
Celebrations by the Bay invites you to take to the downtown Hampton streets every Saturday night for a fun-filled street fair featuring live musical entertainment, cold refreshments and plenty of activities for all ages.
@ 04/15-08/29628 mi.Salisbury, NC31% Salisbury Farmer's Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/15-09/02&nbs1610 mi.Tulsa, OK90% Tulsa Flea Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 45. Yearly ongoing Saturday only Flea Market held at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Hours are 8am to 4pm for public. Setup times are on Fridays from 10am to 6pm. Booths are 10x12 space and are $30.00 each you can rent tables and chairs for an additional costYou can view more informati... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 250
Booth Price: $30.00 for 10 x 12
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Tulsa Fairgrounds Expo Building
Setup Time: Friday from 10am to 6pm
Hours: Held most every Saturday from 8am to 4pm
@ 04/15-09/11&nbs2211 mi.Fort Collins, CO41% Drake Road Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Please go to their website for up-to-date information on vendors and what will be featured each week.
@ 04/15-09/11&nbs2690 mi.Bisbee, AZ51% Bisbee Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Local produce, grass fed lamb, beef and port, eggs, cheese, honey, baked goods, coffee, plants and crafts. Occasional special activities include herbalist, chair massage and live music. Local produce, grass fed lamb, beef and port, eggs, cheese, honey, baked goods, coffee, pl...
@ 04/15-09/16&nbs1419 mi.Branson West, MO48% Stone County Mo. Cruise-in & Car Show ??? 
@ 04/15-09/16&nbs576 mi.Liberty, NC40% Liberty Saturday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-09/16&nbs1391 mi.Indianola, IA71% Indianola classic car & truck show n shine  Website URL??? 
  every third Saturday of the month 50/50 drawing 50s/60 music door prizes home cooking located in the community bank parking lot 1401 n Jefferson hwy 65/69    \r\nOpen to all Class Cars and Trucks, Foreign or Domestic. Held the 3rd Saturday of each month from A...
@ 04/15-09/20&nbs1483 mi.Olathe, KS40% Olathe Farmers Market ??? 
Farmers Market features fresh produce from the area. Open Saturdays (April 25 to October 10), 7 a.m. until sold-out. Open Wednesdays, June 3 to September 30, 3 p.m. until sold-out. Market Closed - Saturday, September 12, 2009
@ 04/15-10/07&nbs1114 mi.Princeton, WI74% Princeton Flea Market Opening day  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 51. Largest Outdoor Market in Central Wisconsin. Every Saturday 7 am. Good Food/Refreshments. Free Admission and Parking. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 175
Booth Price: $25 fee for
Location Type: City Park/ One shady square block
Setup Time: 6 am
Hours: 7 am to 4 pm
@ 04/15-10/11&nbs3490 mi.Issaquah, WA77% Issaquah Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 19. The Issaquah Farmers Market is full of farm fresh produce, asian vegetables, organic vegetables, fresh cut flowers, nursery plants, specialty foods, hand made arts and crafts, and delicious foods. Special events and entertainment are also available each week. Market opens Sa... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 3000 to 3500 each week
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $20 10x10
Location Type: Historic Pickering Farm
Hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 PM
@ 04/15-10/14&nbs757 mi.Hendersonville, NC41% Public Art Display   sidewalks/>Website URL??? 
Public Art Display, on the sidewalks of Main Street, sculpture TBA , Hendersonville, NC sidewalks of Main St., sculpture of a half of an apple decorated in different themes, thus the name, A Slice of Hendersonville!, Hendersonville, NC www.downtownhendersonvil...
@ 04/15-10/14&nbs641 mi.Columbus, OH40% Buckeye Classic Cruisers Dairy Queen Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-10/14&nbs1117 mi.Pelham, AL40% Nino's Saturday of the Month Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-10/19&nbs1476 mi.Rogers, AR50% Rogers Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Frisco Park Sara Adams c/o Main Street Rogers 301 W. Chestnut Rogers, AR 72756 Featuring NW Arkansas's finest in fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits, herbs, bedding plants, perennials, cut flowers, and handicrafts. Wednesday and Saturdays, ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/15-10/22&nbs1296 mi.Marianna, AR31% Marianna Farmers Market ??? 
Downtown Marianna/Lee County Chamber 67 West Main Street Marianna, AR 72360 The Marianna Farmers Market is open to all.
@ 04/15-10/29&nbs352 mi.Richmond, VA37% Historic Street Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/15-11/11&nbs939 mi.Fort Oglethorpe, GA40% Stateline Cruise-in ??? 
@ 04/15-11/11&nbs1163 mi.Saint Louis, MO50% Farmer's Market & Bazaar  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $30.00
Hours: 8:30-12:30
@ 04/15-11/12&nbs1485 mi.Habberton, AR51% Fayetteville Farmer's Market   Website URL??? 
Historic Downtown Square James Phillips Downtown Square , AR 72701 Open from early spring through fall -- the biggest farmer's market in the state is an open-air market, and come rain or shine the vendors will be on the historic downtown ...
04/15-11/18 1464 mi. Kansas City, MO 42% Brookside Farmers' Market  Website URL ??? 
Brookside Farmers' Market Opening Day is April 15! Once you get to know us, we'll become your favorite first-stop for healthy meal planning! We have the highest number of certified organic vendors in one spot in town, and our vendors who aren't yet certified follow the same orga...
@ 04/16-10/15&nbs18 mi.Edison, NJ36% Tano Mall Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/16-10/29&nbs976 mi.Nashville, TN48% Music Valley Cruise-in Nashville ??? 
04/16-12/31 220 mi. Amherst, MA 28% Amherst Art Walk  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/17-06/02&nbs3502 mi.Mercer Island, WA28% Northwest Watercolor Society Open Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/17-09/11&nbs779 mi.Midland, MI40% Bob Evans Cruise-In ??? 
@ 04/17-10/23&nbs1481 mi.Bentonville, AR42% Bentonville Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Bentonville Town Square Daniel Hintz 412 S. Main Street Bentonville, AR 72712 Every Saturday from 7 a.m.-1 p.m. on the town square, fresh locally grown produce, meats, handcrafted items, food and music. Admission: Free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/18-10/18&nbs420 mi.Saint Albans, VT49% Northwest Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Customers at farmers\' markets support the local economy. Money spent goes directly to the farmer or producer. The very best place to find the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, the crispiest vegetables and sweetest fruits.
@ 04/18-10/21&nbs1398 mi.Little Rock, AR51% River Market Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
River Market Shannon Light 400 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201 As the new permanent, year-round home for the 34-year old Farmers’ Market, the River Market’s two outdoor, open air pavilions overlooking Riverfront Park, are fi... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/18-10/24&nbs1009 mi.Channahon, IL36% The Godmother's Chicago Pizza Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/19-06/18&nbs1382 mi.Austin, MN42% Spring Fling ??? 
Spring Fling is the theme for this exhibit showing from Wednesday, April 30, through Sunday, June 29. A variety of paintings, photographs, pottery and jewelry will be on display for this members only exhibit. All items for sale. Please join the Art Center and its member artists f...
@ 04/19-06/22&nbs1284 mi.New Port Richey, FL42% Hands of the Goddess Pet Supplies Collection  Website URL??? 
I'd like to ask that everyone who is considering donating items to HotG please concentrate your efforts on our animal friends until the end of this quarter. Animal shelters are ALWAYS in need of newspapers, food (wet and dry) , and blankets for bedding. Take a look around, as you...
@ 04/19-07/03&nbs3026 mi.Mccall, ID33% The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry  Website URL??? 
04/19-10/25638 mi.Wilmington, NC29% Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/21-06/03&nbs2315 mi.Santa Fe, NM42% Summer Preview Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Santa Fe Clay's "Summer Preview Exhibition" is a show of master ceramic artists who will conduct summer workshops at Santa Fe Clay in 2014. The mission of the workshop program, established in 1994, is to honor the recognized masters in the field while simultaneously highlighting ...
@ 04/21-06/04&nbs30 mi.Brooklyn, NY51% Good Work  Website URL??? 
For details visit DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: March 25, 2011 Exhibition Dates: April 29th – June 12th 2011 Opening Night: Friday, April 29th Artist Talks: TBD Interactive Workshops: Sunday, May 1st Description May Day is a celebration of spring, rej...
@ 04/21-06/21&nbs275 mi.Huntingdon, PA50% Show Us the County!  Website URL??? 
Contest for the best short video about Huntingdon County. More details at Whatever it is you love about Huntingdon, whatever it is that defines our place here in the Alleghenies, let us see it. Show us through your eyes – or your lens, ...
@ 04/21-08/19&nbs416 mi.Pittsburgh, PA41% Transformation 9: Contemporary Works in Ceramics  Website URL??? 
"Transformation 9: Contemporary Works in Ceramics" is a biennial juried show focusing on innovative uses of traditional craft media. This year, the spotlight is on clay. The piece chosen for best in show will receive the Raphael Prize--a $5,000.00 cash award. The exhibition opens...
@ 04/21-09/15&nbs972 mi.Hampton, GA40% Friday Night Drags & Show-N-Shine at Atlanta Motor Speedway ??? 
@ 04/21-10/20&nbs2375 mi.Albuquerque, NM34% Farmer's Market ??? 
Excludes July 3rd. Credit and Debit now accepted.
@ 04/21-10/27&nbs630 mi.Bucyrus, OH40% Michael's Pizza FREE Friday Nite Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/22-05/27&nbs424 mi.Nags Head, NC50% International Juried Miniature Art Show  Website URL??? 
Miniature Art Show at Seaside Art Galleryrn Original Fine Art Miniatures. Seaside Art Gallery’s Eighteenth International Miniature Art Showrncan be viewed in its entirety on line. Just click on the web link provided. Don’t forget to look for your favorite artist, Lin...
@ 04/22-05/27&nbs3216 mi.Los Angeles, CA42% Freehand Gallery Jewelry Show  Website URL??? 
Freehand Gallery is excited to present their Annual Jewelry Show, featuring work by old favorites and gallery newcomers. The exhibition will include work by Anna Balkan, Jo Baxter, Michael Norman Bayes, Loren Celedonia, Simma Chester, Ashka Dymel, Melissa Finelli, Janna Gantt, Ka...
@ 04/22-06/08&nbs797 mi.Pickens, SC28% Juried South Carolina Artists Competition ??? 
@ 04/22-06/10&nbs836 mi.Robbinsville, NC38% Cherokee Heritage Events ??? 
Snowbird Community Snowbird RoadHwy 143 Business Route Robbinsville, North Carolina ÂÂ28771 Map this location Celebrations of Traditional Ways of the Snowbird Cherokees | More Detail Junaluska Memorial Site, Museum, and Medicine Trail operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indi...
@ 04/22-06/10&nbs37 mi.Branchburg, NJ42% Structure  Website URL??? 
We invite work in printmaking, papermaking or letterpress that explores the concept of “structure,” which implies exploration of negative/positive space, of form and structure including, for example, inside/outside, public/private, tangible/intangible, object/attribute. Spons...
04/22-06/17 20171082 mi.Paducah, KY41% Fantastic Fibers  Website URL??? 
The Yeiser Art Center (YAC) is pleased to host "Fantastic Fibers 2014." Sifting through more than 450 entries, Juror Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry selected 58 spectacular pieces of fiber art from around the world. "Fantastic Fibers 2014" is an officially sanctioned American Quilter'...
@ 04/22-07/30&nbs244 mi.Gaithersburg, MD33% Gaithersburg Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-08/17&nbs809 mi.Knoxville, TN76% Market Square Farmers' Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
The Market Square Farmers' Market is open two days a week from May to November. Every Saturday 10am-2pm Every Wednesday 11am-2pm Local Produce, Live Plants, Baked Goods, Herbs, Free Range Meat, Artisan Crafts, & More Market Square has become the place to gather for events, shop... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $15 10X10
Jury Requirements: see application for requirements
Jury Fee: no application fee
Location Type: Market Square District
Setup Time: Set up may begin one hour before the market opens
Hours: Every Wednesday 11am-2pm Every Saturday 10am-2pm May to Novembe
@ 04/22-09/28&nbs1144 mi.Corinth, MS49% Green Market at the Corinth Depot  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
This open-air market will offer an opportunity for farmers, gardners, artisans, craftsmen, etc. to sell their wares in a grass-roots setting. Opening May 2, 2009, and continuing the second Saturday June through October, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
@ 04/22-10/18&nbs1234 mi.Quincy, IL34% Quincy Mall's Farmer’s Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Quincy Mall's Farmer’s Market 3pm-6pm Northeast Parking Lot. The Locally-Grown Market occurs every Thursday from 3pm-6pm. Fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts all homegrown or homemade.
@ 04/22-10/19&nbs689 mi.Morganton, NC33% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-10/213046 mi.Namps, ID51% Nampa Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Opens 4-28-07 and runs every Saturday 9AM to 1PM thru the last saturday of October. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Sat 9-1
@ 04/22-10/21&nbs685 mi.Belmont, NC51% Old Time Country Market  Website URL??? 
Tables of antiques,vintage itiems,arts,crafts,produce,live exhibits,blacksmith,yardsales,and much more. Old Time Country Market Dates From Sat Apr 09 2011 To Sat Oct 29 2011 (Every Saturday) Start Time: 08:00 AM End Time: 02:00 PM * Closed on days of bad weather Location 134 ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Saturdays 8 -2 pm
@ 04/22-10/21&nbs1585 mi.Emporia, KS43% Emporia Farmers Market ??? 
Shop Emporia Farmers Market for a fun,nutritional and delicious experience! The Emporia Farmers' Market is an open air market in downtown Emporia. The market offers fresh, locally grown produce, delicious baked goods, creative crafts and jams & jellies. Market begins Saturdays at...
@ 04/22-10/21&nbs556 mi.Goldston, NC40% Goldston Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/22-10/22&nbs241 mi.Silver Spring, MD76% Fenton Street Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 8. For two Saturdays in the fall of 2009, a vacant parking lot in the Fenton Street Village area of downtown Silver Spring was transformed into a small-business epicenter. Local artists, craftspeople, collectors, and entrepreneurs exhibited their wares, and shoppers swarmed the stre... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: 25
Jury Requirements: send pictures of products
Location Type: corner of Fenton Street and Silver Spring Ave, Silver Spring, MD
Setup Time: 6:30 - 8:45
Hours: Every Saturday 9 - 3
@ 04/22-10/22&nbs715 mi.Tecumseh Trade C, MI87% Flea Market (every Sat & Sun 9-5) May - Oct NEW AUCTIONS  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 12. Inside & Outside Flea Market NEW THS YEAR AUCTIONS EVERY 1ST & 2ND WED EVERY MONTH APRIL - DEC 54 Inside spaces up to 16 X 24 50+ Outside spaces starting at $10.00 per day 30,000 sq ft indoors Limited booth space available $50.00 16 X 24 (thats right almost 400 sq ft) per weeken... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $50.00 16X24 Inside per weekend, Outside $10.00 per day
Location Type: Two Large Buildings on 8 acres
Setup Time: Inside set up Fridays 10 - 5 Vendors only and (Outside) Sat & S
Hours: Sat, Sun 9am - 5pm daily May - Oct
04/23-05/29261 mi.Lancaster, MA50% Bulfinch 200 Art Show & Competition   Website URL??? 
Background: Lancaster’s historic Bulfinch Meetinghouse is turning 200 years old in 2016. To celebrate the milestone anniversary of this historic landmark and architectural gem, the Bulfinch 200 Committee is holding a series of events in 2016 and 2017, including an Art Show & C...
@ 04/23-06/08&nbs3215 mi.Mammoth Lakes, CA71% Round Up at the Lake - Convict Lake Spring Fishing Derby  Website URL??? 
Fishing derby with cash and prizes at Convict Lake.
@ 04/23-06/18&nbs2375 mi.J C Penny's, NM48% Focus on Youth, a Juried Show  Website URL??? 
An annual juried show of fabulous photo-based artwork by area high school students. Approximately 100 pieces in black and white, color, and mixed media are on display.
@ 04/23-06/22&nbs429 mi.Sewickley, PA41% True Colors ??? 
This exhibition features a collection of recent pastel paintings by Colleen M. Sherts. Pastels are pure pigment, which allows for vibrant and colorful artwork. Using bright and pretty color selections, Ms. Sherts uses pastel painting to interpret the beauty of the colorful world ...
@ 04/23-09/17&nbs196 mi.Lutherville, MD63% Lutherville Recreation Council Flea Market  Website URL??? 
Lutherville Recreation Council Flea Market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Booth Price: $8.00 - Spaces Vary
Location Type: Lutherville Elementary School
Setup Time: 7:30 am - 10:00 am
Hours: 10 am - 3:30 pm
@ 04/23-09/24&nbs1186 mi.O'fallon, MO40% JJ's O'Fallon Car Cruise ??? 
@ 04/23-10/22&nbs3523 mi.Hillsboro, OR56% Hillsboro Sunday Farmers' Market at Orenco  Website URL??? 
Orenco's Sunday farmers market. An awesome little farmers market. Fabulous farmers, food & artists. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 30.00 10 x 14
Hours: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
@ 04/23-10/24&nbs1060 mi.Kinmundy, IL88% Log Cabin Craft Days with Flea Market Third Weekend Only [Harve   Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 40. Log Cabins in 74 acres of woods with crafters to the side of each and featuring A Harvest of Blessings as theme with descendants of cabins in each, dressed in old fasion clothing of 1800's. There are 16 cabins including homes, a General Store, Doctor and Apothecary, Preacher's c... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Adults 3.00, Jr High & High School, $ 1.00, K through Grade 5, $
Booth Price: $30 10 X 10
Jury Requirements: Hand made only for first 2 weekends
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Log cabins in wooded area
Setup Time: Must be set up by 9:30 am
Hours: 10 - 5:00
@ 04/23-12/10&nbs201 mi.Baltimore, MD63% Baltimore Bazaar  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. Baltimore Farmers' Market and Bazaar Every Sunday May 2 - Dec 19 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 8000 attend Farmers' Market
Admission Price: none
Booth Price: $25
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Sidewalk & Parking lot across from Farmers Market under Jones Fa
Setup Time: 6 am
Hours: Sun 7 am - 12 noon
@ 04/24-05/291477 mi.Paris, AR72% Paris Farmers Market ??? 
Starting the first weekend of May, the Courthouse square will have a variety of vegetables, herbs and homegrown and homemade items for sell by local farmers and merchants. Starting early a.m. and lasting usually until noon depending on produce availability and farmer's choice. A... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Jury Fee: Free
Location Type: on the south and east side of the courthouse lawn
Setup Time: early to noon
Hours: Tuesday & Saturday
04/24-06/02 3525 mi. Gig Harbor, WA 28% Northwest Watercolor Society Open Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/24-10/23&nbs642 mi.Statesville, NC51% STATESVILLE PUMPS AND PLUMBING CRUISE-IN  Website URL??? 
04/24-11/01 216 mi. Hadley, MA 64% Olde Hadley Flea Market (12 Comments star) ??? 
This is a popular are flea market. Vendors can drive to vacant spot and set up. Promoter will come around to collect fee Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $25 20 x 20
Location Type: Open field
Setup Time: Sunday morning at 6
Hours: Sun 6 - 4

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@ 04/25-05/27&nbs4342 mi.Ketchikan, AK33% Alaska Hummingbird Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-06/15&nbs812 mi.North Charleston, SC48% African American Fiber Art Exhibition ??? 
The 7th Annual African American Fiber Art Exhibition is seeking art quilts inspired be your favorite story, whether it begins with, “Once upon a time…,” or “In a galaxy far, far away…,” or “In the land that time forgot…” Your muse may be a beloved bedtime story, Aesop’s fable, Gu...
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748 mi. Cincinnati, OH 31% Strauss Troy Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/25-10/03&nbs19 mi.Monroe, NJ40% Garveys Weekly Car Show ??? 
@ 04/25-10/17&nbs269 mi.Leesburg, VA42% Leesburg Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Market: Every Saturday, come taste the delights of fresh produce and original local products. Every Saturday in the Parking Lot of the Virginia Village Shopping Center, Leesburg. Fee: FreeTime: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
@ 04/25-10/21&nbs1398 mi.Little Rock, AR41% River Market Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
River Market Shannon Light 400 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201 As the new permanent, year-round home for the 34-year old Farmers’ Market, the River Market’s two outdoor, open air pavilions overlooking Riverfront Park, are filled with fa... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/25-10/24&nbs1916 mi.Pflugerville, TX37% Pflugerville Farmers Market ??? 
The Farmers Market kicks off on Tuesday, May 3, and runs through September. Hours are 3 to 7 p.m.
@ 04/26-05/31&nbs530 mi.Durham, NC48% Celebrating the Arts in Durham Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Featuring 12 banners and hand-wrought metal frames that highlight architecture, crafts, dance, music, theater, visual arts.
04/26-07/082678 mi.Springville, UT26% Springville Spring Salon ??? 
@ 04/26-09/22&nbs399 mi.Canton, NY42% Ogdensburg Greenmarket  Website URL??? 
9:00am: Saturdays in the Greenbelt in downtown Ogdensburg from 9am to 2pm until September 29th. Featuring locals farmers, crafters, artisans, with annual seedlings of vegtables, herbs, and flowers, eggs, garden stepping stones. The Busy Corner Cafe will provide coffee and fresh b...
@ 04/26-09/25&nbs124 mi.Monticello, NY82% Monticello Flea Market at Thomson Sqare Mall  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 10. Flea Market every weekend from May 5,2007 thru September 2007. New, Used, antiqes, collectibles and More. The Flea Market is located in the same shopping center as Shop Rite, Home Depot, and Staples. Vendor Information please call Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 1
Booth Price: 65
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Parking lot of Home Depot, Shop Rite, and Staples
Setup Time: 7:30 am
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9am - 6pm
@ 04/26-10/07&nbs800 mi.Cherokee, NC41% Oconaluftee Indian Village  Website URL??? 
Experience Cherokee Village life in the 1750s. Visit the council house, ceremonial grounds and sweat lodge where you\'ll learn of the Cherokee way of life and the seven-clan society. See traditional potters, basket weavers, blowgun marksmen, mask-makers, bead-workers, arrowhead k...
@ 04/26-10/23&nbs897 mi.Boyne City, AK38% Boyne City Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Local farmers and crafters fill Veterans Park in Boyne City every Wednesday and Saturday from May until October.
@ 04/26-10/26&nbs1602 mi.Wadena, MN40% Wadena Indoor Flea and Craft Market  Website URL??? 
Seasonal weekend attraction located in Central Minnesota. Individuals in four buildings selling unique merchandise - a nice blend of old, new and handcrafted and Minnesota made products - A Little Bit of Everything! Visit our website to learn more about our Family Flings - featu...
@ 04/26-10/26&nbs1198 mi.Dubuque, IA41% Dubuque Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Iowa Street from 11th-13th Streets The summer Dubuque Farmers' Market has been located in the Upper Main district since 1845. Each Saturday morning, May 1 through October 31, local vendors gather to sell homegrown or handmade items. Free admission. For more information, visit htt...
@ 04/26-11/08&nbs856 mi.Edisto Island, SC48% Bay Creek Park Arts & Crafts Market  Website URL??? 
Every Wednesday May to Mid-November 9:00am - 5:00pm Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
@ 04/26 2017815 mi.North Charleston, SC51% /14 National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition  Website URL??? 
The eighth annual National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition will be installed at the stunning North Charleston Riverfront Park from May 2013-March 2014. Sculptors from across the nation are welcome to submit an application for participation. Up to 15 imaginative and t...
@ 04/27-05/27&nbs852 mi.Elkhart, IN61% Quilt Garden and Jazz It Up Quilt Mural ??? 
Mon.-Sat. 10a - 9p, Sun. 12p - 6p The "Jazz It Up" Quilt Mural celebrates the musical heritage of Elkhart. Mon.-Sat. 10a - 9p, Sun. 12p - 6p The "Jazz It Up" Quilt Mural celebrates the musical heritage of Elkhart. Local artist, Laurie Balla took her inspiration for the mural from...
@ 04/27-05/28&nbs1559 mi.Omaha, NE31% Call for Entries: Everything Paper ??? 
Everything Paper seeks exceptional work to showcase the wide range of techniques and processes on and of paper that artists are exploring today. Artists working with or on paper in any format or medium are urged to submit.
@ 04/27-05/28&nbs3572 mi.Eastsound, WA28% All Things Birds and Beautiful Art Show and Sale ??? 
@ 04/27-05/28&nbs707 mi.Myrtle Beach, SC26% WACCAMAW Arts & Crafts Guild Jurried Exhibit ??? 
@ 04/27-06/29&nbs3157 mi.San Diego, CA32% Log Cabin Quilts ??? 
Featuring pieces from the 2012 gift of 350 American quilts from local collectors Pat and Tom Nickols, "Log Cabin Quilts" includes some of the most superb examples of work in this especially versatile pattern. The Nikols collection consists of some 350 quilts, dating from the earl...
@ 04/27-07/21&nbs530 mi.Durham, NC51% New Horizons Student Art Exhibition  Website URL??? 
New Horizons is an annual juried showing of art by NCCU's students, selected from works created in all the art studio classes offered by the NCCU Department of Art during the academic year. The show includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, computer graphic...
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247 mi. Mansfield, PA 55% Classic Car Cruise-In  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/27-08/27&nbs256 mi.Waldorf, MD33% Sunset Concert Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-08/31&nbs1391 mi.Indianola, IA36% Rockin & Rollin Around the Square ??? 
@ 04/27-09/14&nbs14 mi.Freehold, NJ36% Freehold Kruisers Kruise Night ??? 
@ 04/27-09/14&nbs990 mi.Highwood, IL40% Girls Night Out ??? 
@ 04/27-09/23&nbs3538 mi.Silverdale, WA37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-10/12&nbs842 mi.Frankfort, IN40% Thursday Thunder on the Square Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/27-10/21&nbs1144 mi.Belleville, IL71% Swansea Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. Market is held every Thursday evening at The Melvin Price Park, 1500 Caseyville in Swansea, IL from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. May 6 thru September then through end of October 3-5:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Lots of fresh farm produce items and handmade crafts. Lots to see.Good family event Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: 100 season for arts and crafts more for plants and produce
Location Type: Melvin Price Park Shelter, 1500 Caseyville, Swansea, IL 62226
Setup Time: 2 p.m.
Hours: Thursday evenings 3 p.m. to 7 pm through Sept then 3 to 5:30 p.m
@ 04/27-10/26&nbs3507 mi.Burien, WA56% Burien Farmers Market ??? 
Burien Farmers' Market - every Thursday from the beginning of May through mid-October. The Farmers' Market has developed into a very successful market with 40 to 50 vendors each week. With the opening of the Town Square park, it is expected that the market will be held there. Ven... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25
Hours: Thur 11-6
@ 04/28-05/27&nbs1322 mi.Jupiter, FL51% SeaScapes Art Exhibition Now Online Ready to View  Website URL??? 
ÂLight Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its May 2013 art exhibition “SeaScapes” is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The theme for this art exhibition is “SeaScapes” and artists were asked to submit their best seascape art...
@ 04/28-05/28&nbs1426 mi.Pass Christian, MS64% Flea Market at Menge + Friday Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 22. The Flea Market at Menge is open from 8am – 5pm every Saturday & Sunday. NEW Friday Farmer’s Market, Fridays 3-7pm. Free admission and free parking! The Flea Market & RV Park at Menge is conveniently located on Interstate 10, at Exit 24, Menge Avenue, only 9 miles we... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Location Type: permanent outdoor flea market
Hours: Open Every Saturday and Sunday, 8am – 5pm; Friday Farmers Mark
@ 04/28-06/09&nbs2212 mi.Lakewood, CO50% CPAC Anniversary Members' Exhibition  Website URL??? 
This is a call for entries for the CPAC 50th Anniversary Members' Exhibition in 2013! You must be a member for your entries to be considered. The theme is open. Members may submit up to three images free (additional entries $5 each). Award for best in show, and three artists will...
@ 04/28-07/02&nbs530 mi.Durham, NC60% Our House Art Exhibit  Website URL??? 
The Durham Arts Council School annual faculty and student exhibition. FREE admission.
@ 04/28-07/15281 mi.Boston, MA26% The Society of Arts and Crafts Artist Awards ??? 
@ 04/28-07/15&nbs80 mi.Philadelphia, PA71% Other Selections: Local Artists Respond to the Museum Collection  Website URL??? 
The Center for Art in Wood is excited to present 'Other Selections.” This exhibition consists of work by local artists who used a piece from the museum's collection as a point of departure in creating a new work of art. 'Other Selections” will include paintings, sculptures, v...
@ 04/28-07/16&nbs3162 mi.San Diego, CA70% American Tapestry Biennial 10  Website URL??? 
Visions Art Museum is pleased to host the 10th American Tapestry Biennial. Juror Jessica Hemmings selected 37 tapestries out of the 230 that were submitted, providing a compelling cross-section of the world of contemporary tapestry.
@ 04/28-07/28&nbs23 mi.Edison, NJ36% G-Wiz Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/28-07/29&nbs248 mi.Washington, DC64% American Glass Now  Website URL??? 
The exhibition, juried by Judith Schaechter, features work by: Kathy Barnard, Joseph Cavaliere, Mark Clerkin Higgins, Marie Foucault Phipps, Saara Gallin, Anthony Glander, Nancy Gong, J. Kenneth Leap, Ellen Mandelbaum, Sean Merchant, Troy Moody, Nancy Nicholson, Scott Ouderkirk,...
@ 04/28-08/25&nbs938 mi.Chattanooga, TN37% Nightfall Concert Series  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-09/15&nbs3541 mi.Port Ludlow, WA42% Friday's Port Ludlow Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Fridays 9am-2pm
@ 04/28-09/25&nbs431 mi.Waynesburg, PA31% Fairgrounds Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-09/27&nbs311 mi.Bedford, PA26% Farmers Market at the Public Square ??? 
@ 04/28-09/29&nbs884 mi.Danville, IN48% Indy Hi-Winders First Friday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/28-10/20&nbs1232 mi.Olive Branch, MS50% Olive Branch Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Each Friday from May 3 until Oct 26, Olive Branch's Farmer Market will offer fresh local grown fruits, veggies, sauces, jams, jellies, honey, and more to the citizens of Olive Branch and surrounding areas. Contact Dee Dee Erfurdt at Olive Branch Old Towne for information on becom...
@ 04/28-10/21&nbs1453 mi.Liberty, MO41% Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Produce, flowers, meat, eggs, baked goods, crafts, workshops, family activities etc.
@ 04/28-10/22&nbs141 mi.Madison, CT40% Madison Farmers Market ??? 
The market will feature local produce and flowers from Connecticut growers, as well as freshly baked pies, artisan bread, cheeses, and fresh seafood from Stonington.
@ 04/28-10/24&nbs1041 mi.Sandwich, IL31% Sundays at Sandwich Antique Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-10/24&nbs1092 mi.Cambridge, WI31% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-10/26&nbs22 mi.New Brunswick, NJ51% The Rutgers Gardens Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Join us every Friday at the Gardens as we celebrate the Garden State with a farmers\' market. The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences along with the Rutgers Gardens is excited to present the local and University community with this opportunity to experience locally gr...
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs385 mi.Kittanning, PA33% Peddlers Faire  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs398 mi.Sugargrove, PA33% Flea Markets and Craft Shows  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs416 mi.Pittsburgh, PA33% Market Square Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs392 mi.Knox, PA26% Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs373 mi.New Bethlehem, PA26% Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs416 mi.Pittsburgh, PA26% Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs257 mi.Wellsboro, PA26% Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/28-10/28&nbs412 mi.Butler, PA28% Butler City Flea Market ??? 
@ 04/29-05/27&nbs2716 mi.Flagstaff, AZ28% Recycled Art Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/29-05/27&nbs1083 mi.Jacksonville, FL28% Riverside Arts Market - May ??? 
@ 04/29-05/28&nbs1805 mi.Houston, TX71% Girls' Day Out Shopping Event ??? 
Year # 3. Vendors wanted for Girls' Day Out Daily Shopping Event. Network your business and sell your products or services to hundreds of women. We are set up to serve vendors on a daily basis. We would love to help you showcase your products and/or services. Located in the Clear Lake /Nas... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 500
Admission Price: Free
Location Type: Clear Lake/Nasa area
Setup Time: 30 mins. before event
Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10:30 - 6:30, Sun. 12 - 6
@ 04/29-05/28&nbs3575 mi.Eureka, CA28% Northwest Eye Regional Fine Art Photography Competition ??? 
@ 04/29-05/28&nbs6199 mi.Brighton26% Brighton Fringe Festival  Website URL??? 
04/29-05/303199 mi.Pasadena, CA29% Jackalope Art and Craft Fair ??? 
04/29-06/031775 mi.Irving, TX42% Texas and Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition  Website URL??? 
The 2015 Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition is open to all artists 18 and older living in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Up to three works of art may be entered by an artist for an entry fee of $40. Approximately $8.000 in prizes! Sponsored by the Irv...
04/29-06/04 20171578 mi.Muskogee, OK58% Oklahoma Renaissance Faire  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Step back in time to days of old with King Henry VIII, Queen Margaret of Scotland, the Royal Court, jousters, jesters, jugglers, magicians, musicians and minstrels. Delight your taste buds with the wonderful and unique foods of the day. Browse through the more than 100 booths wit... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: 60 acres of winding roads through a 16th Century Village
@ 04/29-06/08&nbs3359 mi.Modesto, CA32% Central California Art Association Spring Show ??? 
04/29-06/16 1257 mi. Panama City, FL 28% Southern Watercolor Society Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/29-06/23&nbs32 mi.Brooklyn, NY38% F-1, a Contemporary Art Jewelry Show ??? 
Please join us for the opening of "F-1," a Contemporary Art Jewelry exhibition at Brooklyn Metal Works. The exhibition will remain on view through June 27, 2014. "F-1" represents the visa status that all foreigners must procure to study in the United States. The purpose of the "F...
@ 04/29-07/15&nbs287 mi.Boston, MA40% SAC Artist Awards Exhibition  Website URL??? 
The Society of Arts and Crafts, America's oldest non-profit crafts organization of its kind, provides many opportunities for the advancement of the artists it represents including the SAC Artist Awards Exhibition. Held every other year, the SAC Artist Awards recognize the exempla...
@ 04/29-07/22&nbs1410 mi.Vicksburg, MS49% Vicksburg Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Farmer's Market is from 8-11 am on Saturday mornings and from 4-7 pm on Wednesdays. The summer market featuring locally grown produce and homemade items will be moved to a city-owned grassy lot on the east side of Washington Street between Jackson and Grove streets. Visit www.vic...
@ 04/29-08/12&nbs94 mi.Bethlehem, PA51% Chansonnette Fringe Fest  Website URL??? 
The Chansonnette Theatre Fringe Fest is a 16-week music and arts festival which piggybacks Lafayette Colleges The Art of Urban Environments, a project supported and partially funded by the National Endowment of the Arts. Each Saturday will feature two local musical groups who wil...
@ 04/29-09/02&nbs219 mi.Elderburg, MD49% Trash to Treasure Flea Market ??? 
Flea Market from 8-2. Lots of varieties and home based businesses too. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $20 per 2 car spaces
Hours: 8-2
@ 04/29-09/16&nbs3424 mi.Hood River, OR62% Hood River Saturday Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
This is a Farmers Market and juried Artisan and Craft Event, Held every Saturday from May 6th through September 29th, 2007. Hours 9am till 3 pm every Saturday, Rain, Shine, or Wind. The mission of the Hood River Saturday Market, is to provide a direct marketing venue for the sal... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Booth Price: Registration fee $25.00 - weekly booth fee $25.00
Jury Fee: registration fee $30.00-weekly booth fee $30.00
Location Type: (New Location) Hood River News parking lot, 419 State Street, Ho
Setup Time: Sat. 6:30 am-8:00am
Hours: Sat.urdays- 9am till 3pm
@ 04/29-09/23&nbs715 mi.Hartland, MI56% Hartland Farmers Market ??? 
The Hartland Farmers Market is a collection of local farmers and crafters coming together to sell their goods to the local people, supporting local economy and supplying the freshest possible farm grown items. The Hartland Farm and Flea Market is open every Saturday 9 am-1 pm sta... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Approximatly two parking spots $15
Hours: Sat 9am-1pm
@ 04/29-09/23&nbs1568 mi.Independence, KS43% Farmers Market Season ??? 
Enjoy fresh produce, handmade soaps, and baked goods from local vendors. Whether it's a fresh ear of corn you are craving or a slice of freshly baked bread, the Independence Farmer's Market is the place to shop every Saturday morning during the spring and summer seasons from 8 a....
@ 04/29-09/23&nbs293 mi.Skaneateles Fall, NY33% Alden Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/29-09/23&nbs688 mi.Lake Orion, MI26% Canterbury Village Farmers Market ??? 
@ 04/29-09/23&nbs3512 mi.Sherwood, OR48% Sherwood Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
Located in Old town Sherwood, and looking for local farmers. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Saturdays 9-1
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504 mi. Roanoke, VA 55% City Market Saturdays  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/29-09/30&nbs1071 mi.Murray, KY33% Downtown Saturday Market ??? 
Murray\'s downtown Saturday market celebrates its 10th anniversary! Every Saturday May 17-October 18. Special Saturdays: May 17- Armed Forces Day Jun...
@ 04/29-10/141753 mi.Frisco, TX75% Frisco Farmers Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
A weekly event in Frisco Square! Put on by the Frisco Noon Lions Club & Frisco Square this is a great little market with lots of fresh veggies, handmade soap, candles, and more. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: 25
Location Type: Frisco Square across from Pizza Hut Park
Setup Time: 6am to 8am
Hours: 8am to 2pm or Sell Out
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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494 mi. Washington, NC 31% Waterfront Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/29-10/17&nbs1474 mi.Merriam, KS58% Merriam Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Farmers market. First Saturday in May until the First Saturday In October Vine-ripened tomatoes, just-picked juicy melons, flowering baskets, herbs, annuals and perennials, home-baked cookies and breads, and hand-crafted artwork. You\'ll find all these and more from the vendo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $35.00
Hours: every Sat 7am to 1pm
@ 04/29-10/21&nbs1246 mi.Hernando, MS55% Hernando Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Each Saturday, May 4 through October 26, the 7th annual Hernando Farmers Market, voted Best Farmer's Market in Mississippi in 2 and 5th favorite farmers market in the nation in 2012, is open for business. Set on the picturesque town square, the market highlights the best of local...
@ 04/29-10/21&nbs343 mi.Olean, NY43% Olean Hillside Farmers Market ??? 
The market, now in its 21st year, opens for business Saturday, May 9, and will be open every Saturday until the end of October from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. – except for July 4, Aug. 22 and Sept. 12. The Giambrones, an Amish baker and Miller’s Farm Market will be on hand f...
@ 04/29-10/21669 mi.Shelby Township, MI81% Shelby Farmers Market   Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 10. farmers market every satuerday on the ground of the packard proving grounds just north of 23 mile road on van dyke ave may to october 9am to 2pm crafters welcome Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $20 per day
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Front Lawn
Setup Time: sat morn 7 am
Hours: sat 9-2
@ 04/29-10/21548 mi.Radford, VA38% Radford Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Market: Want to experience the wonders of local produce and goods? Come to the Radford Farmers Market every Saturday. Norwood Street, Radford. Fee: FreeTime: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
@ 04/29-10/21&nbs93 mi.Stroudsburg, PA26% MONROE FARMERS MARKET - SATURDAY MORNINGS ??? 
@ 04/29-10/25&nbs620 mi.Canal Winchester, OH63% Canal Winchester Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 17. Farmer's Market in historic downtown Canal Winchester. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. every Saturday from May 3 - October 18, 2008. Also Wednesday evenings in July and August from 5-7 p.m. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Free to customers, vendors pay $15/space
Location Type: historic downtown Canal Winchester
Setup Time: Sat morning 8 a.m.
@ 04/29-10/25295 mi.Berryville, VA76% Clarke County Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
Year # 23. The Clarke County Farmers' Market is located in Berryville, Virginia nestled in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley. Our market begins the 2nd Saturday in May and continues through the last Saturday in October. The market is a staple in the community each Saturday morning. We are p... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: none
Location Type: The farmers' market is located next to Dollar General in the tow
Hours: 8-noon every Saturday
@ 04/29-10/25&nbs261 mi.Reston, VA50% Reston Farmers Market  Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? 
Come meet your friends at the \"Best Farmers Market in NoVA\" - buy fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, baked goods, etc. from local farmers at Reston Farmers\' Market from May to October at Lake Anne Plaza. Get more info at: Custom-Designed Noteca...
@ 04/29-10/251610 mi.Lincoln, NE31% Haymarket Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/29-10/27&nbs331 mi.Salisbury, MA88% The Craft Fair Festival Showcase (2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. This is a collection of crafters and vendors, to show your work at a regular location for the spring and summer months. During Nov & Dec shows will be hosted at NH Elks and Schools for Christmas sales possibilities. Vendors and Crafters attending Showcase will have first ops on i... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 25
Booth Price: $35 8 long x 10 deep Sat and Sun spaces
Jury Requirements: 2 pictures or internet site to see work
Jury Fee: $10 per application
Location Type: Plaza Parking Lot
Setup Time: Set up time 7AM
Hours: Sat & Sun 9A -2P
@ 04/29-10/27&nbs3516 mi.Eugene, OR78% Crescent Village Market ??? 
Year # 7. MARKET EVERY WEEKEND SATURDAY 10-6 / SUNDAY 11-5 MAY-OCTOBER IN NORTH EUGENE AT CRESCENT VILLAGE At the Corner of Crescent Avenue and Shadow View Drive Featuring local and Northwest Artists, Crafters, Farmers, Vintage, Antiques, Imports,Collectables, Live Music and Food Vendors C... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Location Type: At the Corner of Crescent Avenue and Shadow View Drive
Setup Time: Saturday Check in by 8am, Sunday by 9am
Hours: Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5
@ 04/29-10/28&nbs2368 mi.Albuquerque, NM40% Hot Rod and Custom Car Summer Car Show Series - San Mateo ??? 
@ 04/29-10/28&nbs100 mi.Milford, PA31% MILFORD FARMERS MARKET  Website URL??? 
@ 04/29-10/28&nbs218 mi.Monroe, PA31% MONROE FARMERS' MARKET - SATURDAY MORNINGS  Website URL??? 
@ 04/29-10/28&nbs1445 mi.Blue Springs, MO36% Blue Springs Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
The market specializes in home grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats and many other items that are grown or made by hand.  
@ 04/29-10/28&nbs1487 mi.Shawnee, KS42% Shawnee Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Come see why Good Produce Starts Here! The season's best bounty of home grown produce and homemade goods are ready for sale at the Farmers' Market. This Shawnee tradition takes place in City Hall's parking lot beginning at 7:00 a.m. each Saturday May 3 - October 25. Vendor spac...
@ 04/29-10/28&nbs1388 mi.New Richmond, WI33% Farmstead Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/29-10/29&nbs988 mi.Racine, WI38% Farmers Market ??? 
Time: 8:00am to 12:00pm Days of Week: Tuesday Friday Sponsor: West Racine Contact: Frank Smith Description:Corner of West Blvd and Washington Ave
@ 04/29-11/18&nbs731 mi.Camden, SC33% Kershaw County Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/29-11/21&nbs1289 mi.Forrest City, AR43% Forrest CityFarmers Market ??? 
Forrest City Civic Center Cooperative Extension Service 313 South Izard St., Ste. 14 Forrest City, AR 72335 Monday through Saturday from 8-5 p.m. May thru November. Individuals wanting to sell items must contact the Cooperative Extension Service.
@ 04/29-12/02&nbs1755 mi.Plano, TX40% Cars and Coffee - Dallas ??? 
@ 04/29-12/02&nbs961 mi.Vidalia, GA40% Vidalia Cruise-in For A Cause ??? 
@ 04/29-12/09&nbs245 mi.Washington, DC33% Columbia Heights Community Marketplace  Website URL??? 
Neighborhood community Marketplace that now has artist vendors
04/29-12/09 297 mi. Penn Yan, NY 33% The Saturday Windmill Farm and Craft Market   Website URL ??? 
@ 04/29-12/16124 mi.New Haven, CT50% City Farmers' Market Edgewood Park  Website URL??? 
City Farmers\' Market Edgewood Park.MARKET OPEN Sundays June 17-Oct 28 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.Location: Edgewood Park at the corner of Whalley and West Rock Avenue.*All Fruits and Vegetables are Connecticut Grown * Most are Organic or Pesticide-Free*For more information visit w...
04/29-12/173603 mi.Bandon, OR55% Bandon Old Town Marketplace   Website URLstarstarstarstarstar(1 comments) ??? 
A weekly community tradition that supports local farmers & artisans Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10 X 5 $15 per day 10 X 10 $20 per day 10 X 15 $30 per day 10 X 20 $35 per day
Hours: Fri & Sat, 10 to 4
@ 04/30-12/30&nbs1373 mi.Venice, FL31% The Venice Farmer's Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-05/30429 mi.Manteo, NC49% Mollie Fearing Memorial Art Show  Website URL??? 
Members of the Dare County Arts Council and residents of Dare County submit work to this non-juried exhibition that features prize money and a people's choice award. The open-entry format allows artists on all levels to participate. Work ranges from paintings and pottery to sculp...
@ 04/30-05/30&nbs1448 mi.Eureka Springs, AR31% Eureka Springs Camaro Fest  Website URL??? 
04/30-06/03 1810 mi. Houston, TX 28% Juried Open Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/30-06/04&nbs3603 mi.Bandon, OR81% Old Town Marketplace - Artisan & Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 6. Old Town Marketplace Farmers/Artisan Market 2016 Season begins on May 6, 2016 and runs to December 17, 2016 250 First Street SW, Bandon OR 97411 Old Town Marketplace will open again May 6, 2016. Our market is open every Friday and Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM through December 17, 2... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: 10 X 5 $15 per day 10 X 10 $20 per day 10 X 15 $30 per day 10 X 20 $35 per day
Jury Fee: $20
Location Type: Permanent indoor freestanding building on waterfront with indoor
Setup Time: Day of event prior to opening
Hours: Fri & Sat 10 to 4
@ 04/30-08/27&nbs1085 mi.Auburn, AL28% The Market at Ag Heritage Park  Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-09/26&nbs3572 mi.Eastsound, WA28% Orcas Island Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-09/26&nbs1246 mi.Spring Hill, FL31% Airport Farmers and Flea Market  Website URL??? 
04/30-10/22287 mi.Boston, MA91% Sowa Open Market   Website URL(28 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 14. The SoWa Open Market offers a shopping experience like no other in Boston. With an ever-changing group of artisans, a hip location and the chance to feel the sun on your face while you browse, it's a trip worth making. The market offers the opportunity to meet the artists, ve... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 650
Booth Price: 10x10 $50
Jury Requirements: application on website
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Large outdoor parking lot in hip South End neighborhood
Setup Time: Day of, 730am
Hours: 10am - 4pm
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs1345 mi.Calico Rock, AR28% Downtown Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs777 mi.Waynesville, NC28% Haywood's Historic Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs1322 mi.Cedar Falls, IA28% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs2211 mi.Fort Collins, CO31% French Nest Open-air Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs3494 mi.Redmond, WA28% Redmond Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs747 mi.Cincinnati, OH43% Incline District Street Fair  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Setup Time: 9:00am
Hours: 10-4
@ 04/30-10/26&nbs3460 mi.San Francisco, CA25% Yerba Buena Gardens Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/30-10/30&nbs1452 mi.Hot Springs, AR51% Hot Springs Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Locally grown foods, local artisans, fun & educational. May-October: Tuesday 5-8 p.m., Thursday 7-11a.m., Saturday 7-noon. November-April: Saturday 9-11a.m.Locally grown foods, local artisans, fun & educational. May-October: Tuesday 5-8 p.m., Thursday 7-11a.m., Saturday 7-no...
@ 04/30-10/30&nbs358 mi.Chelsea, VT39% Chelsea Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Customers at farmers\' markets support the local economy. Money spent goes directly to the farmer or producer. The very best place to find the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, the crispiest vegetables and sweetest fruits.
@ 04/30-10/30&nbs97 mi.Rose Valley, PA43% Media Farmer's Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Media Farmers Market has been organized by a dedicated group of volunteers who live in and around Media, and the Market will be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.
05/01-05/30 201724 mi.Manasquan, NJ29% Craft Boutique - May ??? 
@ 05/01-05/30&nbs1767 mi.Dallas, TX40% Lakewood Art Show  Website URL??? 
Artists age 18 years and older are invited to submit up to two entries in the 51st Annual Lakewood Art Show. Art intake is on Saturday, April 25 from 10 am - 4 pm at the Lakewood Branch Library located at 6121 Worth, Dallas, 75214. The entry fee of $15 per item is waived for memb...
05/01-05/31 2017 1448 mi. Eureka Springs, AR 65% 30th Annual Eureka Springs May Festival of the Arts   Website URL ??? 
Eureka Springs May Festival of the Arts. Celebrates visual and performing arts; culinary art; art of all kinds! Many of the events are free. Family fun! May finds Eureka Springs overflowing with an annual Festival Festival of the Arts, and the nine Eureka Springs Gallery Assoc... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: mainly free
Location Type: Month-long celebration of the arts
Hours: varies by event and location

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05/01-08/31 970 mi. Chicago, IL 33% Friday Art Markets at Daley Plaza  Website URL ??? 
05/01-09/301027 mi.Saint Charles, IL26% Sculpture in the Park Exhibit ??? 
@ 05/01-10/01&nbs871 mi.Harlem, GA37% HARLEM MAIN STREET FARMERS MARKET  Website URL??? 
@ 05/01-10/02&nbs3497 mi.Lake Stevens, WA78% Downtown Lake Stevens Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
On a grassy park between the library and the lake. Vehicles with tents. Weights required. Lots of local traffic. Concert series toward the end of summer. Family oriented. Children's activities. Food available. Restrooms at city hall next door.Lovely setting overlooking Lake S... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $20 10x10
Location Type: Behind City Hall and Library, some shade, hill to restrooms
Setup Time: 3 pm (line up beside City Hall)
Hours: Thursdays, 5 pm till sunset
05/01-10/23 25 mi. Linden, NJ 89% Car, Truck & Motorcycle Cruise Nights  Website URL ??? 
The Galloping Hill Cruisers Car, Truck & Motorcycle Cruise Nights. Every Monday night starting May 1st thru October 23rd (except Labor Day. 5pm to 9pm. One time Free registration. Trophies Awarded - DJ Hot Rod Mike - Giveaways. Location: Linden Aviation Plaza Shopping Ce... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Phone: 908-403-6486
Admission Price: free
Location Type: Shopping Center
Hours: Every Monday - 5 to 9pm

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05/01-10/271081 mi.Beloit, WI25% Farmers Marker   Website URL??? 
05/01-10/31 1135 mi. Wild Rose, WI 75% Wild Rose Market  Website URL ??? 
A general market for crafters, vendors, artists, wood workers, antiques, handmade items, health and wellness. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $25 12x12
Location Type: Corner Mill Street and Main Street
Setup Time: setup 8am
Hours: 10-2

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@ 05/01-11/01&nbs857 mi.Paw Paw, MI57% Reit's Flea Market ??? 
Flea Market runs from April until October. About 450 vendors during the summer. Attendance approximately 10,000 per weekend. Camping allowed at site. Some sites have electric. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $12 20x22 per day
Hours: Sat 8-4 Sun 8-4
05/01-11/13 2017549 mi.Coshocton, OH31% Community Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/01-11/16&nbs381 mi.Suffolk, VA37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
05/01-11/20 85 mi. Hellertown, PA 34% Saucon Valley Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/01-11/20&nbs1003 mi.Shorewood, IL41% Shift into Summer Car Cruise 2 ??? 
05/01-12/21 201733 mi.Jersey City, NJ31% Historic Downtown Jersey City Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
05/02-12/16 2017936 mi.Norcross, GA39% Gwinnett Comunity Market   Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Booth Price: $25 non-refundable advertising fee, $20 per week and is due each week prior
Location Type: Impact Church, 2000 Gravel Springs Road, Buford 30519
Setup Time: 3-3:45pm
Hours: Every Thursday 4-8pm
@ 05/02-06/02&nbs3500 mi.Se Portland, OR28% SE Area ARTWalk ??? 
05/02-06/033503 mi.Springfield, OR29% Emerald Spring Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/02-06/10&nbs36 mi.New York, NY39% Michael Cummings' African Inspirations  Website URL??? 
The Art Quilt Gallery in New York is excited to present work by quilt artist Michael Cummings. Cummings' recent work is inspired in part by the history of the African slave trade. There will be an opening reception on Monday, May 5, from 6 to 7:30 p.m.
05/02-07/253374 mi.Roseville, CA63% Roseville Downtown Tuesday Nights  Website URL??? 
Year # 13. We appreciate your interest in Roseville’s Downtown Tuesdaynights. Beginning May 4, 2010. And ending July 27, 2010 From 5 to 9pm enjoy free admission and parking. There is a Certified Farmers Market, Arts and Crafts vendors, beer, wine and margarita garden, and Great food. T... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Location Type: On Vernon Street
Setup Time: Tuesday 3:30 to 5pm
Hours: Tuesday 5 to 9pm
@ 05/02-08/01&nbs36 mi.Toms River, NJ55% Summer Tuesday Cruise Night  Website URL??? 
@ 05/02-08/22&nbs809 mi.Knoxville, TN33% Jazz on the Square  Website URL??? 
@ 05/02-09/26&nbs49 mi.Saddle Brook, NJ36% Mr. Cupcakes Tuesday Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/02-10/03&nbs759 mi.Bay City, MI40% Big Boy of Bay City Cruise-In ??? 
05/02-10/27825 mi.Shipshewana, IN77% Shipshewana Flea Market  Website URL(11 Comments star) ??? 
Varied booths. Advertising space. May through October, Tues, Weds. Contact Michael at Flea Mkt Office at any other questions. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: none
Booth Price: 43.00, 90.00 deposit
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Field
Setup Time: mondays 10am-10pm,
Hours: 8-5:00
05/02-10/31 676 mi. Hildebran, NC 90% Hildebran Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
The Hildebran Farmers Market provides a place for local and neighboring farmers and artisans to offer farm fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, potted plants, fresh baked goods, honey, preserves, hand-made foods, crafts and so much more! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 20
Booth Price: $2 for 10x10
Location Type: Parking lot of Municipal Complex
Setup Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15-7:45 am
Hours: Tuesdays 8am-1pm, Thursdays 2pm-6pm

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@ 05/03-05/27&nbs203 mi.Stevensville, MD39% Kent Island Federation of Art's Open Judge Art Show  Website URL??? 
Kent Island Federation of Art's 44th Annual Open Judged Art Show Open Art show in 2D. Wednesday through Saturday, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Contact Kent Island Federation of Art Stevensville
@ 05/03-05/31&nbs2685 mi.Ephraim, UT32% Third Utah Juried Art Show ??? 
Juror: Tanja Grunert Artists: Alyssa Ashdown, Fidalis Buehler, Brian Christensen, Joe Ostraff, V. Kim martinez, Chris Thornock, Anne Watson
05/03-05/31 2017 837 mi. Lake, MI 35% Walled Lake Farmers Market - May ??? 
@ 05/03-06/01&nbs362 mi.Vab, VA43% Azalea Garden Church ??? 
Craft Show Azalea Garden Church Youth Ministry is hosting a craft show on Saturday 9TH @ 10am to 4pm . This is a inside event at the Church Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Sat 10-4
@ 05/03-06/07&nbs189 mi.Harrisburg, AK48% Capital Farmers Market ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: Downtown park with trees, parking on sidewalk, Bring your own te
Setup Time: 9 AM
Hours: Market is open from 10 AM to 2 PM. Vendors must leave site befor
@ 05/03-08/30&nbs500 mi.Greenville, NC43% Umbrella Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
br> Stroll along Evans Street as you enjoy live music, arts and crafts, vendors and more.
@ 05/03-09/06&nbs17 mi.Neptune, NJ36% BRICKHOUSE TAVERN & TAP WEDNESDAY NIGHT CRUISE ??? 
@ 05/03-09/20&nbs680 mi.Findlay, OH36% Findlay Denny's Cruize-In ??? 
@ 05/03-09/27&nbs664 mi.Southport, NC26% Waterfront Market ??? 
05/03-09/273395 mi.Hollister, CA31% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/03-09/27&nbs1464 mi.Kansas City, MO42% Waldo Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
The Waldo Farmer's Market is conveniently located for after-work stops, shoppers on tight time schedules, bikers and walkers using the adjacent Trolley Track Trail and neighbors out for a stroll. The market is very kid-friendly and welcoming to pets on leashes. USDA Certified Or...
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3120 mi. Sandpoint, ID 31% Wednesday and Saturday Sandpointe Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/03-10/21&nbs1144 mi.Belleville, IL50% Belleville, IL Old Town Market  Website URL??? 
20dollars for arts or crafts space and 30 dollars for food or produce space. Have seasonal spaces. Run by the city of Belleville. Produce vendor spaces 10 by 30 is $312 a season or $30 daily, 10 by 10 produce space is $160 season or $30 daily. Artistan and Crafter is 10 by 30...
@ 05/03-10/25&nbs251 mi.Rockville, MD48% Shady Grove Farmers and Artisans Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $50 per month
Setup Time: 8 am
Hours: Wednesdays 11 am -2 pm
@ 05/04-05/29&nbs1406 mi.Branson, MO33% Bluegrass & BBQ Festival  Website URL??? 
05/04-06/08 1429 mi. Minneapolis, MN 70% Textile Center, a national center for fiber art, presents: That’s How the Ligh  Website URL ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: Joan Mondale Gallery
Setup Time: Friday-Saturday 10 am-5 pm
Hours: Monday-Thursday 10 am-7 pm

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@ 05/04-06/25&nbs275 mi.Brockton, MA39% Shine a Light: Artistic Expressions from Gateway Arts  Website URL??? 
Gateway Arts is an arts center in Brookline, Massachusetts that provides studio arts training and transitional planning services for adults with developmental and psychiatric disabilities. "Shine a Light" features the work of some of Gateway's artists, showcasing examples from a ...
05/04-06/25 500 mi. Greenville, NC 28% NC Tuners & Get Right Car & Bike Family Fun Day ??? 
@ 05/04-09/28&nbs1344 mi.Rice Lake, WI40% EVERY Thursday Night Car Show ??? 
@ 05/04-10/05&nbs1477 mi.Monticello, MN51% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 10. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Booth Price: $75 non-vehicle spot, $100 vehicle spot
Location Type: held in the parking lot of the public library
Setup Time: Thursdays after 2:30 pm
Hours: 3:30 - 7:00 Thursdays, Mid-May through Mid-Oct.
05/04-10/053432 mi.Fairfield, CA26% Thursdays on the Green   Website URL??? 
@ 05/04-10/19&nbs3054 mi.Middleton, ID38% Middleton Farmers Market ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: Middleton City Park
@ 05/04-10/20&nbs1246 mi.Spring Hill, FL28% Hernando County Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
05/04-10/26692 mi.Northville, MI38% Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
A burst of brilliant color will open the Northville Farmers\' Market on Thursday, May 1st. Over 100 stalls of fresh produce, annuals, perennials, native Michigan plants, heirloom tomatoes and flowering shrubs will be available for green thumb enthusiasts. Other finds are hone...
@ 05/04-11/09&nbs3374 mi.Roseville, CA72% By Hand, A National Biennial Fine Craft Competition  Website URL??? 
'By Hand” is a national biennial fine-craft competition sponsored by the Creative Arts League of Sacramento, California and exhibited at Blue Line Arts of Roseville, California in the Coker Gallery. This year, the Creative Arts League is elated to have Elisabeth Agro as their j...
@ 05/05-05/28&nbs58 mi.New Hope, PA51% Spring Native Plant Sale  Website URL??? 
A premier selection of over 200 species of high-quality plants native to Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Delaware Valley region will be available for spring planting. Choose from herbaceous perennial wildflowers, trees, shrubs, ferns and vines. Knowledgeable staff and volunteers...
@ 05/05-05/29&nbs3439 mi.Santa Cruz, CA35% Santa Cruz Woodworkers  Website URL??? 
An exhibition featuring members' work, with guest artists Andrea Rich, Karl Bareis, and Aaron Johnson.
05/05-05/31 2017894 mi.Hilton Head Isla, SC26% Art League of Hilton Head's National Juried Biennial ??? 
@ 05/05-06/03&nbs945 mi.Atlanta, GA60% Drive Thru Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
IT'S BACK! The OLD FIVE POINTS DRIVE THRU MARKET is back and better than ever. If you create quality goods, you're welcome to join our artisans. WHY: Providing local and hand-made food and crafts for the surrounding residential neighborhoods and raising money for Peace Contai... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $10 10 x 10
Hours: Thursdays 3pm - 8pm
@ 05/05-06/09&nbs3501 mi.Portland, OR51% FEAST! Celebrating Food and Book Arts  Website URL??? 
23 Sandy Gallery, a book arts gallery in Portland, Oregon, is pleased to announce our first 2013 biannual juried exhibition: FEAST! The book arts offer a banquet of materials, mediums and structures. Food offers a smorgasbord of ideas for the artist. Mix up generous servings of f...
05/05-06/17 970 mi. Chicago, IL 26% Grass Roots ??? 
@ 05/05-06/23&nbs215 mi.Ellicott City, MD51% Resident Visual Artists Exhibit & Beyond the Surface  Website URL??? 
Gallery I: Resident Visual Artists Exhibit 2013. HCAC’s resident artists exhibit recent work in a variety of media. Gallery II: Beyond the Surface, featuring works by Anne Bagby, Jack Girard, & Liz Wolf. Reception: 6/20, 6-8pm, in conjunction with Columbia Festival of the Arts. E...
@ 05/05-06/25&nbs1427 mi.Minneapolis, MN39% A Gilded Age  Website URL??? 
"A Gilded Age" at the Northern Clay Center explores ceramic works that revel in all things bright, sparkling, and opulent. The exhibition will feature artists Chris Antemann, Tim Berg, Rebekah Myers, Shenny Cruces, and Jane Irish.
@ 05/05-07/02&nbs1008 mi.Clarksville, TN28% Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/05-07/02&nbs1008 mi.Clarksville, TN28% Southern Watercolor Society Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/05-07/06&nbs6162 mi.Holualoa, HI31% Donkey Mill Art Center Juried Statewide Exhibition  Website URL??? 
@ 05/05-07/23&nbs1398 mi.Little Rock, AR29% Young Arkansas Artists Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/05-09/11&nbs3352 mi.Nevada City, CA28% First Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 05/05-10/06&nbs623 mi.Columbus, OH40% Friday Cruise In's at O'Reilly's ??? 
05/05-10/223390 mi.Leavenworth, WA33% Village Art in the Park   Website URL??? 
@ 05/05-10/26&nbs3484 mi.Gresham, OR26% Gresham Saturday Market ??? 
@ 05/05-11/20&nbs1144 mi.Corinth, MS40% Farmers' Market ??? 
Come shop the market where farmers bring their locally grown, wholesome goodness fresh from the farm to sell to the public. Fruits, veggies, flowers, and home baked goodies abound.
@ 05/05-12/27&nbs300 mi.Lynn, MA48% Flea Market-lynnway Mart (2 Comments star) ??? 
FLEA MARKET-Outdoors in our huge parking lot every Saturday and Sunday weather permittting. Tables available for rent. Bring your yard sale items and sell here. Call Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to reserve space-. Indoor Mart(new merchandise)open five days a week-Wednesday throu...
@ 05/06-12/16&nbs402 mi.Lakewood, NY63% Lakewood Flea Market (2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 5. Flea Market and craft show every Saturday and Sunday.Indoor ,big parking lot.Need your own tables.Spaces 10 by 10 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)# Of Spaces: 70
Booth Price: $20 for Saturday and $30 for Saturday and Sunday
Jury Requirements: /
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: 167 Fairmount Avenue Lakewood NY
Setup Time: Sat morn 7-10
Hours: 10 am to 4 pm
@ 05/06-12/17&nbs244 mi.Bennington, VT37% Small Works Show  Website URL??? 
Hours: 10 am - 5 pm Tues - Sun Contact: Bennington Center for the Arts Phone: 802 Web Address:
05/06-05/27 20171340 mi.West Palm Beach, FL26% West Palm Beach Greenmarket ??? 
05/06-05/27 20171481 mi.Natchez, MS50% Natchez Festival of Music   Website URL??? 
This month long celebration of music covers everything from Opera to Broadway and Jazz. Some of the country\'s top performers in entertainment will come to Natchez in May, to join in the celebration. So...why don\'t you!This month long celebration of music covers everything ...
05/06-05/27 2017781 mi.Greenville, SC26% TD Saturday Market - May ??? 
05/06-05/27 2017165 mi.Milford, DE29% Milford Farmers Market - May ??? 
05/06-05/27 20172842 mi.Ivins, UT27% Tuacahn Saturday Market - May ??? 
05/06-05/29 2017988 mi.Arrington, TN28% The Tennessee Renaissance Festival ??? 
@ 05/06-05/29&nbs988 mi.Arrington, TN34% Tennessee Renaissance Festival  Website URL??? 
05/06-05/30 20171400 mi.Vancleave, MS28% Bluff Creek Music Festival ??? 
@ 05/06-06/01&nbs245 mi.Washington, DC59% Art Rave - Dupont  Website URL??? 
Every Saturday until the late fall Art Rave DC is hosting a venue on 15th and P Str NW. We will have space for antique vendors, artisan crafters and vintage finds. In addition to artisans, we are looking for specialty food vendors. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $59 10 x 10
Hours: 12 pm- 5 pm
@ 05/06-06/04&nbs307 mi.Fredericksburg, VA42% Virginia Renaissance Faire at Lake Anna Winery  Website URL??? 
Back and bigger than ever! The Faire brings a unique brand of educational interactive family entertainment. Join in the revelry as the little 16th century town of Staffordshire celebrates the arrival of Elizabeth, Queen of England and her court. (10 am ' 6 pm ) $ 5621 Courthou...
@ 05/06-06/11&nbs3163 mi.Corona, CA89% Koroneburg European Renaissance Festival  Website URL??? 
Koroneburg Old World Festival’s 10 Year Anniversary ~ Let the Celebration begin! Koroneburg Old World Renaissance Festival has announced the dates for it’s 10th year celebration – opening the gates to the historic village on the weekend of May 12th and running c... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Adults $18, Kids 6-11 $14, Seniors 62+ $14
Booth Price: 12 x 12 $750, 12 x 24 $950, 12 x 36 $1100, Cart $350
Jury Requirements: booth photos & diagram, photos of products & costuming
Jury Fee: None
Location Type: Crossroads Riverview Park 14600 River Rd Corona, CA 92880
Setup Time: Can begin as soon as application approved. Permanent Site
Hours: Saturday's 11am-7pm Sunday 11am-6pm march 15th and 29 close at
@ 05/06-06/11&nbs30 mi.Brooklyn, NY55% WIDE OPEN 4  Website URL??? 
The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition presents Wide Open 4, a national juried exhibition and sale. It runs May 11 to June 16, 2013, in 8,000 square feet of our Civil War-era warehouse on the Red Hook waterfront in Brooklyn, NY. Carrie Springer, Senior Curatorial Assistant at ...
05/06-06/11315 mi.Old Forge, NY29% Central Adirondack Art Exhibit ??? 
05/06-06/121784 mi.Waxahachie, TX28% Plein Air - Paint Historic Waxahachie! ??? 
@ 05/06-08/12&nbs2227 mi.Boulder, CO76% The Hill Flea [market] in Boulder  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
A cozy little flea/craft market which is labeled as "A Local Cabinet of Creative Curiosities". Is located near C.U. on "the Hill" and attracts a varied clientele. Fashion is the emphasis for the Sept. 20th Sunday. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: None
Booth Price: $65 6x10; $100 10x10; $30 -4foot
Setup Time: Can setup at 8am
Hours: Sun 10-5
05/06-08/23 2017419 mi.Morgantown, WV31% High St. Bazaar   Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-08/261060 mi.Bloomington, IL26% Downtown Bloomington Farmers' Market ??? 
@ 05/06-08/27&nbs361 mi.Norfolk, VA71% Libensky and Brychtova: Selections from the Anderson Collection  Website URL??? 
The Chrysler Museum will debuts its new glass focus gallery with "Libensky and Brychtova," an exhibition of glass works by the husband-wife Czech artists Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova. The exhibition will include more than a dozen pieces, including examples of the ar...
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668 mi. Shallotte, NC 31% Shallotte Saturday Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/06-09/12&nbs844 mi.Columbus, IN28% Columbus Farmer’s Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-09/16&nbs663 mi.Fostoria, OH41% Fostoria Farmer's Market ??? 
We will be located at the corner of Tiffin & Main Streets in Downtown Fostoria -- just one block East of our former space. The Market is sponsored by the Fostoria Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, in conjunction with the Fostoria Garden Club Ltd., and the Review Times. The ...
@ 05/06-09/17&nbs253 mi.Saratoga Springs, NY41% Forza Italia  Website URL??? 
The Summer exhibit at the Saratoga Automobile Museum is Forza Italia Great Automobiles From Italy
@ 05/06-09/23&nbs647 mi.Carolina Beach, NC39% Carolina Beach Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-09/23&nbs1268 mi.Salem, MO31% Saturday and Tuesday Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-10/02&nbs1197 mi.Hillsboro, WI28% Richland Area Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-10/061510 mi.Ruston, LA25% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-10/07&nbs410 mi.Buffalo, NY32% University Community Farmers Market ??? 
05/06-10/073137 mi.Crestline, CA26% Wine and Stein Walk Through the Pines ??? 
@ 05/06-10/12&nbs1585 mi.Osakis, MN41% Antiques Osakis ??? 
Multi-Antique dealers offering 2 floors of quality antiques and collectibles in air-conditioned comfort. Open daily 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. May 11- October 27Multi-Antique dealers offering 2 floors of quality antiques and collectibles in air conditioned comfort. Open daily mid May -...
@ 05/06-10/14&nbs1462 mi.nowthen, MN59% Goose Lake Artisan & Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Artisan & Farmers Market held EVERY SATURDAY from May 15th till Oct 23, 10-4pm. Located on a working farm & winery!! Spend the day shopping local vendors & tasting wine. This market also offers live musical performances, educational demonstrations, food vending, petting zoo, &... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $10.00 a day $150.00 seasonal
Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
@ 05/06-10/14&nbs1000 mi.Erie And State S, WI34% Downtown Farmer's Market ??? 
Time: 8:00am to 12:00pm Days of Week: Saturday Sponsor: Contact: Description:Farm fresh, locally grown produce and product available for purchase each weekend during the spring,summer,and fall. Free Admission.
@ 05/06-10/21&nbs3504 mi.Federal Way, WA64% Federal Way Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 13. Federal Way Farmers Market is in its 8th year! We are looking for crafters, jewelry and handmade crafters. Selling at our market is easy ! See website for details Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: most prices are 25.00 6% of sales
Hours: 9-3pm
@ 05/06-10/21&nbs1457 mi.Mound, MN71% Mound Farmers' Market & More ??? 
Year # 2017. Farmers' Market & More, we have farmers, food and crafters. We would love to have more crafters. We run through October 30, 2010. You can sign up for 1 saturday or more. Ask about special pricing for signing up for the balance of the season. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 10.00 - 30.00
Location Type: Behind the transit center
Setup Time: 6:30-7:45am
Hours: Sat 8-12
@ 05/06-10/21&nbs1234 mi.Quincy, IL33% Uptown Farmer's Marke ??? 
Uptown Farmer’s Market, Tuesdays and Saturdays 7a.m.- 1pm. Fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts all homegrown or homemade. Held in Washington Park, Quincy.
@ 05/06-10/21&nbs1462 mi.Grandview, MO39% Grandview Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Grandview's Farmers Market take place every Saturday from 7:30a.m. to 12:30p.m. ( or until all produce is sold) at the parking lot on the southwest corner of the intersection of 8th Street and Goode Avenue.
@ 05/06-10/21&nbs1198 mi.Dubuque, IA33% Dubuque Saturday Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
05/06-10/241184 mi.Mosinee, WI24% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-10/28&nbs431 mi.Waynesburg, PA26% Farmers Market ??? 
05/06-10/28782 mi.Greenville, SC33% Saturday Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/06-11/012211 mi.Fort Collins, CO41% Drake Road Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Please go to their website for up-to-date information on vendors and what will be featured each week.
@ 05/06-11/11857 mi.Grand Rapids, MI34% Byron Center Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
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76 mi. Collingswood, NJ 31% Collingswood Saturday Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/06-12/01649 mi.Whiteville, NC31% Columbus County Community Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/07-07/07&nbs640 mi.Dublin, OH52% Dublin Irish Festival  Website URL??? 
A lot can happen when you get the Irish together! Come�experience the unforgettable annual Dublin Irish Festival—named “….one of the biggest and best festivals in the country�� by Chicago’s Irish American News.� From the warm Irish hospitality that greets you at t...
@ 05/07-09/10&nbs261 mi.Lancaster, MA52% The Market Place  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Adults: $2.00 Senior Citizens: $1.00
Hours: 8am- 4pm
@ 05/07-09/10&nbs177 mi.York, PA36% Wheels on the Hill ??? 
@ 05/07-10/08&nbs2375 mi.Albuquerque, NM37% Sunday in Corrales ??? 
Sunday in Corrales: Growers' Market Art in the Park Music in Corrales
@ 05/07-10/08&nbs397 mi.stowe, VT48% Stowe Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
The Stowe Farmers' Market, preserving the Vermont tradition oflocally grown and crafted. Open every Sunday May 16th to October 17th rain or shine. Times: 10:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
@ 05/07-10/22&nbs717 mi.Grand Blanc, MI50% Grand Blanc City Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Every Sunday until October 10-3 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Sun 10-3
@ 05/07-10/22&nbs278 mi.Dorset, VT64% Dorset Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 14. Customers at farmers' markets support the local economy. Money spent goes directly to the farmer or producer. The very best place to find the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, the crispiest vegetables and sweetest fruits. Runs May 16, 2010 through mid-October. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $20 10X 10 daily rate; Full season rate is $210; Half season rate is $100
Setup Time: 8:30-10 am
Hours: Every Sun 10-2
@ 05/07-10/28236 mi.Olney, MD59% Olney's Farmer and Artisian Market   Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? 
Every Sunday Now through November 4 there is an open air farmers market with juried crafters. NO RETAIL RESALE. GO TO WEB SITE AND DOWN LOAD APPLICATION! PICK YOUR WEEKENDSA weekly farmers market in Olney, Maryland, including artists, music, and wonderful produce, chef demons... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 20.00
Hours: 9 TO 1
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84 mi. Warwick, NY 31% Warwick Valley Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/08-06/03&nbs876 mi.Newaygo, MI48% NC PCA Poker Run ??? 
@ 05/08-06/04&nbs746 mi.Asheville, NC39% A Birthday Celebration for Asheville  Website URL??? 
The First Birthday Celebration for Jonas Gerard Fine Art will kick off with a gathering on May 19th. As a token of appreciation for a wonderful first year in Asheville\'s River Arts District, Jonas Gerard will present two paintings to the City.
@ 05/08-06/27&nbs1021 mi.Columbia, TN33% Juried Exhibition  Website URL??? 
@ 05/08-06/27&nbs1021 mi.Columbia, TN28% Southern Watercolor Society Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/08-07/01&nbs472 mi.Lisbon, OH74% Hoppel's Arena Championship Rodeo  Website URL??? 
Rodeo - July 2nd & 3rd, 2010 7:00 p.m. Food concessions, Vendors. On the lawn hillside seating overlooking the largest Rodeo arena in the area and the beautiful Beaver Creek! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $100 - non food vendors
Hours: 5:30 - 10:30 p.m.
@ 05/08-08/07&nbs2963 mi.Kalispell, MT36% Flathead Festival ??? 
@ 05/08-08/28&nbs723 mi.Lebanon, OH40% Frisch's Monday Night Cruise In ??? 
05/08-10/17 1138 mi. Edwardsville, il 55% Land of Goshen Community Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Every Saturday morning- 8am-Noon. I am there most weekends (not if it is raining!) come see me! Next time you're looking for an escape out of the city on a Saturday morning, consider taking the scenic drive to Edwardsville, Illinois, and visiting The Land of Goshen Community M...
@ 05/08-11/08&nbs886 mi.Holland, MI51% Holland Farmers Market ??? 
Over 50 vendors participate in this market to provide you with freshly harvested produce, flowers and plants. The majority of products sold at this market are locally grown. Baked goods, cheese, eggs and meats are also available. Be sure to shop early in the day to insure full pr...
05/09-05/30 2017234 mi.Warwick, RI26% Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/09-06/03&nbs285 mi.Belmont, MA42% ALCHEMY 9.2.5 presents the Power and the Beauty  Website URL??? 
THE POWER AND THE BEAUTY is a juried exhibition sponsored by ALCHEMY 9•2•5, a contemporary jewelry and fine craft gallery located in the Boston area (Belmont, MA). The exhibition will run in conjunction with the 2015 SNAG conference in Boston. Jurors include Emily Stoehrer (...
@ 05/09-09/05&nbs746 mi.New Lothrop, MI40% Brats & Burgers Cruise-In ??? 
@ 05/09-09/05&nbs1004 mi.Palatine, IL40% Palatine's MONTHLY Tuesday Night Cruise in at City Limits Ha ??? 
@ 05/09-09/10&nbs38 mi.New York, NY49% Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography  Website URL??? 
The first museum exhibition of its kind, "Multiple Exposures: Jewelry and Photography" explores the ways in which these seemingly disparate mediums have informed each other and changed over the course of the last 150 years. The exhibition features more than 80 renowned artists fr...
@ 05/09-09/26&nbs15 mi.Perth Amboy, NJ36% Raritan Bay Cruisers Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/09-10/17&nbs1177 mi.Herculaneum, MO29% Dixie Lees' Farmers' Market ??? 
@ 05/09-10/24&nbs41 mi.Nutley, NJ36% Old Canal Inn Tuesday Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/10-08/23&nbs301 mi.Hillsboro, NH36% High Tide Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/10-08/30&nbs792 mi.Marshall, MI55% Cornwell's Turkeyville Bike Nights  Website URL??? 
@ 05/10-09/061005 mi.Mundelein, IL36% Park on Park Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/10-09/06&nbs3258 mi.Bass Lake, CA31% Pine Village Wednesdays Bass Lake Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/10-09/15&nbs755 mi.Bay City, MI36% A&W Cruise~In ??? 
@ 05/10-09/20&nbs3123 mi.Coeur D'alene, ID31% Coeur d'Alene Downtown Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/10-09/27&nbs1543 mi.Chanute, KS51% Chanute Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Chanute Farmers Market is held from April - September at Santa Fe Park. Chanute Farmers Market is held from April 30 - September 28 on Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. and Saturdays from 8 - 10 a.m. It is located at the main entrance to Santa Fe Park on south Santa Fe Street. Ve...
@ 05/10-10/25135 mi.Honesdale, PA26% THE COOPERAGE FARMERS' MARKET ??? 
@ 05/10-10/25&nbs1003 mi.Joliet, IL36% Cruising For the Vets ??? 
@ 05/10-11/15&nbs858 mi.Grand Rapids, MI28% Glen’s Army Navy Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/11-06/03&nbs333 mi.Exeter, NH43% SUPER/VISUAL Senior Art Show ??? 
Friday, May 16- Saturday, June 8, 2013 Artists Reception: Friday, May 17, 6:30-8pm On display will be selected artwork by artists in the class of 2013. The exhibition will include drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and ceramics. The exhibition is open to any senior who ...
@ 05/11-06/04&nbs3512 mi.Seattle, WA55% Seattle International Film Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 38. The Seattle International Film Festival is a 25 day event showcasing over 300 films from around the world. Over 170,000 filmgoers enjoy Galas, tributes, contemporary world cinema, children's film series, panels and seminars, documentaries, guest filmmakers, archival films, short ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: $9-$20
Location Type: Downtown Seattle theatres
@ 05/11-06/10&nbs287 mi.Boston, MA33% Atlantic and Beyond, Marine Show at the Copley Society ??? 
A juried exibition of Marine Art from members of the American Society of Marine Artists and other notable maritime artists.
@ 05/11-06/10&nbs2783 mi.Prescott Valley, AZ55% Cruising For the Cause - Bike & Car Show  Website URL??? 
@ 05/11-09/07&nbs653 mi.Concord, NC37% Union Street Live!  Website URL??? 
This event is held every 3rd thursday of every month. It is a live band event, no crafters.
@ 05/11-09/07&nbs670 mi.Hickory, NC75% Art Crawl ??? 
The 2nd Annual Art Crawl for the season will be Sept. 20, 2007. Plans for the Art Crawls for Downtown Hickory include artist demonstrations, gallery talks, music, and many other new and exciting activities. Maps for the Art Crawl will be available at participating businesses.... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $40.00 10 x 10
Jury Requirements: 3 photos of work with descriptions and pricing information; bio
Location Type: Union Square
Setup Time: Saturday 7 to 9:30
Hours: Saturday 10 to 4
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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183 mi. Hydes, MD 31% Good Life Thursday Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/11-09/21&nbs514 mi.Hartville, OH28% Maize Farm Market, Winery and Micro Brewery Cruise ??? 
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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1404 mi. West Des Moines, IA 33% Thursday Farmers Market and Music in the Junction  Website URL ??? 
05/11-10/11 655 mi. Richwood, OH 42% Richwood Farmers Market ??? 
We are the Richwood Location of the Union County Farmers Market. Join us Monday evenings, May - October for fresh local produce, baked goods, and more! The Union County Farmer's Market features vendors who are all from Union County, or from a surrounding county, that are providin...
@ 05/11-10/18&nbs1222 mi.Gays Mills, WI31% Gays Mills Farmers MArket   Website URL??? 
@ 05/11-10/26&nbs89 mi.Fountain Hill, PA60% Bethlehem Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
We have up to 12 vendors participating, offering fresh fruits and vegetables, (including uncertified organic growers), plants, kettle corn and nuts, baked goods such as breads, pastries, and cookies! Unique vendors, including Alpaca wear, handmade cards and soaps. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: No cost to participate
Hours: Every Thursday from 12-4
@ 05/12-05/27&nbs172 mi.Craley, PA57% Craley Flea Market ??? 
May be able to get a long team inside location or can set up outside as wanted on any weekend. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Jury Requirements: N/A
Jury Fee: None
Hours: Every Fri, Sat, Sun 11 AM - 4 PM
@ 05/12-05/27&nbs34 mi.Brooklyn Ny, NY57% Music is Life ??? 
Music and Art Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: bedford ave and south fifth st
Hours: friday night 8-12
@ 05/12-06/03&nbs655 mi.Richwood, OH55% Delynn Kale Memorial Poker Run  Website URL??? 
@ 05/12-06/10335 mi.Hampton Beach, NH43% Sea Side Arts and Crafts (3 Comments star) ??? 
Small shopping area at Hampton Beach Resort Area Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10 x 10 $5,400
Hours: your choice
@ 05/12-06/10&nbs530 mi.Durham, NC58% Celebrating Pattern and Color Art Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Paintings by Caroline Crawford. FREE admission.
05/12-06/10 2017744 mi.Cincinnati, OH33% The National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils  Website URL??? 
@ 05/12-06/11&nbs698 mi.Ashland, OH50% Coburn Goes Small  Website URL??? 
The Coburn Gallery announces a national juried exhibition entitled Coburn Goes Small which will feature artworks no larger than 20” x 20” including the frame. The exhibit runs from May 17 through June 16, 2013. The juror for the exhibition is photographer Jessica Somers. Jessica'...
@ 05/12-06/14&nbs1767 mi.Dallas, TX28% National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils ??? 
@ 05/12-07/07&nbs677 mi.Bham, MI28% Michigan Fine Arts Competition ??? 
05/12-07/08855 mi.New Albany, IN41% Form, Not Function: Quilt Art at the Carnegie   Website URL??? 
The Carnegie Center is excited to present their annual juried exhibition of art quilts. Now in its 12th year, 'Form, Not Function” has served as an excellent forum for this incredibly rich and often misunderstood medium. There will be an opening reception on Friday, May 8 from ...
@ 05/12-07/22&nbs890 mi.Bloomington, IN52% SoFA Gallery: the Kinsey Institute Juried show  Website URL??? 
Presented by School of Fine Arts Gallery (SoFA) Occurs Friday, May 20, 2011 through Saturday, July 30, 2011 This event has multiple dates. Click here for more info The School of Fine Arts (SoFA) Gallery at Indiana University is pleased to announce The Kinsey Institute 2011 Juried...
@ 05/12-08/25&nbs1001 mi.Downers Grove, IL40% Summer Nights Classic Car show ??? 
@ 05/12-08/26&nbs1352 mi.Lake Worth, FL28% Cultural Council Biennial ??? 
@ 05/12-09/17&nbs3502 mi.Bellevue, WA41% Folding Paper  Website URL??? 
"Folding Paper" features over 140 different origami works by 45 artists from around the world. The exhibition explores the many different roles that folded paper plays in contemporary craft, art, mathematics, engineering, design, and the global peace movement.
@ 05/12-09/23&nbs94 mi.Bath, PA83% Bath Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 8. Bath Farmers’ Market is the latest in a series of projects launched under the umbrella of the Bath Borough Business Revitalization Program (BBBRP). The aim is to help breathe new life into downtown Bath, strengthen the local economy, give local farmers a venue to sell their produ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 2
Booth Price: $15 - $125
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Community park
Setup Time: Fridays 2-3 PM
Hours: Fridays 3-7 PM
@ 05/12-09/29&nbs657 mi.Mount Clemens, MI72% Friday Night Bike Night  Website URL??? 
Each Friday during the summer Gibraltar Trade Center North, Inc. hosts Michigan's Largest "Bike Night", Every Friday, All Summer Long, and do we have fun starting at 5:00 p.m. outside under the 7,200 square foot covered pavilion you will find a stage, dance floor, lights, tables,...
@ 05/12-10/08&nbs324 mi.Blue Mountain La, NY38% Adirondack Quilt Show  Website URL??? 
sponsor: Adirondack Museum cost: 16
@ 05/12-10/13&nbs283 mi.Peterborough, NH65% Peterborough Farmer's Market  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 14. This event has different music weekly. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $80 for the season, $10 daily with a one time $10 application fee
Jury Fee: $10 for daily vendors only
Location Type: downtown Park
Setup Time: 1:30 to 3:00
Hours: Wed 3-6
05/12-10/203342 mi.Livingston, CA52% Livingston Downtown Open Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Fall Street Fair with food, retail, craft, and non-profit vendors. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $15 a night or $40 for all 4-Non profit FREE
Hours: Every thursday in Oct. 6-9 Pm
05/13-05/27 2017288 mi.Sandwich, MA28% Fine Arts and Crafts Show ??? 
05/13-05/28 20175755 mi.Anchorage, AK27% Anchorage Market & Festival - May ??? 
@ 05/13-05/28&nbs1302 mi.Chippewa Falls, WI75% Chippewa Valley Renaissance Faire and Artisian Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 2015. The critically acclaimed show has been named #3 New Faire in the nation by Renaissance Magazine for two years running. Enjoy FIVE BIG WEEKENDS of music, magic, jousters, jesters, artisan shoppes, gourmet delights and entertainment fit for a king! Huzzah! Has permanent building... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 30,000+ over 5 week ends
Booth Price: $135 one weekend ... $375 - $625 (full show run)
Jury Fee: $50 deposit
Setup Time: Access available during week and early am.
Hours: Sat & Sun 10 am - 6pm
@ 05/13-05/28&nbs779 mi.Midland, MI88% 360 Alive Summer Art Series  Website URL??? 
Year # 7. Come alive this summer at Creative 360’s first outdoor music and art series, featuring some of the area’s best acoustic musicians performing live in our new outdoor pavilion. Visit arts and craft vendors, kid’s activities and more. With food made available by Caf American Express... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 200-400
Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $25/ day
Location Type: Art Gallery, outside
Setup Time: 11-12:30 am
Hours: 1-5 pm
@ 05/13-05/28&nbs249 mi.Gloversville, NY83% Gloversville Open Air Market ??? 
Year # 7. This is a weekly Open Air Market featuring handmade crafts, local artists, & home based business vendors. Held rain or shine Saturdays 9 - 2. All proceeds to benefit the City of Gloversville's Recreation Dept. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: first year
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $15 a Saturday 20 x 20, $50 for 4 Saturdays (do not need to be consecutive Saturdays)
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Parking lot on west side of Elm St. next to Farmer's Market Pavi
Setup Time: Sat morn 6:45 - 8:45
Hours: Sat 9-2
@ 05/13-05/28&nbs6 mi.Union Beach, NJ78% Festival of Dogs  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. Come on out and Shop for a Cause! 1st Annual Festival of Dogs Fundraising Vendor Event for Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue. Lots of vendors to shop from and will have CODAR volunteers on hand with lots of our adoptable puppies and dogs to answer any questions about adopting or vo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 200-300
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $25
Location Type: Indoor/outdoor
Setup Time: Sun 10-12
Hours: Sun 12-5
@ 05/13-05/28&nbs712 mi.York, SC49% Main Street Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: Open air Market, located in beautiful, historic downtown York SC
Hours: Sat 8-12
@ 05/13-05/28&nbs13 mi.West Long Branch, NJ60% Janet Boltax Gallery  Website URL??? 
Year # 3. Aging in America: Portraits and Commentary, is an exhibition of portraits by Janet Boltax comprised of individuals who are 90 plus years old, along with excerpts of interviews with them. The interviews focus on interesting facets of their lives and how they are adapting to the pr... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Location Type: Monmouth University Pollak Theatre
Hours: Mon- Fri 9-5, Select Weekend Dates
05/13-05/29 2017136 mi.Guilford, CT33% Robin Hood Springtime Festival   Website URL??? 
05/13-05/29 2017849 mi.Harriman, TN73% Tennessee Medieval Faire  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: Permenent site
Setup Time: friday evening and Saturday morning by 930am
Hours: 10am - 5pm
05/13-05/29 2017132 mi.North Haven, CT33% Robin Hood Springtime Festival Renaissance Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 05/13-05/31&nbs82 mi.Lower Moyamensin, PA43% Spring Flea Market & Vender Fair ??? 
flea & vender market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 25 before April 21, 30 after
Hours: 9am to 3pm
@ 05/13-06/04&nbs346 mi.Pittsford, NY56% Rpo Symphony Showhouse  Website URL??? 
A duet of cottages—the “Philharmonics” House and the “Pops” House—will showcase the work of 30 area designers putting their artistic stamp on a total of 8,500 square feet of living space in the RPO’s sixth biennial fundraising event. Located next door to one another at Thornell ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 10-5
05/13-06/11318 mi.Spotsylvania, VA70% Virginia Renaissance Faire  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Family Fun: Back and bigger than ever! The Virginia Renaissance Faire returns to the Lake Anna Winery with its unique brand of educational interactive family entertainment. Join in the revelry as the little 16th century town of Staffordshire celebrates the arrival Elizabeth, Quee... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: $5, children 5 and under are FREE
Location Type: The Lake Anna Winery frounds. Open field and wooded paths. Ge
Setup Time: Thursday afternoon prior to opening OR anytime Friday.
Hours: Sat, Sun & Memorial Day Monday 10AM - 6PM
@ 05/13-06/11&nbs567 mi.Greenville, ME41% Moose Mainea  Website URL??? 
Each Spring the Moosehead Lake Region hosts a month long celebration honoring the region\'s favorite resident - The Moose! Some of this year\'s events include: The Moose River Canoe Race, Kid\'s Fun Day, Moosterpiece Craft Fair and Famous Moose Tales.
@ 05/13-06/11&nbs3149 mi.Fallbrook, CA78% Fine Art Show  Website URL??? 
Year # 18. The Art Center at Fallbrook, a 3,500 sq ft exhibition facility, is proud to elevate gourd art to the fine art level. This juried exhibition and sale is much anticipated each year. The final weekend of the event coincides with the Wellburn Gourd Farm festival, also in Fallbrook. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: $5, Center members free
# Of Spaces: 25
Booth Price: $100 fee if accepted, Center sets the show
Jury Fee: $25 per application, $75 entry fee if accepted
Location Type: Art Center at Fallbrook, a 3,500 sq ft exhibition facility
Setup Time: work to arrive at the Center by May 29, 2005
Hours: Mon-Sat 10a- 4pm, Sun 1-4pm
@ 05/13-06/12&nbs2002 mi.Fredericksburg, TX51% Call for Entry Oil Painters of America National Exhi  Website URL??? 
Oil Painters of America will hold its Twenty-second Annual National Exhibition of Representational Oil Paintings, May 18 through June 17, 2013 at InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas Approximately 30 awards will be given with a total value estimated in excess of $75,000, incl...
@ 05/13-06/17&nbs3097 mi.Mountain Center, CA84% Lake Hemet Campground Saturday Summer Arts and Craft Fair ??? 
Year # 3. Come on over to Lake Hemet for our first summer Arts and Crafts Bazaar events. Our campground is over 600 campsites, and we have a lot of drive-by traffic as well as day users in the park, in addition to the 1200+ average weekend camper head count. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 1600-1700
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 150
Booth Price: $20 10x10
Location Type: Front lot by Market and major highway
Setup Time: as early as 6am day of
Hours: 9-5
05/13-06/17 1081 mi. Milton, WI 96% Milton Summer Market (Milton, Wisconsin)  Website URL none 
Join us at our outdoor vendor market! All types of items for sale welcome - direct sales, crafts, rummage, antiques, etc.. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(12)Attendance: n/a
Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: $10 for a 10x10 spot
Jury Requirements: N/A
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Ahrens Custom Storage & Vendor Market
Setup Time: 7 am - 8 am
Hours: 8 am - 4 pm
Still Accepting Applications: YES
Exhibitor Types Still Needed: All categories open at this time
Exhibitor Types NOT Still Needed: All categories open at this time

View FULL Event Details Page
05/13-06/1832 mi.Brooklyn, NY26% Recycle - Spring Group Show ??? 
@ 05/13-06/23&nbs105 mi.Pottstown, PA40% Eastwood Summer Cruise-In ??? 
@ 05/13-06/24&nbs951 mi.Atlanta, GA35% Potters of the Roan ??? 
Signature Contemporary Craft is pleased to present "Potters of the Roan," an exhibition of ceramic works by Appalachian artists who are members of the eponymous guild. The exhibition includes work by Stan Andersen, Michael Hunt, Naomi Dalglish, Michael Kline, Shaunna Lyons, Court...
@ 05/13-06/25&nbs3503 mi.Portland, OR33% Portland Rose Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/13-07/23&nbs828 mi.Crestwood, KY57% Sculpture and Art Show and Sale  Website URL??? 
Year # 10. YEW DELL GARDENS SCULPTURE/ART SHOW AND SALE continues through August 2nd Finding just the right art piece for your garden can be quite a challenge, so we've brought together some of the best local sculptors to help make the process easier. Yew Dell's gardens and grounds will be ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: Free to members, $7.00 Adults, $5.00 Seniors, children under 12
Hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, Sunday noon - 4 pm
@ 05/13-08/12&nbs1369 mi.Pine Island, MN36% Pine Island Saturday Nights ??? 
05/13-08/12 1476 mi. Louisburg, KS 40% 2nd Saturday Swap Meet  Website URL ??? 
Miami County’s best outdoor Swap, Junque, Flea Market, Craft Sale! Come join the fun, food and music on the Second Saturdays all summer. Food trucks and bands enhance the treasure hunt.
@ 05/13-08/26&nbs346 mi.- unknown -20% Downtown Hampton Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 05/13-08/27&nbs119 mi.Monticello, NY26% Flea Market at Raceway ??? 
@ 05/13-08/28&nbs575 mi.Athens, OH41% Exhibit: Quilt National  Website URL??? 
45701 Hours: 12pm-5pm T-Sat, 1pm-5pm Sun Information E-mail: Description: The Dairy Barn Cultural Art Center is proud to present Quilt National, with more than 80 quilts in a tribute to textile art. Contemporary quilts will be the focus and materials vary from simple fabr...
05/13-09/10 5755 mi. Anchorage, AK 51% Saturday and Sunday Market / Festival  Website URL ??? 
Presented by: Anchorage Market and Festival Alaska\'s largest open air market with a variety of goods including fresh Alaska Grown produce and seafood, spectacular works of art and more. Every week experience eclectic blends of musicians, multicultural and Alaskan indigenous...
@ 05/13-09/16&nbs1113 mi.Brodhead, WI83% Brodhead Friends Farmer’s Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 5. The Friends of the Brodhead Public Library will proudly present ż˝The Green County Country Potpourri Marketż˝ to be held this summer in the library parking lot. This market will feature artisan creations and crafts as well as farm fresh produce, from 9AM until 1PM the 1st and 3r... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $12.00 weekly, $50.00 season all 10X10
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: The Brodhead Memorial Public Library, parking lot
Setup Time: Saturday 7-9
Hours: Saturday 9-1
@ 05/13-09/16&nbs311 mi.Dennis, MA65% Cruise at Patriots Square  Website URL??? 
ďż˝ First Cruise on Saturday, May 18th and will continue each Saturday until Sept.21st. They will be held at Patriots Square, Dennis, MA. With one exception, on June 15th, the day before Fathers Day Show, the cruise will be held behind the JFK Museum on Main St. in Hyannis, MA. ...
@ 05/13-09/16&nbs289 mi.Somerville, MA31% ASSEMBLED: the Handmade Arts Market at Assembly Row  Website URL??? 
@ 05/13-09/16&nbs771 mi.London, KY36% Cruisin' on Broad ??? 
@ 05/13-09/20&nbs1009 mi.Lake Zurich, IL48% Lake Zurich's Tuesday Cruise Night at Culver's ??? 
 \r\n645 rand rd\r\n5pm-8pm\r\nAll show quality vehicles welcome.\r\nNo entry fee\r\nRaffles / giveaways\r\n 
@ 05/13-09/23&nbs526 mi.South Russell, OH51% Geauga Fresh Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
The Geauga Fresh Farmers' Market provides fresh local food, fun and community. Monthly events include cooking demos, children's activities and tomato, salsa and pie competitions. See Geauga Fresh Farmer's Market 1-...more The Geauga Fresh Farmers\'...
@ 05/13-09/23&nbs1391 mi.Indianola, IA48% Indianola Classic Car & Truck Show and Shine ??? 
@ 05/13-09/23&nbs1263 mi.Onalaska, WI36% Onalaska Dairy Queen Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/13-09/30&nbs249 mi.Gloversville, NY76% Farmers Market
   starstarstarstarstar(2 comments, 350 people) 
Year # 2017. Locally grown produce brought to you under the great pavilion, behind main street in Gloversville, Ny. Each vendor can only bring what they have grown on their farm. Come out to support them and then you can eat healthy. Sign up for free online newsletter at the managers table. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 10.00
Location Type: pavilion off of church street
Hours: sat 8-12
@ 05/13-10/02&nbs435 mi.New Gloucester, ME41% Shaker Museum Crafts Workshops/Demos ??? 
The 2007 series of Shaker Museum workshops/demos will include basketmaking, chair caning, woodworking, herbs and herb gardening, floorcloths, papermaking, weaving, spinning, quilting and many more. One-day workshops/demos.The Shaker Museum and the Shaker Store will open for t...
@ 05/13-10/07&nbs1021 mi.Wauwatosa, WI61% Tosa Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Tosa Farmers Market is a weekly open air market that brings locally-grown fruits and vegetables and foods crafted by Wisconsin artisans directly to the people of Wauwatosa and surrounding communities. The market is located on the municipal parking lot underneath the Underwood Bri... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: FREE
Location Type: Behind the historic Little Red Store, along the Oak Leaf Bike Tr
Setup Time: 7 a.m.
Hours: 8 a.m. to Noon
@ 05/13-10/07&nbs1464 mi.Kansas City, MO42% Sprint Family Fun Days  Website URL??? 
Bring your kiddos downtown for the Sprint Family Fun Series the second Saturday of each month, May - October! Admission is FREE!* Be a part of all the fun on social media by connecting with us using #FamilyFunKC! IN CASE OF RAIN:  The events are moved inside of KC Live, which ...
@ 05/13-10/09&nbs715 mi.Tecumseh, MI31% Market on Evans  Website URL??? 
@ 05/13-10/14&nbs368 mi.Waitsfield, VT60% Waitsfield Farmers' Market on the Mad River Green  Website URL??? 
The Waitsfield Farmers' Market can be found on the Mad River Green in Waitsfield, Vermont on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. It runs from the middle of May to the middle of October. You can find fresh produce, flowers, seedlings, honey, wool, eggs, meat, cheese and other farm produc... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Location Type: village green w/ picnic tables
Hours: Saturdays, 9-1
@ 05/13-10/14&nbs386 mi.South Burlington, VT36% Cars and Coffee of Vermont ??? 
@ 05/13-10/14&nbs100 mi.Macungie, PA36% Wheels of Time Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/13-10/14&nbs1553 mi.Houma, LA40% Weekend Cruisers of Houma Cruise In ??? 
@ 05/13-10/14&nbs629 mi.Salisbury, NC40% KEEP Salisbury's Cruise-in ALIVE ??? 
@ 05/13-10/14&nbs3313 mi.Sonora, CA26% Certified Farmer's Market ??? 
@ 05/13-10/20&nbs1457 mi.Mound, MN55% Mound Farmers Market & More ??? 
Revitalized Mound Farmers’ Market & More! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 30.00 1 day
Hours: Sat 8-12
@ 05/13-10/21&nbs222 mi.South Kingstown, RI43% Coastal Growers Market (2 Comments star) ??? 
Admission:ż˝Free Casey Farm hosts a seasonal farmers market in collaboration with other local farms and artisanal food producers. Special events run throughout the season, including visits by chefs, childrenż˝s activities, craft days, and an heirloom tomato tasting. Rain or shine...
@ 05/13-10/21&nbs388 mi.Burlington, VT39% Burlington Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Customers at farmers\' markets support the local economy. Money spent goes directly to the farmer or producer. The very best place to find the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, the crispiest vegetables and sweetest fruits.
@ 05/13-10/21&nbs336 mi.Johnstown, PA34% Johnstown Farmer's Market ??? 
Located in Central Park on Main and Franklin Streets, Johnstown Farmer\'s Market includes baked goods, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables and flowers. 9 A.M.- 2 P.M. Sponsored by 1st Summit Bank.
@ 05/13-10/21&nbs1608 mi.Marysville, KS41% Farmers Market ??? 
Marysville Farmers Market in historic downtown Marysville. Enjoy the local Farmers Market every Saturday from May 1 to October 30 in historic downtown Marysville. Local venders will sell baked goods, fresh locally grown foods, plants and handmade crafts from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a....
@ 05/13-10/22&nbs250 mi.Wilmington, VT54% Wilmington Antique & Flea Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
This is a very popular market that draws both vendors and customers from a wide area. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $20 20 x 23
Location Type: Open field with marked vendor spaces
Setup Time: Promoter assigns spaces Fridays 5 -6 pm; Saturdays at 7 am
@ 05/13-10/24&nbs33 mi.New York, NY31% Hester Street Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 05/13-10/28&nbs967 mi.Hendersonville, TN36% Cruzin' Hendersonville ??? 
05/13-10/28822 mi.La Grange, KY26% Lagrange Farmers' Market ??? 
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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2537 mi. Silver City, NM 33% Silver City's Saturday Art Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/13-11/04&nbs683 mi.Farmington, MI61% Farmington Farmers & Artisans Market  Website URL??? 
Saturdays 9am ďż˝ 2pm Come to Downtown Farmington each Saturday to experience the sights, sounds, colors and aromas of fresh Michigan produce, exceptional baked goods, locally-produced honey, hand-crafted soaps and emollients, fine art and jewelry, stunning photography and a v... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Location Type: Outdoor pavilion
Setup Time: Sat Morn 6am
Hours: Saturdays 9-2
@ 05/13-11/04&nbs2375 mi.Albuquerque, NM55% Downtown Grower's Market & Festival  Website URL??? 
The 2008 Downtown Growers' Market / Farmers' Market will open Saturday June 7th at Robinson Park. Located in the heart of Downtown Albuquerque, Robinson Park is at the corner of 8th Street and Central Ave. Our season kickoff will feature special foods and beverages, great live en...
@ 05/13-11/14&nbs50 mi.Levittown, PA70% St Paul Episcopal Church Saturday Flea Markets  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Second Saturday Flea Markets Flea markets have been a long standing tradition at St Paul. We have in recent years branched out into a monthly second Saturday event. Our flea markets are always on the second Saturday from 8am to 2pm with a rain date of the third Saturday from... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $15.00
Location Type: Church
Hours: Sat 8-2
@ 05/13-11/18&nbs1798 mi.Fort Worth, TX53% Cars & Coffee at the Club ??? 
 \r\nCars at the Club! Hop in your pride and joy and join us for camaraderie and conversation with people who love cars.\r\nThird Saturday of the Month\r\nApril through November\r\nLocated in the Crystal Lot across from The Speedway Club at Texas Motor Speedway\r\n8:00 a.m....
@ 05/14-05/29&nbs755 mi.Williamston, MI73% Williamston Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $12-15
Location Type: Corner of N. Putnam and High Streets
Setup Time: 9 a.m.
Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
@ 05/14-06/04518 mi.Kent, OH87% The Kent Haymaker Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
Year # 24. Weekly farmers' market. Locally grown produce, baked goods, honey, flowers and ready to eat foods. Began in 1992, 2010 marks the market's 18th year with over 40 vendors offering the freshest produce around. Join us for our weekly Music @ the Market series which spotlights local m... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Location Type: Franklin Ave. downtown Kent
Setup Time: 8:30 - 9
Hours: Sat 9-1
05/14-06/09 316 mi. Sunapee, NH 37% Pastel Society Members Show  Website URL ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Phone: 603-436-8420

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@ 05/14-08/20&nbs2198 mi.Castle Rock, CO40% OutRock Monthly Car Show ??? 
@ 05/14-09/25&nbs1877 mi.Belton, TX28% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/14-10/08&nbs1022 mi.South Elgin, IL28% CAR BAZAAR - Swap Meet Sundays!!! ??? 
@ 05/14-10/15&nbs1060 mi.Bloomington, IL63% Sunday Market  Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
Great event - lots of primitives, folkart, crafts, garden, no tools, socks, pans, etc...rated # 1 by Country Living Magazine. Lots of buyers!antiques, crafts, food Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Booth Price: 75.00 - 300.00
Location Type: 120 acre banquet & conference center
Setup Time: Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning
Hours: 8-4
@ 05/14-10/15&nbs204 mi.Mount Pleasant M, PA48% Cruiser's Cafe Cruise in Car Show ??? 
05/14-10/15 970 mi. Chicago, IL 31% Vintage Garage Chicago  Website URL ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Phone: 3125056373

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@ 05/14-10/16&nbs172 mi.Catawissa, PA39% Rohrbachs Farm Market  Website URL??? 
Locally grown produce. - Agritourism
@ 05/14-10/22&nbs20 mi.Edison, NJ36% Hollywood Night Cruisers Cruise Night ??? 
@ 05/14-10/22970 mi.Chicago, IL28% Logan Square Farmers Market ??? 
@ 05/15-05/27&nbs6363 mi.Zagreb, Grad Zagreb35% Dance Week Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/15-05/30&nbs1006 mi.Sturtevant, WI70% Farmers Market of Stuertevant ??? 
Year # 9. Farmers Market of Sturtevant , located adjacent to the Fountain Banquet Hall, will Opening on Monday, May 20, 2013, from 9 a.m.. – 11 p.m. This fun-filled event will feature the finest farm-raised Fruits , Herbs, Eggs, Beef and Vegetables Racine County has to offer. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 200-500
Admission Price: no fee
Location Type: parking lot out front
Setup Time: mondays 8am
Hours: mondays 9-1
@ 05/15-06/10&nbs1767 mi.Dallas, TX38% PianoTexas International Academy & Festival  Website URL??? 
Aspiring young professionals perform with the Fort Worth Symphony TCU\'s Ed Landreth Auditorium, 2800 S. University Drive in Fort Worth TCU School of Music 8 pm $10 - $20
@ 05/15-06/23&nbs381 mi.Harrisonburg, VA28% Virginia Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/16-05/30&nbs671 mi.Shelby Township, MI64% Call For Crafters ??? 
Year # 33. The Eisenhower H.S. Instrumental Boosters proudly invite artists and crafters to apply to our 2010 (27th Annual) Santa's Craft Castle Art & Craft Show, Saturday Nov. 20, 2010. This is a juried arts & crafts show that has earned the respect from the art & craft community. Origina... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 2000 + customers
Admission Price: $2
Booth Price: varies according to location
Location Type: Eisenhower High School
Hours: 9-4
@ 05/16-06/24&nbs1372 mi.Zumbrota, MN37% Ann Tristani, Laura Weimert Paintings ??? 
 Rural Midwest landscapes, foodstuffs and flowers figure largely in the works of Ann Tristani and Laura Weimert, whose paintings are on exhibit at Crossings May 16 through June 30. A public reception is Fri., May 23, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.    Becoming an oil painter is Tristani...
05/16-07/23 1398 mi. Little Rock, AR 28% Young Arkansas Artists Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/16-09/03&nbs1727 mi.Fargo, ND28% National Juried Watermedia Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/16-09/12&nbs468 mi.Columbiana, OH40% Columbiana Nazarene Church Car, Truck & Bike Cruise In ??? 
@ 05/16-09/12&nbs3382 mi.Fall River Mills, CA31% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/17-05/29&nbs1217 mi.Orlando, FL56% Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/17-06/17&nbs1431 mi.Minneapolis, MN28% Undertale ??? 
@ 05/17-08/23&nbs680 mi.Findlay, OH36% DennyFindlayCruzers ??? 
@ 05/17-08/23&nbs242 mi.Woonsocket, RI48% Car and Bike Night at Back Alley Pub ??? 
@ 05/17-09/06&nbs229 mi.Mount Airy, MD41% Mount Airy Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods, honey, eggs, crafts and entertainment.
@ 05/17-10/04&nbs518 mi.Brimfield, OH36% Beef o Brady’s Sort’s Bar and Grille Wed. Cruise ??? 
@ 05/17-10/04&nbs1040 mi.Mukwonago, WI33% Mukwonago Area Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/18-05/28&nbs348 mi.Hampton, VA51% Amusements of America Carnival  Website URL??? 
From Monday thru Friday the gates will open at 5:00PM, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the gates will open at 12:00 noon. All hours are subject to change. Carnival Admission is $2.00 for ages 6 and up. Individual ride tickets are $1.00 each or sheet of 56 tickets for $50.00. A...
@ 05/18-05/28&nbs1543 mi.Topeka, KS39% Evans United Shows Carnival ??? 
Evans United Shows Carnival Evans United Shows Carnival, come out for family-fun with carnival rides, games and food. Call for prices and times.
@ 05/18-05/28&nbs1430 mi.Minneapolis, MN32% Electric Eyes: New Music and Media Festival ??? 
@ 05/18-05/28&nbs1798 mi.Fort Worth, TX91% We Can Do It Positive Connection for Women Leadership Conferen  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. The 2015 "We Can Do It" Positive Connection for Women" continues to program builds on an exciting format, a roster of distinguished speakers from the worlds of business, politics, entrepreneurship and more. "We Can Do IT" Positive Connection for Women Conference 2015 keynot... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 100 last year
Admission Price: 17.50
Location Type: Hotel
Setup Time: 6:30 -8:30AM
Hours: Thursday 8-4PM
@ 05/18-05/28&nbs6363 mi.Alba, 1205136% Italy & Usa Alba Music Festival ??? 
@ 05/18-06/04&nbs2030 mi.Festival - Kerrv, TX93% Kerrville Folk Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 47. The Kerrville Folk Festival is held annually at the Quiet Valley Ranch, 9 miles south of Kerrville on Texas Hwy 16. Starting on the Thursday before Memorial Day at the end of May, the music continues for 18 days with performances by more than 100 singer songwriters and their band... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 18k-30k in previous years
Admission Price: $25-$40, under 12 free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $425 8x8, $500 10x10
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: 9 miles of Kerrville, Texas
Setup Time: earlier in the day, anytime.
Hours: Weekends 6p-12a
@ 05/18-06/18&nbs92 mi.Westport, CT26% ART About Town ??? 
@ 05/18-06/20&nbs2372 mi.Corrales, NM41% Celebrate Summer Art Show ??? 
Celebrate summer with color and light! A bright and colorful show featuring work in various mediums. The artists involved include: Farrell Cockrum, Greg Gibbons, Lorenzo Pasqualis, Sharon Schwartzmann, Cindy Welch, David Welch, and Juanita Wolff. Opening reception is June 13 from...
05/18-06/23287 mi.Cambridge, MA26% National Prize Show ??? 
@ 05/18-09/14&nbs783 mi.Auburn, IN57% Downtown Auburn Summer Cruise-Ins ??? 
We will host our 2nd. 2015 Downtown Auburn Summer Cruise-In Come and enjoy friendly locals enjoying the cars of long ago and those of a more recent past. Door prizes, 50/50 raffle, prizes and more... Good ol\' family fun! Around the Courthouse Square 6-8 pm at Cedar and 7th...
@ 05/18-09/19&nbs882 mi.South Haven, MI42% Riverfront Concert Series ??? 
Enjoy a concert at the Riverfront park, each Thursday at 7pm. Bring your lawn chairs, or blankets.June 19th-Jocelyn Scofield DuoJune 26th-Cathy BoltonJuly 3rd-Kevin McDanielJuly 10th-Family TraditionJuly 17th-Mandy GJuly 24th-Java JiveJuly 31st-Casco BandAugust 7th-Blueberry Fest...
@ 05/18-09/24&nbs208 mi.Monson, MA24% Farmers Market ??? 
@ 05/18-10/06&nbs1226 mi.Dyersville, IA31% Dyersville Thursday Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/18-10/07&nbs1780 mi.Grapevine, TX62% Grapevine Market  Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
Grapevine Market is an open-air event with vendors selling a variety of items. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 200
Booth Price: $10
Location Type: main street
Setup Time: 7:00 -7:30
Hours: Sat 9:30-2
@ 05/18-10/19&nbs641 mi.Marion, OH50% Marion Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
43302 Marion County Hours: 3pm-6pm Description: Fresh produce, plants and more! Here you can talk to the grower of the food you are buying. Tickets: Free. Reservations: Reservations not required.
@ 05/18-10/24&nbs1399 mi.Afton, MN31% Afton Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-05/27&nbs261 mi.Boonsboro, MD39% Boonsboro Ambulance Carnival  Website URL??? 
Annual Ambulance company\'s fundraiser. Lots of free entertainment, Good food, Games and Rides by reithoffer Entertainment. Park opens nightly at 5 p.m.
@ 05/19-05/27&nbs2691 mi.Eagle Mountain, UT42% Pony Express Days  Website URL??? 
Bring the family to help Eagle Mountain celebrate their 10th anniversary at Pony Express Days. There are many fun activities to choose from, including: concerts, carnival, parade, all-terrain buggy tours, helicopter rides, golf tournament, dutch oven cook-off, symphony in the par...
@ 05/19-05/27&nbs6341 mi.Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha28% Fringe Festival Prague  Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-05/28&nbs1919 mi.Garden City, KS55% Beef Empire Days  Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-05/28&nbs953 mi.Marietta, GA25% Atlanta Shriners Carnival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-05/28&nbs1582 mi.Talihina, OK55% Huddleston Ranch Champion Steer Wrestling  Website URL??? 
05/19-05/29 2017953 mi.Marietta, GA29% Shrine Circus & Fair ??? 
@ 05/19-05/29&nbs684 mi.Livonia, MI25% Livonia Am Rotary Carnival  Website URL??? 
05/19-06/021931 mi.Austin, TX40% Central Texas Juneteenth Celebration   Website URL??? 
Celebrates the emancipation of slaves in Texas following the end of the Civil War. Includes pageants, parades, a carnival and a battle of the bands. Various locations around Austin.
@ 05/19-06/02&nbs656 mi.Mount Clemens, MI25% Macomb Fair and Expo  Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-06/03&nbs783 mi.Greenville, SC79% Second Saturday Art Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 2016. This is a new show in Greenville and the popularity is building every week, with vendors as well as the public. The idea is offer a place for professional and non professional artists and crafts persons to sell their work and interact with the public. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 300-400
Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $10
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: In the newly formed Pendleton Street Arts District
Setup Time: Saturday morning 7:30 am
Hours: Sat 9-3
@ 05/19-06/03&nbs1404 mi.Hollywood, FL76% Funtastic Fridays For Kids ??? 
Year # 8. Free family event every Friday night in downtown Hollywood, Featuring Mama Clown & Friends, Bounce House, face painters, magic, balloon twisters,arts & crafts & more. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: Several hundred kids & Family's
Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $50.00 10x10
Location Type: Downtown Park
Setup Time: Friday 3:30 pm
Hours: 5pm - 9pm
@ 05/19-06/03&nbs791 mi.Pigeon Forge, TN55% Dollywood Barbeque & Bluegrass  Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-06/03&nbs2209 mi.Denver, CO43% Old Elitch Gardens Farmers Market and Crafts ??? 
Farmer's Market and Crafts Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $35 minimum 10% sales
Hours: Sat 8-1
@ 05/19-06/05&nbs7430 mi.Sydney24% Vivid Sydney  Website URL??? 
05/19-06/07  mi. Waynesburg, PA 42% Waynesburg Farmes Market  Website URL none 
Home grown foods , wine , soaps , skincae Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Phone: 724-627-8119
Booth Price: 85. season
Hours: wed 10-2

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@ 05/19-06/24&nbs322 mi.Gloucester, VA28% Virginia Watercolor Society Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 05/19-07/08&nbs2210 mi.Fort Collins, CO42% Black & White with Juror Jason Landry  Website URL??? 
THEME | Black & White All Black and White imagery is eligible for submission. This includes alternative process, traditional, digital, toned black and white images, and all post-production techniques. All subject matter is welcome. Sponsoring Organization   Map It The Center fo...
@ 05/19-07/14&nbs753 mi.Eaton, OH33% Juried Show call for entries   Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-07/28&nbs1039 mi.Pine Mountain, GA52% Callaway Gardens Summer Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
The 2013 season of the Callaway Gardens Farmers Market includes the Friday Summer Market and a Labor Day Weekend Market. Taking place at Robin Lake Beach, the Farmers Market features a variety of local and regional vendors selling fruits and vegetables, including those grown righ...
@ 05/19-08/25&nbs529 mi.Akron, OH31% Lock3 ??? 
@ 05/19-08/25&nbs1001 mi.Itasca, IL40% Sounds of Summer Patio Concert Series ??? 
@ 05/19-09/01&nbs1006 mi.Roselle, IL31% Roselle Cruise Night ??? 
05/19-09/082338 mi.Los Alamos, NM29% Los Alamos Summer Concert Series ??? 
@ 05/19-09/2994 mi.Bath, PA33% Bath Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 05/19-10/07&nbs852 mi.Elkhart, IN36% Woodlawn Nature Center Harvest Market ??? 
Fresh, locally grown produce, plants and quality, hand-made crafts. Sometimes there will be home-baked goods and entertainment. Their friendly vendors will be happy to give helpful tips and recipes so you can better enjoy your purchases.
@ 05/20-05/27&nbs1073 mi.Jacksonville Bea, FL41% Fiesta Playera ??? 
@ 05/20-05/28&nbs251 mi.Arlington, VA55% GI Film Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/20-05/28&nbs2477 mi.Cortez, CO28% Mesa Verde Country Indian Arts & Culture Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/20-05/28&nbs689 mi.Salem, NC28% Gears and Guitars  Website URL??? 
05/20-05/29 20173126 mi.Victorville, CA28% San Bernadino County Fair ??? 
@ 05/20-05/29&nbs3126 mi.Victorville, CA34% San Bernardino County Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 05/20-05/29&nbs3140 mi.San Bernardino, CA26% San Bernardino County Fair ??? 
@ 05/20-06/03&nbs2018 mi.Gordon, NE39% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Baked goods, fresh vegetables and more.
@ 05/20-06/03&nbs65 mi.Rye, NY89% RYE PLAYLAND FAIR  Website URL??? 
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: 100 10X10 FOR ONE DAY 175 WEEKEND PRICE
Hours: SAT-12-8,SUNDAY-12-8
@ 05/20-06/03&nbs2242 mi.Estes Park, CO48% Pikes Peak Plein Air Exhibition & Sale,  Website URL??? 
30 premiere artists from Southern Zip: 80517 Web: Email: Phone: Price: $ 0.00 Free Admission: yes Description:30 premier artists from southern Colorado present newly created works Directions:Hwy. 34 or Hwy. 36 to Elkhorn Ave. Go west. G...
@ 05/20-06/04&nbs3405 mi.San Juan Bautist, CA88% Betabel Station Outdoor Market ??? 
Year # 7. Betabel Station Outdoor Market is located off highway 101 between Gilroy and San Juan Bautista, 9644 Betabel Road, located next to Betabel RV Park. Looking for something unusual? Looking for something Old? Looking for a bargain? or fresh produce. You are sure to find it here, wi... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 1000
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 150
Booth Price: all 10x20, Sat $25, Sun $30, corner $40
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Outdoor Market all on Grass
Setup Time: 7am saturday morning
Hours: Sat & Sun 9am-5pm
@ 05/20-06/04&nbs518 mi.Kent, OH54% Haymaker Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: South parking lot of Pufferbelly restaurant, under the Haymaker
Setup Time: 8am
Hours: 9am - 1 pm (free music from 10-12)
@ 05/20-06/04&nbs47 mi.Columbus, NJ59% Nj Renaissance Faire  Website URL??? 
It is the Autumnal Equinox, and the Duke of Northumberland has made his yearly pilgrimage to join and celebrate the harvest. Eat the glorious food and shop the stalls of the merchants in town. Play games, listen to music and immerse yourself in the world of the Renaissance... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: Large Park like Campgrounds
Hours: 9/18 - 19 and 9/25-26 11AM -6PM
@ 05/20-06/05&nbs2243 mi.Central City, CO87% Exhibition of the Gilpin County Arts Assoc.  Website URL??? 
Year # 69. Open to Artist living in the Rocky Mt. West, USA. Includes: AZ, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, UT, & WY. Entry deadline April 5th Contact: or for a prospectus. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 7000
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $25 enrty fee
Jury Requirements: 5 slides or digital 5X7 images
Jury Fee: $30
Location Type: Historic Building with full time gallery manager.
Setup Time: Deliver work May 13-15
Hours: 7 days a week, noon to 6PM, 8PM on Opera nights
@ 05/20-06/11&nbs213 mi.Woodstock, CT26% Spring Artists Collaborative ??? 
@ 05/20-06/16&nbs67 mi.Warminster, PA.43% Auto Show ??? 
Auto show, craft show, flea market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $10 per 20ft. space
Hours: 9 - 3
@ 05/20-06/17&nbs840 mi.Louisville, KY39% Mask Unveiling: Faces of Hope ??? 
Masks made by area artists, educators, media personalities and business executives will be exhibited at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and aucti...
05/20-06/24 3313 mi. Sonora, CA 62% Sonora's Certified Farmers' Market  Website URL ??? 
Fresh and Organic fruits and vegs, fresh and cut flowers, home-made bakery items, olive oils, sausages, honey, cheeses, coffee and teas. Hand-made arts and crafts. There is something for everyone. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $30.00
Location Type: Theall and Stewart St.
Hours: sat 7:30-11:30

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@ 05/20-06/30&nbs557 mi.Morehead City, NC28% Fishing the Ocean For Art ??? 
@ 05/20-07/02&nbs3467 mi.Novato, CA50% Artfully Reclaimed V  Website URL??? 
A national juried exhibition May 28 – July 10, 2011 Reception May 28, 5-7 pm THEME: Transforming the appearance of materials once meant for discard. Creating fine art from recycled and repurposed materials. JUROR: Jack Fischer, Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco 49 GEARY, SUITE ...
@ 05/20-07/23&nbs268 mi.Lorton, VA26% Visions of Courage, Impressions of Service: International Artwor ??? 
@ 05/20-08/28&nbs289 mi.Boston, MA51% The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl  Website URL??? 
The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, organized by the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, is the first museum exhibition to explore the culture of vinyl records within the history of contemporary art. Bringing together artists from around the world who have worked with re...
05/20-09/09639 mi.Grove City, OH51% Summer Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce Hosts 28th Annual Summer Farmers Market Grove City OH The Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting their 28th Annual Farmers Market beginning July 2 and going through Sept 10 Farmers Market will occur every Saturday morning from 8 a ...
@ 05/20-09/23&nbs510 mi.Burton, OH51% Saturdays in the Country  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Every last Saturday of the month, set up on the village green, will be crafters, artisans, collectables, a farmer's market, and an Amish bake sale. This will not be a flea market. Be sure to visit the shops in town, the restaurants, and if you hate to leave, there are two beautif...
@ 05/20-09/23620 mi.Canal Winchester, OH55% Main Street Canal Winchester Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
Arts and Craft Fair in the heart of downtown Canal. Arts and Crafts Fair in downtown Canal. Outside event - rain or shine. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 8x8 $35 10x10 $45
Hours: Sat 9-6
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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1103 mi. Peoria, IL 33% Saturday RiverFront Market  Website URL ??? 
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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2803 mi. Butte, MT 31% Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/20-09/30&nbs304 mi.Coudersport, PA39% Saturday on the Square  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: $15 10x10
@ 05/20-09/30&nbs167 mi.Lewes, DE50% Historic Lewes Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
The Historic Lewes Farmers Market is the largest producer-only farmers' market in Delaware, and is located at The Lewes Historical Society Complex, 110 Shipcarpenter Street (corner of W. Third and Shipcarpenter Street. The market features fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, egg...
@ 05/20-10/21&nbs261 mi.Reston, VA38% Reston Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Market: Every Saturday at 9 AM sharp local farmers and producers set up shop in Lake Anne Plaza, Reston for the weekly farmers market. Fee: FreeTime: 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
@ 05/20-10/21&nbs245 mi.Gaithersburg, MD22% Olde Towne Market ??? 
@ 05/20-10/21&nbs1017 mi.Bowdon, GA36% Cruise Night at Smoking Pig ??? 
@ 05/20-10/23&nbs3588 mi.Florence, OR82% Florence Old Town Market ??? 
Year # 12. Come to the Florence Old Town Market. Every Weekend, Market Hours are Saturday 10am to 6pm, Sunday 11am to 5pm, We are on the Boardwalk in Old Town Florence, Oregon. Nopal and Bay Street Port of Siuslaw. Next to Mo's and ICM. Featuring Local and Northwest Artists, Crafters, Farme... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 90
Booth Price: $25 10x10, $30 Corner
Jury Requirements: None
Jury Fee: None
Location Type: Over looking the Siuslaw River, On the grass, next to the Boardw
Setup Time: Check in between 8:00am and 9:00am, Food vendors check in by 6am
Hours: Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5
05/20-10/31 69 mi. Palmyra, NJ 51% Palmyra Producer-Only Farmers Market  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar (1 comments, 500 people, $55 avg sales at 4 X spot price)
Palmyra is looking to star a farmers market this year and seeking vendors. Would prefer plants, food and vegetables, but would also consider, handmade items. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Free for this season
Hours: 9 - 1 on Saturdays thru September

View FULL Event Details Page
@ 05/20-11/04&nbs746 mi.Hamilton, OH51% Hamilton's Farmers Market ??? 
Hamilton\'s FarmersMarket takes place on Saturday mornings around the historic Butler County Courthouse on High Street in downtown Hamilton. The Farmer’s Market consists of 31 spaces filled with fresh produce along with flowers, plants, jellies, jams, baked goodies and soybean ...
@ 05/21-05/28&nbs284 mi.Martinsburg, WV48% West Virginia Wine and Arts Festival - Martinsburg ??? 
This Memorial Day weekend, come to historic Boydville in downtown Martinsburg for two days of music, West Virginia wine, art, food and fun! Presented by The Arts Centre, this annual festival features a diverse musical program of roots music-blues, folk, bluegrass, jazz, Americana...
@ 05/21-05/29&nbs834 mi.Kalamazoo, MI31% West Michigan Apple Blossom Cluster Dog Show  Website URL??? 
@ 05/21-06/04&nbs379 mi.Montpelier, VT37% Two Rivers Farm & Craft Market  Website URL??? 
Mid-week farm and craft market featuring local vendors selling organic vegetables, potted plants and flowers, crafts, artwork, Vermont food products and more.
@ 05/21-06/04&nbs1742 mi.Red Cloud, NE32% Quilt Show & Exhibit ??? 
@ 05/21-06/04&nbs983 mi.Nashville, Tn52% Jefferson Street Jazz and Blues Festival  Website URL??? 
Located in the heart of Nashville, Jefferson Street is synonymous with good music with the likes of Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Memphis Slim all having played in its clubs over the years. Formerly known as the “Franklin Jazz Festival”, t...
@ 05/21-06/04&nbs863 mi.Sautee Nacoochee, GA50% Echota Cultural Arts Festival  Website URL??? 
A great event for visitors of all ages, the six-week Echota Cultural Arts Festival includes live music, performing arts, exhibitions, arts and crafts fairs, children’s entertainment and a whole host of other events Times Various Where? Sautee-Nacoochee Center 283 GA Highway 255N...
@ 05/21-06/04&nbs970 mi.Chicago, IL52% Grant Park Music Festival  Website URL??? 
A free outdoor classical music festival, the Grant Park Music Festival was founded in 1935 to allow people of all backgrounds access to orchestral performances. This is both a critically-acclaimed festival and a highly popular one. The audience take their places on a first come, ...
@ 05/21-06/04&nbs746 mi.Van Wert, OH50% June Art Show  Website URL??? 
Free exhibit. One of Northwestern Ohio\'s most respectedart exhibit, this show features work byartists from around the area and out-of-state. This annual juried show has a reputation for the high quality and variety of work exhibited
@ 05/21-06/05&nbs337 mi.Norwich, VT71% Norwich Sunday Craft Fairs  Website URL??? 
Year # 11. These fairs will have a selection of fine arts and crafts from the region with local music and prepared foods available. Original, diverse, and handcrafted, and always made by local Vermont or New Hampshire craftspeople. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Free
Location Type: Norwich Farmers' Market Grounds
Hours: 10am-3pm
@ 05/21-06/05&nbs683 mi.Orion, MI64% Orion Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 2017. Michigan Grown, Michigan Made Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Location Type: United States
Setup Time: Saturday, 7:00
Hours: Saturdays 8-2 or dusk
@ 05/21-06/07&nbs276 mi.Oak Bluffs, MA41% Faces & Figures Art Show ??? 
Faces & Figures Art Show at Featherstone Center for the Arts - featuring art created by Martha's Vineyard artists. Opens May 31 and runs through June 17 from 12 noon - 4 pm. Daily. Opening Reception - Saturday May 31 from 4 - 6 pm. Free & all are welcome.
@ 05/21-07/12&nbs1343 mi.Fairhope, AL31% Fairhope Outdoor Farmer’s Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/21-07/15&nbs3258 mi.Sparks, NV42% Sparks Hometowne Farmer's Market ??? 
Hosted in a pretty downtown Victorian Square in the city of Sparks, the Hometowne Farmer\'s Market is one of the highlights of the summer. Attracting some of the best growers in the region, visitors are able to buy fresh produce from exhibitors’ stands with crops ranging fr...
@ 05/21-08/13&nbs294 mi.Duxbury, MA72% Lois Tarlow: Metaphors  Website URL??? 
For "Metaphors," Lois Tarlow used handmade paper and dry pigments to respond to the natural world and explore the power of memory through subtle, poetic suggestions. Held at the Art Complex Museum, "Metaphors" is the artist's first solo exhibition. There will be an opening recept...
@ 05/21-08/27&nbs999 mi.Racine, WI39% Once Upon A Time  Website URL??? 
"Once Upon A Time" features craft artists that tell their stories through metaphor or parable. Depicting characters as animals and complex feelings as forces of nature, this exhibition will ofer a fascinating look at an artform that is as old as human civilization itself.
@ 05/21-08/28&nbs3389 mi.Sacramento, CA60% Workt by Hand: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts ??? 
"Workt by Hand" features more than 35 quilts from the Brooklyn's Museum's extensive decorative arts collection. The pieces in the exhibition span the last two hundred years, illustrating the full gamut of folk technique and designs. "Workt by Hand" provides a unique perspective o...
@ 05/21-09/03&nbs3215 mi.Los Angeles, CA71% Art and Other Tactics: Contemporary Craft by Artist Veterans  Website URL??? 
The Craft & Folk Art Museum is excited to present, 'Art and Other Tactics: Contemporary Craft by Artist Veterans.” Developed in partnership with Craft in America and the Museum of Craft and Design, San Francisco, this exhibit includes 23 artist veterans who's practices have bee...
@ 05/21-09/03&nbs993 mi.Des Plaines, IL31% Rockin' in the Park ??? 
@ 05/21-09/17&nbs679 mi.Redford, MI77% Market at the Marquee (3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 5. This newest redevelopment project we are anticipating will become a regular event May thru October. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 200
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: 9x6 $20
Jury Requirements: 1 photo of your craft items
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Town Hall Complex
Setup Time: sun morn 8am
Hours: 9am-2pm
@ 05/21-10/17&nbs172 mi.Bloomsburg, PA42% Downtown Bloomsburg Farmers Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Market is held Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Fresh vegetables, fruit, baked goods, jellies, etc.
@ 05/21-10/22&nbs748 mi.Manchester, KY36% Clay County Cruisers 'Cruisin in the Park' ??? 
@ 05/22-05/27&nbs565 mi.Cottageville, WV37% Bend Area Gospel Sing Jubilee ??? 
May 30th at 5 pm: Covered dish (potluck) dinner Entertainment, fellowship, singing and jammin'. May 31st at 5 pm: Volunteer Choir and many singing groups. Plus preaching by: Rev. Robert Webb of Norton, OH, who is seen weekly on National TV. Don't miss this blessing of his first v...
@ 05/22-05/28&nbs800 mi.Danville, KY51% Boyle Co. Fair & Horse Show  Website URL??? 
target="blank"> Fair Entertainment provided by...MYERS INTERNATIONAL MIDWAYSGeneral ContactRoger L. Compton P. O. Box 777 Danville, Ky 40 Demo Derby ContactRoger L. Compton P. O. Box 777 Danville, Ky 40 Horse Show Contact Horse Classes: S W Walk...
05/22-05/29 20171090 mi.Herrin, IL29% HerrinFesta Italiana  Website URL??? 
@ 05/22-06/03202 mi.Binghamton, NY81% Craft Show Spectacular ??? 
Year # 7. Broome County Library Presents 1st Ever Art & Craft Show Spectacular! June 11, 2011 10:00 am – 3:00 pm come bring a friend shop & see The Best of The Southern Tier ! 185 Court St. Binghamton, NY 13902 Vendors: The Chocolate Bar soap that is ... Crystal Breeze Scents Craft Ready D... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 200 - 400
Admission Price: no charge
# Of Spaces: 23
Location Type: Indoor : Florence Decker, Room 109
Setup Time: Sat morn 9 - 10
Hours: Sat. 10 - 3
@ 05/22-06/05&nbs387 mi.Vandergrift, PA51% Vandergrift Fine Arts Festival  Website URL??? 
Come to historic downtown Vandergrift in Westmoreland County to see the beautiful artwork created by talented local and regional artists. The artwork will be displayed in the downtown businesses from June 2-16th. \"Painted Palettes\" will line the sidewalks of downtown. On Saturd...
@ 05/22-06/061373 mi.Boca Raton, FL94% MEMORIAL DAY COMMEMORATION!!!  Website URL??? 
Year # 38. Boca High School NJROTC, Boca Raton Veteran organizations, Ft. Lauderdale Highlanders, Coastmen Chorus, and Boca Raton Community High School Band. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 400 in previous years
Admission Price: Free
Location Type: cemetery
Setup Time: Sat afternoon
Hours: 9 am -10 am
@ 05/22-06/16&nbs2529 mi.Vernal, UT42% Outlaw Trail Festival of the Arts  Website URL??? 
Patriotic Theme -- \"Patriots\' Dream\" Juried show sponsored by Uintah Arts Council and hosted by Western Heritage Museum. Open to all artists west of the Mississippi. Oil, acrylics, watercolors, pen/pencil/charcoal drawings/sketches, wood carving, stone carving or metal casting...
@ 05/22-08/28&nbs2923 mi.Lake Havasu City, AZ50% Lake Havasu Vehicle Swap Meet  Website URL??? 
Where: London Bridge Plaza (site of the Sunday Swap Meet) When: Last Saturday every month (Sept thru May) 8am-4pm What: Buy or sell ANY vehicle! This Tri-State swap meet is open to any and all vehicles. If it has an engine/tires -Bring it! Autos, bikes, quads, boats, motorhomes, ...
@ 05/23-05/27&nbs6363 mi.Milan, Lombardia26% XYLEXPO - Woodworking Technologies  Website URL??? 
@ 05/23-05/27&nbs328 mi.Points, WV43% Calhoun County Wood Festival  Website URL??? 
Points race Mud Bog, carnival, craft and food vendors, parade, kids day games, nightly entertainment on Main Street stage, Bingo, Karaoke and much more. Directions: Interstate 79 - Big Otter Exit. Route 16 North to Grantsville. Hours: 10 a.m. - 11 p.m. Admission: Mud Bog $5.00 Pa...
@ 05/23-05/27&nbs1009 mi.Providence, KY37% Providence Coal Festival ??? 
Rides, games, baby and beauty contests, pet show, entertainment, and food.
@ 05/23-05/27&nbs387 mi.Vandergrift, FESTIVALS.)28% Carnival and Ethnic Days ??? 
@ 05/23-05/28&nbs2056 mi.Boise City, OK43% Santa Fe Trail Daze ??? 
Annual six day festival that includes a parade, flower show, water Olympics, soccer shootout, western dance, free bus tours of local historic sites, and the world championship posthole digging competition. Saturday activities feature the sanctioned Working Ranch Rodeo, a golf scr...
@ 05/23-05/28&nbs1746 mi.Plano, TX55% Soli Drum & Dance Festival  Website URL??? 
05/23-05/28 20173176 mi.Bishop, CA33% Bishop Mule Days ??? 
@ 05/23-05/29&nbs119 mi.Kennett Square, PA28% Chrysanthemum Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/23-05/29&nbs69 mi.Hatboro, PA34% Hatboro Summer Fun Festival and Carnival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/23-06/07&nbs991 mi.Manhattan, IL87% Manhattan IL Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 9. Come on out and take a walk through our hometown open-air market! Every Tuesday,June 2nd through September 1st from 2pm-6pm. Sponsored by the Manhattan Park District and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, we are located at Rt. 52 & Baker Rd. within the spacious grounds of the Bak... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 2,000
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $150 15x10 for season or $25 indiviual day
Location Type: Shaded park
Setup Time: Tues, after 12 noon
Hours: Tues., 2pm - 6pm
@ 05/23-06/17&nbs286 mi.Bryantville, MA75% Craft/Vendor Fair to Benefit the Pembroke Animal Shelter ??? 
Year # 3. Each vendor/crafter must bring own table and provide a raffle item valued between $10-20 .. Each 6' space will be $35.00 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 100
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 20
Location Type: Rt 27 behind fire station
Setup Time: 10am
Hours: Sat 11am-4pm
@ 05/23-07/18&nbs873 mi.Hunting Island, SC40% Carolina Explorers ??? 
This series of programs is designed just for kids. Enjoy nature-themed arts and crafts while learning a about Hunting Island.
@ 05/23-07/21&nbs794 mi.Batesville, IN37% Batesville Community Art Show ??? 
In conjunction with the Batesville Music & Arts Festival, The Rural Alliance for the Arts sponsors a Community Art Show. Entries are on display throughout June & July at The Hanson Center & downtown businesses. Adm. chg. Contact Domenica Cohen (.
@ 05/23-08/22&nbs1001 mi.Downers Grove, IL40% Summer Concert Series ??? 
@ 05/23-08/22&nbs1001 mi.Downers Grove, IL40% Summer Concert Series ??? 
@ 05/23-09/22&nbs20 mi.Belmar, NJ73% Belmar Farmers & Crafters Market (4 Comments star) ??? 
Extraordinary open air market that features Farmers, Crafters, Artists, Professionals and Gardeners with a theme toward natural living. There are currently 30 participants who provide top notch products to an enthusiastic crowd at the Jersey Shore. If you make you own product ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: FREE
Booth Price: $25 10x10
Jury Fee: non-juried
Location Type: Pyanoe Plaza and in the parking lot of Belmar Plaza
Setup Time: 7:45 AM
Hours: Sat 9 - 1
@ 05/23-09/26&nbs20 mi.Edison, NJ40% Garden State Gearshifters Cruise In ??? 
@ 05/23-09/26&nbs18 mi.Edison, NJ40% Anthonys Coal Fired Pizza Car Show ??? 
@ 05/23-09/26&nbs18 mi.Woodbridge, NJ40% Olive Garden Bi-Weekly Car Show (1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 05/23-09/30&nbs1869 mi.Temple, TX28% Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
@ 05/23-10/21&nbs269 mi.Natick, MA31% Natick Center Associates, Inc. Farmers' Market ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: $20, $25 if bringing a tent 10 ft.
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs58 mi.Roxbury, NJ40% Carneval ??? 
Daily 50/50, Food, Rides, fun, etc. St.Therese Church, Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 6 pm - 11 pm
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs1093 mi.Washington, IL65% Washington Cherry Festival  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
4-day festival that includes a carnival, community events, music, and a craft fair. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: no charge
Booth Price: $60 15' X 15'
Location Type: John Bearce Commercial Lot
Hours: Fri 5 - 11, Sat 9 - 5
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs94 mi.Devon, PA30% Devon Horse Show and Country Fair ??? 
Saddlebred, Hackney, Roadster, Hunter, Jumper
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs789 mi.Dunkirk, IN49% Dunkirk Glass Days Festival  Website URL??? 
Downtown Dunkirk, Glass Museum Tours, factory tours, food, free entertainment, amusement rides. Parade on saturday at 3 pm
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs2957 mi.Las Vegas, NV28% International Society for Cellular Therapy - ISCT  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs89 mi.Jeffersonville, PA33% Grecian Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs6847 mi.Novosibirsk22% AutoSib  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs7116 mi.Singapore22% International Society for Cellular Therapy - ISCT  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs1238 mi.Horn Lake, MS42% Magnolia Festival  Website URL??? 
2nd Annual Magnolia FestivalMay 27-May 30, 2015Wed-Thurs 5:00pm; Fri 3pm; Sat 10amLatimer Lakes Park, 5633 Tulane Rd, Horn LakeHuge carnival featuring rides for kids of all ages. Also there will be a kids Karaoke from 4pm-6pm and live music at 7:30pm. Free parking and general adm...
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs6955 mi.Guangzhou, Guangdong28% China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs7091 mi.Kuala Lumpur22% METALTECH  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/27&nbs7102 mi.Seoul22% World IT Show - WIS  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/28&nbs3503 mi.Milwaukee, WI31% Ducks Unlimited National Convention  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/28&nbs3110 mi.Big Bear Lake, CA55% California Healey Week  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/28&nbs6432 mi.Chisinau24% Food & Drinks / Food Technology / Packaging. Depot  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/28&nbs1217 mi.Orlando, FL28% American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists - AACE  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-05/28&nbs985 mi.Orland Park, IL31% Orland Days ??? 
@ 05/24-05/28&nbs34 mi.Jersey City, NJ89% Newport Center Mall  Website URL??? 
Year # 7. Fine Art & Craft show at the Newport Center mall. This mall boosts traffic of 70,000 per day going thru the mall. The area has a density of populantion around the mall with the average income of $130,000. With the upscale shops this mall is a must for our exhibitors. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: approx 70,000/day
Admission Price: na
# Of Spaces: 22
Booth Price: $320 12/6
Jury Requirements: photo of work and display
Jury Fee: na
Location Type: Newport Center Mall
Setup Time: Tues night after 9:30pm
Hours: Wed - Fri 10am -9:30pm, Sat & Sun 11am - 6pm
@ 05/24-05/29&nbs6250 mi.Pearl City, HI52% The Honolulu Chorale's Spring Concert  Website URL??? 
The Honolulu Chorale will be presenting its 42nd annual spring concert on Sunday, June 1, 2008, 4:00pm in the Pearl City Cultural Center. The program will not only feature the music of Broadway but the Chorale will premier \'God So Loved\'� written for the Chorale by local...
@ 05/24-05/29&nbs1156 mi.Wisconsin Dells, WI54% Corvettes in the Dells  Website URL??? Hwy 13 North, WONEWOC, WI 53968 USA Between 2001 and 2005 Brian Newlun, Dan Paulson and several other Corvette enthusiasts set out to create Corvettes on the Isthmus, a Corvette show worthy of national recognition. While they were successful in develo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: At the Wisconsin Dells Center near Chula Vista Resort
@ 05/24-05/29&nbs913 mi.Guyton, GA42% Memorial Day Weekend Bluegrass Festival  Website URL??? 
Featuring Nothin' Fancy, Bluegrass Brothers, Feller & Hill, Darrell Webb, Larry Gillis, Mountain Faith, Paul Bryant & Kentucky Border, Rutherford County Line, Bullsboro, Sometimes Later Band, Emcee Jo Odum. Huge covered pavilion, over 500 campsites, indoor flea market, art...
@ 05/24-05/29&nbs37 mi.New York, NY55% Fleet Week  Website URL??? 
05/24-05/29 20173226 mi.Los Angeles, CA39% Los Angeles Salsa Fest  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-06/01&nbs5633 mi.Apia41% International Samoan Tatau Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-06/04&nbs800 mi.Danville, KY34% 400 Mile Sale ??? 
60 communities, hundreds of yard sales, antique shops, food vendors and fundraisers participate in this annual 4-day event the first weekend in June. ...
@ 05/24-06/04&nbs707 mi.Flemingsburg, KY41% 400 Mile Sale ??? 
60 communities, hundreds of yard sales, antique shops, food vendors and fundraisers participate in this annual 4-day event the first weekend in June. ...
@ 05/24-06/04&nbs863 mi.Greensburg, KY41% 400 Mile Sale ??? 
60 communities, hundreds of yard sales, antique shops, food vendors and fundraisers participate in this annual 4-day event the first weekend in June. ...
@ 05/24-06/04&nbs779 mi.Nicholasville, KY49% 400 Mile Sale  Website URL??? 
60 communities, hundreds of yard sales, antique shops, food vendors and fundraisers participate in this annual 4-day event the first weekend in June. ...
@ 05/24-06/07&nbs2203 mi.Manitou Springs, CO58% Midweek Market  Website URL??? 
Zip: 80829 Web: Email: Price: $ 0.00 Free Admission: yes Description:Fresh produce, local vendors, live music, arts and crafts. Manitou Springs Business Improvement District (BID) Kitty Clemens, Economic Development Director 606 Manitou Avenue ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $30.00 10x10 per week
Location Type: Soda Springs Park, 1000 Block of Manitou Avenue
Setup Time: Wednesday nights 4-8pm
Hours: Wednesday nights 4-8pm
@ 05/24-06/26&nbs6268 mi.The Hague33% International Sand Sculpture Festival Scheveningen  Website URL??? 
@ 05/24-07/02&nbs1931 mi.Austin, TX39% Threads in the Tapestry of Austin  Website URL??? 
Austin's Fiber Artists are excited to announce as call for entries for their 2015 exhibition, 'Threads in the Tapestry.” This year's exhibition will be juried by Miki Rodriguez, an established Austin artist working in fiber and mixed media. 'Threads and Tapestry” will also fe...
@ 05/24-07/24&nbs3450 mi.Redding, CA31% Redding's MarketFest - Redding ??? 
Free Admission. Each Thursday, Marketfest features musical guests, a farmer\'s and artisan market, children\'s activities, and incredible food and drinks at Library Park, downtown Redding.
@ 05/24-08/09&nbs1332 mi.Garwin, IA32% Garwin Farmers Market and Concerts in the Park ??? 
Central Region) Fresh bakery, produce, plants, and live music at the Garwin Park.
@ 05/24-09/02&nbs1519 mi.St Joseph, MN48% Eco Byway Juried Exhibit ??? 
Type: Art Exhibit, Arts & Exhibits Eco Byway - Regional Juried Show June 1- September 10, 2011 Benedicta Arts Center & Saint John's Art Center Eco Byway is a regional juried exhibition on the theme of ecological sustainability designed to provide visibility for innovative work. A...
@ 05/24-09/20&nbs3498 mi.Wankers Corners, OR51% West Linn Taste of Tuesday Farmers Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Farmers market and arts and crafts market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $35
Hours: Tuesdays 4:00-8:00
@ 05/24-10/18&nbs518 mi.Kent, OH51% Brimfield Farmers Market ??? 
Ever wednesday June through October from 3p-7p buy fresh local produce and baked goods, cheeses and breads. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: call for app
Hours: wed 4p-7p
@ 05/24-10/23&nbs173 mi.Bloomsburg, PA39% Bloomsburg Market Square  Website URL??? 
Locally grown produce & bakery items. - Agritourism.
@ 05/24-10/23&nbs173 mi.Bloomsburg, PA42% The Moose Exchange  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Local vendors selling meats, produce, dairy, baked goods, soups, coffees as well as art, craft, wool, and more. - Agritourism
@ 05/24-10/23&nbs168 mi.Columbia, PA40% Ferry Street Growers Market  Website URL??? 
Fruit, vegetables, baked goods, salsa, eggs, jams, and more! - Agritourism
@ 05/24-10/23&nbs166 mi.Numidia, PA41% Ponduce Farm Market  Website URL??? 
Fresh baked goods. Fresh produce. Fresh cut beef & pork. Homemade deli. - Agritourism
@ 05/24-10/23&nbs183 mi.Danville, PA41% Whitenights Farm Market & Greenhouse  Website URL??? 
Farm fresh produc. Seasonal Plants. Homemade Pies.Custom made baskets. - Agritourism
05/25-05/27 2017435 mi.Fairmont, WV51% West Virginia Three Rivers Festival  Website URL??? 
Have lots of fun at this event that offers a variety of entertainment options. Check out the carnival, games, food booths, parade, and pageants. Parade Time: 5/24 Thursday, 6:00 pm. No admission fee. Annual Community Festival celebrating history and heritage of Marion county....
05/25-05/27 2017676 mi.Charlotte, NC49% Food Lion Speed Street 600 Festival  Website URL??? 
Cars, stars, and guitars Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: Downtown
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs950 mi.Terre Haute, IN59% Banks of the Wabash Festival  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Held in Fairbanks Park, the annual Banks of the Wabash Festival will include Luehrs' Ideal Rides, a craft market, a merchandise market, bingo, nightly entertainment, lots of good food, an auto show, and more. Admission is Free. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: small (up to 15' frontage) $50 for 2 days or $110 for 5 days; med (15 to 20 foot frontage) $60 for 2 days, $140 for 5 days; large (20 to 30 foot frontage) $80 for 2 days, $170 for 5 days
Hours: May 27 5-10pm, May 28th 5-10:30pm, May 29th & 30th1-10:30pm; May
05/25-05/27 2017744 mi.Campobello, SC64% Plum Hollow Blue Grass Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 25. Bluegrass music and jamming around the campfire Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: $45 weekend, $25 daily
Booth Price: $150
Location Type: Plum Hollow Farm in New Prospect S.C.
05/25-05/27 2017560 mi.Snow Camp, NC51% Lil John's Mountain Music Festival   Website URL??? 
Annual Memorial Day Weekend Music Festival: Great family-style bluegrass festival. Camping, Hot Showers, Fishing Pond, Vendors, Concessions, Golf Carts only. Great bluegrass line-up on a beautiful country farm setting. Visit our web site for more information. Performers: Russell...
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs635 mi.Warfield, KY36% Warfield Liberty Festival ??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs2205 mi.Denver, CO36% Denver Dutch Festival ??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1376 mi.Naylor, AR42% Vilonia Fest  Website URL??? 
Vilonia High School Laura McNeel P.O. Box 278 Vilonia, AR 72173 Eagle Idol contest, 5K Run, 3-on-3 basketball, air-filled amusement entertainment, carnival rides, arts & crafts, food vendors, and a variety of entertainment. Free parking. Admission: Free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs687 mi.Marion, SC60% Marion Country Music Fest  Website URL??? 
will list bands later. There will be on site RV and tent camping Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Booth Price: 10x10 $100
Location Type: Carolina Entertainment Complex
Setup Time: thur. 11am-noon
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1632 mi.Hanover, KS43% Hanover Days of '49 ??? 
77th Annual event with parades June 5 & 6, Carnival, Music, fun and games for the whole family This is the 77th year for this event in the small community of Hanover. The parade is held both Friday and Saturday evenings. The Carnival will be held at the new grounds at the K-148 &...
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1413 mi.Waukee, IA41% Central Hawkeye County Life and Power Show Swap Meet  Website URL??? Antiques, collectibles, flea market, crafts, tractor and gas engine parts....I-80 EXIT 117, WEST OF DES MOINES ...I-80 EXIT 117, WEST OF DES MOINES
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1962 mi.Ulysses, KS52% WEEE Entertainment Carnival ??? 
Bring the family out for carnival rides for kids of all ages. WEEE Entertainment Carnival features entertainment for the whole family located just off of Main Street in Ulysses. Enjoy a summer evening with the good wholesome entertainment. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Setup Time: NA
Hours: 7pm-11pm daily
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1471 mi.North Kansas Cit, MO59% Festa Italiana   Website URL??? 
Celebration of Italian heritage. Family, fun, great food, childrens area, Bocce Ball, wine tasting, Cannoli eating contest, Singing and entertainment. Mission: To raise money funding the UNICO scholarship program. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $350
Hours: Fri eve 5-11pm, all day & evening Sat 10-11pm and Sunday 11am-6p
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1388 mi.Wiggins, MS38% Blue Grass Festival ??? 
Come for a weekend of Gospel/Blue Grass entertainment. Performances begin at 2 p.m. with evening performances beginning at 7 p.m
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs3365 mi.Yakima, WA43% American Truck Historical Society National Convention and Antiqu  Website URL??? 
Contact Address: 10380 N. Ambassador Dr. Ste. 101 Kansas City, MO 64153
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1543 mi.Sallisaw, OK33% Diamond Daze Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1342 mi.Grand Marais, MN28% Boreal Birding & Northern Landscape Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs2699 mi.Salt Lake City, UT55% Salt Lake City Comedy Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1461 mi.Hot Springs Nati, AR33% Mid-America Bike Week  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs2121 mi.Piedmont, SD31% Hemp Hoe Down  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1543 mi.Topeka, KS61% KS HOG Rally  Website URL??? 
Kansas State HOG Rally Check back soon as the event info is still in progress of development.
05/25-05/27 2017681 mi.Wise, VA51% Dr. Ralph Stanley's Memorial Bluegrass Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs3594 mi.Astoria, OR55% Tenor Guitar Gathering  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1949 mi.Brownwood, TX63% Texas Bluegrass Celebration ??? 
1st weekend in June annually. Seating provided, but lawn chairs ok. No alcohol or drugs allowed!
05/25-05/27 20171562 mi.Texarkana, TX51% Talimena Run Rally - Cruisin for St. Jude  Website URL??? 
This Rally Has 2-Group Rides, 4-Meals, 5-Places in a Points Run, Rally T-Shirt and The Dusty Rose Band on Saturday Night. $ 50.00 Ea. before May 1, 2013 After that Date $60.00 EA. $ 25.00 Saturday Night Only Check us out on Facebook for more details.This is a Three-Day Mo...
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1676 mi.Wichita, KS71% KS State H.O.G. Rally  Website URL??? 
2013 Kansas State H.O.G. Rally Registration Deadline: April 11, 2013Kansas State H.O.G. Rally The deadline to register for this event is April 10, 2014. Details are still being worked out so check back often for updates! Hope to see you there!
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs2115 mi.Gering, NE80% Pony Express Ride for Children's Mental Health Awareness  Website URL??? 
Pony Express Ride for Children's Mental Health Awareness Event Address: Eagles Club-3765 10th Street, Gering, NE 69341 Start time: 7:30am Motorcycle activities: Riders will kick-off from Gering for the trip across Nebraska, collecting letters of support focusing on children's men...
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs247 mi.Washington, DC28% Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine - SIIM  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs781 mi.Greenville, SC33% Wizard World Greenville Comic Con  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1133 mi.Damascus, GA33% Briar Patch Music Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs822 mi.Seneca, SC31% Senecafest  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/27 2017664 mi.Clintwood, VA55% Ralph Stanley Memorial Weekend Bluegrass Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1581 mi.Caney, KS29% Caney Mayfest ??? 
05/25-05/27 2017989 mi.Shelbyville, TN26% Spring Fun Show ??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs6955 mi.Guangzhou, Guangdong28% Guangzhou International Logistics Equipment & Technology Exhibit  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs6199 mi.Manchester26% British Dental Conference & Exhibition - BDA  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs802 mi.Charleston, SC55% Spoleto USA  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs6127 mi.Lima22% SEGURITEC PERU  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/27 20176955 mi.Shanghai22% BioFach China  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs6199 mi.Catton35% Bearded Theory Festival ??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs1011 mi.Lewisburg, TN94% Bowling for Breath and Craft Fair  Website URL??? 
Year # 2. This event is for Olivia's Peanut Patrol's Great Stride team and is to raise money to be donated for finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. This is the first year that we have added a craft fair to our event. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: Estimated 50-500
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 20
Booth Price: 10x10 - one day $20, two days $30, three days $40
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: parking lot and grassy area next to TNWEB
Setup Time: Setup 9-10
Hours: Thusday and Friday 10-4, Saturday 10-2
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs3487 mi.Healdsburg, CA28% Healdsburg Future Farmers County Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/27&nbs656 mi.Grayson, KY33% Grayson Memory Days  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/27 2017783 mi.Midland, MI31% Native Plant Sale   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/27 2017 1395 mi. Des Moines, IA 34% American Truck Historical Society National Convention and Antique Truck Show ??? 
05/25-05/28 2017956 mi.Atlanta, GA33% MomoCon  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 91 mi. Wind Gap, PA 37% Wind Gap Bluegrass Fest  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1017 mi.Bowdon, GA49% Dragon Hills Pagan Music Festival  Website URL??? 
Born of one man's vision, this festival will take place in Dragon Hills Georgia over the Memorial Day Weekend, 2016. We have 20+ Pagan acts, over 100 vendors, and an amazing array of workshops, many of which are being presented by our musical talent. Bands include: S. J. Tucke...
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs361 mi.Norfolk, VA33% Norfolk Anime Explosion  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs6515 mi.Istanbul22% Busworld Turkey  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs247 mi.Washington, DC33% MuseumExpo - AAM  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017874 mi.Crawford, TN31% Jammin at Hippie Jack's Spring Americana Roots Music, Camping & Arts Festival   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017527 mi.Ferrum, VA33% Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20171318 mi.Augusta, AR90% Augusta Days  Website URL??? 
Year # 20. outdoor festival Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 25
Booth Price: 10X10 $60
Location Type: Downtown along river
Setup Time: Friday 10-12AM
Hours: Fri 2-10PM, Sat 9AM-11PM, Sun 1-9PM
05/25-05/28 2017341 mi.Cumberland, MD35% Delfest  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20171078 mi.Jacksonville, FL54% Jacksonville Jazz Festival   Website URL??? 
Jacksonville Jazz Festival May 21-24, 2009 Downtown Jacksonville �� Laura Street Corridor (Laura Street between Hemming Plaza and The Jacksonville Landing) Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition May 21, 2009 The Florida Theatre The 2009 festival will continue the tradi... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: Laura Street between Hemming Plaza and The Jacksonville Landing
05/25-05/28 20171581 mi.Shreveport, LA39% Mudbug Madness  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
The 25th Mudbug Madness festival takes place in Shreveport, LA from May 22 through May 25
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs201 mi.Baltimore, MD50% Maryland Deathfest  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Attendance: 5000t each day
Location Type: Edison lot
Setup Time: Friday 8am
Hours: Friday 2-11 sat 1-11 sun 1-11pm
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1556 mi.Krotz Springs, LA33% Krotz Springs Sportsmen's Heritage Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs733 mi.Mount Olivet, KY41% Hwy 68-80 400 Mile Sale ??? 
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park hosts local crafters & vendors as part of the annual Hwy 68-80 400 Mile Yard Sale. Antiques, handcrafts, and...
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs676 mi.Charlotte, NC55% North Carolina Symposium  Website URL??? 
Jun 4-6, 2010 "Lake Logan Reflections, Quilt Art by the Shady Ladies" Haywood County, NC Location: Lake Logan Episcopal Center, Lake Logan Rd [Hwy 215] Sponsor: Shady Ladies Workshop of Haywood County Hours:10 am - 5 pm, Fri, Sat, 12 pm - 5 pm on Sun Admission: $3.00 Comments:The... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: $3.00
Hours: 10-5, Fri & Sat, 12-5 Sun
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs80 mi.Philadelphia, PA70% St. George Cathedral Greek Festival and Craft Show ??? 
Year # 31. The St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral is having their 25th annual Greek Food Festival and Craft Show on June 2-5th is looking for vendors! The St. George Cathedral is located on 256 South 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. The vendor mall will be in the church hall where every... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)# Of Spaces: 15
Booth Price: $100
Location Type: Church hall
Hours: flexible due to being open long hours (9am-11pm)
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1426 mi.Pass Christian, MS54% St. Paul's Seafood Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 41. St. Paul’s Seafood Festival...a family event with carnival rides, art vendors, live music and all the seafood you can handle, along scenic Highway 90 in Pass Christian! A party on the Gulf to celebrate our local flavor and raise money for St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Ele...
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs983 mi.Charlotte, NC37% On the Lighter Side International Lighter Collectors Conven  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs966 mi.Russellville, KY49% 400 Mile Sale  Website URL??? 
60 communities, hundreds of yard sales, antique shops, food vendors and fundraisers participate in this annual 4-day event the first weekend in June. ...
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs2445 mi.Aztec, NM83% Aztec Fiesta Days  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 19. Aztec's largest festival, with live music, entertainment, games, food, art, crafts, Fraizer Carnival and more. Friday, June 3 kicks off with the Pet parade and Mini-princess parade downtown. At the park will be an African Drumming Jam Session and then the Candlelight Parade and t... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: NA
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: $60 10X10, $75 commercial (10x20), $90 Food
Jury Requirements: na
Jury Fee: na
Location Type: downtown park w/ some trees and a small pavillion
Setup Time: Saturday between 7-9:30 Must be set-up and ready at 9:30 am
Hours: Saturday 10-5:30
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs953 mi.Atlanta, GA52% Atlanta Food & Wine Festival  Website URL??? 
The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival returns May 30-June 2 to Midtown Atlanta for its third year.The Festival is the nation�s first culinary weekendto unite leaders of their craft � barbecue pitmasters, award-winning chefs and mixologists, Master Sommeliers, fry cooks and local g...
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs186 mi.Preston, CT70% Cajun/zydeco Festival  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 21. Loacted in beautiful Preston, CT our festivals are best known for the four days of world class music and accompanying dance instruction. If you choose to vend with us you will have access to all resort amenities including hot tubs, swimming pools, indoor shower and bathroom facil... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: over 18 $100/person for weekend, age 13-17 $50
Booth Price: $250
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Event held at the campground. Photos at website
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1409 mi.Biloxi, MS38% Akc Dog Show ??? 
Over 100+ breeds ofSinging RiverKennel Club & Mobile Kennel Club(AKC) registered dogs compete in many categories!
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs248 mi.Frederick, MD77% Frances Scott Key Mall Arts & Crafts Show ??? 
Admission Price: NONE
# Of Spaces: 8
Booth Price: 8X12, 10X10 $230
Jury Requirements: 2 PHOTO WORK 1 DISPLAY SASE
Jury Fee: NA
Location Type: SHOPPING MALL
Setup Time: 9PM 6/1/11
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1357 mi.Newton, IA48% Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally  Website URL??? 
Located at the Iowa Speedway $90/ 4-day Ticket $20/ Wed-Thu Ticket $40/ Fri Ticket $45/ Sat Ticket Bike Show Swap Meet Bike Games
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1406 mi.Branson, MO51% Branson Motorcycle Rally BMR-  Website URL??? 
Bransons biggest biker party of the year is coming up May 30th through June 2nd, 2013. This great rally is centered around and celebrates the awesome roads to ride in the Ozark Mountain area. The event is being held at the Outback on the Strip in Branson, Missouri. Come join the ...
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1767 mi.Dallas, TX37% QCinema, Fort Worth's Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival ??? 
QCinema hosts its annual four-day festival. The event features films from around the world, as well as guest filmmakers and stars, live music, theater, comedy, art and parties every night. Location: 1440 N. Main, Fort Worth, TX 76106 in Fort Worth FREE
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1172 mi.Jack, AL42% Alabama Southern Thunder  Website URL??? 
This is an adult bike rally must be 21 to enter. Primitive and Camper space available no camper hookups at this time. $30 weekend passes $20 day pass Saturday (ONLY) $20 military and veterans Bike game and field games and contests Fri. and Sat. live band Fri. and Sat DJ Thursday....
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs2271 mi.Gillette, WY31% Energy City Classic & Derby  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs625 mi.Spencer, NC33% Streamliners at Spencer  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs638 mi.Wilmington, NC33% North Carolina Quilting Symposium  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs3226 mi.Avalon, CA33% Flying Fish Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1404 mi.Biloxi, MS33% Biloxi Blessing of the Fleet and Shrimp Festival   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017760 mi.Pineville, KY40% Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 3290 mi. Moses Lake, WA 55% Moses Lake Spring Festival   Website URL ??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 263 mi. Corning, NY 34% GlassFest   Website URL ??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs352 mi.Richmond, VA55% Richmond Greek Festival  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20171098 mi.Chillicothe, IL35% Summer Camp Music Festival  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 201791 mi.Wind Gap, PA33% Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017533 mi.Martinsville, VA33% Rooster Walk Music & Arts Festival   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 3301 mi. Groveland, CA 33% Strawberry Music Festival - Spring   Website URL ??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs3390 mi.Bend, OR51% SASS NORTHWEST REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Shootout at Horse Ridge  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1152 mi.Savanna, IL75% Midwest Biker Bash/BoN Party  Website URL??? 
Midwest Biker Bash/BoN Party 2013 Biker games. rodeo, ride it in bike show, guided rides, bike night, bands, food, beer and BoN fires
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1931 mi.Austin, TX28% American Society for Microbiology - ASMCUE  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20171419 mi.Forest City, IA56% Tree Town Country Music Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs134 mi.Gap, PA28% Wind Gap Bluegrass Fest ??? 
05/25-05/28 2017799 mi.Kendallville, IN29% Tri-State Bluegrass Festival ??? 
05/25-05/28 20176199 mi.Derbyshire27% Bearded Theory Festival  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20171217 mi.Orlando, FL33% Mega Con  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs186 mi.Preston, CT58% Bluegrass Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 39. Save money by signing up for this festival and the Bayou Cajun/Zydeco Festival together. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: $100 for weekend agea 18 & up, $50 for ages 13-18=7
Booth Price: $250
Jury Fee: none
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs2017 mi.San Antonio, TX28% American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry - AAPD  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs963 mi.Armuchee, GA63% Armuchee Memorial Festival  Website URL??? 
Covered dish dinner 6PM Thursday, Stage Show Friday and Saturday. For Camping Information contact\r\nChuck Langley \r\nDan Daniel
05/25-05/28 201733 mi.Austin, TX28% American Association of Plastic Surgeons - AAPS   Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs6304 mi.Nuremberg, Bayern24% INTERZOO  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs7116 mi.- unknown -19% Aquarama & Pet Asia  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017632 mi.Columbus, OH33% AnthrOhio  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20171232 mi.Curryville, MO28% Back 40 Bluegrass Festival   Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017638 mi.Chillicothe, OH26% Chillicothe Feast of the Flowering Moon ??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs970 mi.Chicago, IL31% Maifest Chicago ??? 
05/25-05/28 2017481 mi.Webster Springs, WV51% Webster County Woodchopping Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs1005 mi.Perry, GA51% Georgia High School Rodeo Finals and Jr. High School Championship  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs630 mi.Columbus, OH51% Ohio Buckeye Sweepstakes Horse Show  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/28&nbs399 mi.Hamburg, NY51% WNY Morgan Horse Society Show  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 20172787 mi.Phoenix, AZ33% Southwest Video Game Showcase  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 196 mi. Springfield, MA 26% The K Fest ??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 2787 mi. Phoenix, AZ 33% Phoenix Comicon  Website URL ??? 
05/25-05/28 2017 3533 mi. Lynden, WA 28% BC Morgan & Open Horse Show ??? 
05/25-05/29 20173426 mi.Vacaville, CA88% Vacaville Fiesta Days ??? 
Year # 54. Festival....various events for adults and children. Carnival, food and exhibit vendors, car show, diaper derby, parade (Saturday 5/24/08), golf and dart tournaments, various bands for dancing. Hispanic Day on Sunday 5/25/2008, Hispanic bands and entertainment. Family Fun Zone -... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 30,000
Admission Price: None
# Of Spaces: 20
Booth Price: 10x10 $400, 10x15 $475, 10x20 $550, 20x30 $650
Location Type: Andrews Park - Historic Downtown Vacaville
Setup Time: Thursday morning 5/22/08 before Noon
Hours: Thursday, Friday 3PM-9PM, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 11AM-9PM
05/25-05/29 20173410 mi.Chico, CA38% Silver Dollar Fair - Chico  Website URL??? 
Grandstand line up for the 2008 Silver Dollar Fair. Fun includes races, special exhibits daily grounds acts and carnival rides. Over 14,000 competitive exhibits and livestock.
05/25-05/29 2017637 mi.Port Clinton, OH65% Main Street Port Clinton Walleye Festival  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
The 28th Annual Main Street Port Clinton Walleye Festival gets underway from May 22nd through May 26th at picturesque Waterworks Park (Perry Street) on the shores of beautiful Lake Erie in Port Clinton.�� An array of free live concerts, kids fishing derby, parade, educational... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $125+ for 12 Ft., $10 per foot beyond 12 Ft.
Hours: Fri 5p-11p, Sat. 11a-11p, Sun. 11a-11p,, Mon 11a-5p
05/25-05/29 20173523 mi.Grants Pass, OR80% Boatnik Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 58. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Attendance: 5,000
Admission Price: free
Location Type: downtown park w/trees
Hours: 10:00AM-9:00PM
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs961 mi.Pelham, TN51% Hogfest Bike Rally  Website URL??? 
Adult Bike Rally 21+ $30.00 Entry No Support Fees Rain or Shine Party's On Live music, camping, games RV's welcome, but no hookups No Pets Allowed Other Events 2013 Hogfest Memorial Day Weekend Bike Rally on May 23rd to 26th, 2013 Hogfest Summer Bash July Bike Rally on July 26th ...
05/25-05/29 2017 3390 mi. Sacramento, CA 39% Sacramento County Fair   Website URL ??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs3121 mi.Potrero, CA25% Calafia's Potrero War  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs2957 mi.Las Vegas, NV33% Punk Rock Bowling Festival  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/29 20173180 mi.Bradley, CA39% Lightning in a Bottle International Music Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs160 mi.Sweet Valley, PA33% Memorial Day Fair  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/29 20171090 mi.Roxana, AL55% Moondance   Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs1378 mi.Mason City, IA33% North Iowa Band Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs6341 mi.Brno22% Auto Salon & AutoTec Brno  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs196 mi.Springfield, MA29% The International Festival @ the Eastern States Exposit ??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs6148 mi.Waikoloa, HI48% Big Island Film Festival ??? 
@ 05/25-05/29&nbs1177 mi.Dexter, MO31% 100 Mile Yard Sale  Website URL??? 
05/25-05/29 2017 3290 mi. Mariposa, CA 33% BMW MOA 49'er Rally  Website URL ??? 
05/25-05/29 2017 956 mi. Atlanta, GA 33% Atlanta Gamefest  Website URL ??? 
05/25-05/29 2017 51 mi. Merrick, NEW YORK 56% Merrick Train Station Carnival none 
This family-friendly event features favorite fair food, games and rides for all ages, from fun kiddie rides to state-of-the-art thrill rides, along the colorful midway. Admission and parking are free. Unlimited ride wristbands are $25 on Thursday and Monday and $30 Friday - Su... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Phone: 866-666-3247
Booth Price: $550 (merch); 25% (food)
Hours: Thurs/Fri/Mon 5-11, Sat/Sat 12-11

View FULL Event Details Page
05/25-05/29 2017 57 mi. Levittown, NEW YORK 59% Levittown Carnival  Website URL none 
This family-friendly event features favorite fair food, games and rides for all ages, from fun kiddie rides to state-of-the-art thrill rides, along the colorful midway. Admission and parking are free. Unlimited ride wristbands are $25 on Thursday and Monday and $30 Friday - Su... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Phone: 866-666-3247
Booth Price: $550 (merch); 25% (food)
Hours: Thurs/Fri/Mon 5-11, Sat/Sat 12-11

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05/25-05/29 2017 956 mi. Atlanta, GA 33% Atlanta Game Fest  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/25-05/31&nbs967 mi.Manchester, TN33% Music Tree Festival of the Arts  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-06/03&nbs6199 mi.Ipswich26% Pulse Fringe Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-06/043215 mi.Mammoth Lakes, CA70% Round Up at the Lake - Convict Lake Spring Fishing Derby  Website URL??? 
Fishing derby with cash and prizes at Convict Lake.
@ 05/25-06/08&nbs1664 mi.Arkansas City, KS37% Farm and Art Market ??? 
Local produce and art from local artists for sale. Sale occurs every Thursday afternoon throughout the Summer.
@ 05/25-06/09&nbs74 mi.Chalfont, PA62% The Craft Boutique at Moyer Farmhouse  Website URL??? 
The Craft Boutique at Moyer Farmhouse is a unique one of a kind specialty shop where you will find gifts, home décor, pet products, every day and holiday, too. The Craft Boutique is the permanent home to more than 85 creative artisans from Bucks County, PA, NJ, NY and VA featuri... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: 1800's Victorian Farmhouse
Hours: Shop open: Thursday through Sunday 11-6, extended hours in Sept
05/25-06/11 20172029 mi.Kerrville, TX29% Kerrville Folk Festival ??? 
05/25-06/221448 mi.Wayzata, MN26% Members' Salon Show ??? 
@ 05/25-06/24&nbs2207 mi.Denver, CO42% Members' Juried Photography Exhibition Call for Entries - Deadli  Website URL??? 
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Members’ Juried Photography Exhibition Call for Entries – Deadline: April 26, 2014 The Colorado Photographic Arts Center is seeking entries for a photography exhibition juried by Mark Sink, director of the Denver Month of Photography. The exhibition wi...
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2029 mi. Kerrville, TX 33% Southwest Gourd Fine Art Show  Website URL ??? 
@ 05/25-06/29&nbs1429 mi.Minneapolis, MN75% HGA's Small Expressions  Website URL??? 
For over 30 years, this breathtaking exhibition has showcased the intricacies of fiber art on a small scale, with no piece exceeding 15 inches in any direction! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: Free
Hours: Monday - Thursday 10-7, Friday - Saturday 10-5
@ 05/25-07/06&nbs52 mi.Fair Lawn, NJ40% Classic Car Show & Community Dance ??? 
@ 05/25-07/23&nbs2053 mi.Minot, ND37% Minot Arts in the Park  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-08/10&nbs1028 mi.123 N. River Sai, WI37% Waterford River Rhythms ??? 
Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm Days of Week: Thursday Sponsor: Waterford Chamber of Commerce Contact: Description:Conveniently enjoy the offerings from our food vendors, or bring your own picnic basket. Carry in the beverages of your choice and always bring your smile. Enjoy some of the ...
@ 05/25-08/10&nbs1027 mi.Saint Charles, IL40% Concerts in the Park, St. Charles ??? 
@ 05/25-08/22&nbs1353 mi.Mobile, AL24% Market on the Hill ??? 
@ 05/25-08/23&nbs51 mi.Merrick, NY34% Attic of Treasures Ongoing Sale ??? 
We love to offer antiques, vintage, new & pre-owned Designer items that are considered treasures. What is old is new again! You never know what you will find, please come and take a look.
@ 05/25-09/01&nbs943 mi.Hobart, IN39% Hobart Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
every thursday till oct. arts, crafts, food, and produce Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: 25.00
@ 05/25-09/07&nbs747 mi.Newport, KY48% Newport Thursday - Live at the Levee  Website URL??? 
@ 05/25-09/283354 mi.Chelan, WA51% Chelan Evening Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Join us at the new Chelan Evening Farmers Market! Every Thursday from 4-7 pm. The market will be located on S. Emerson street, between Riverwalk Park and Riverwalk Inn. Vendors will be selling local fruits, vegetables, and cheeses fresh from the farm. Also look for locally produc...
@ 05/25-10/19&nbs275 mi.Huntingdon, PA39% Huntingdon Farmers Market ??? 
The Farmers Market begins on June 5, and continues on Thursdays through the growing season. Vegetables, fruits, baked goods, cheese, eggs, and lots more.
@ 05/25-10/19&nbs410 mi.Buffalo, NY32% Pendleton Farmers' Market ??? 
@ 05/25-10/26&nbs598 mi.Bellville, OH40% Der Dutchman Cruise In ??? 
@ 05/25-11/19&nbs1118 mi.Madison, WI43% Dane County Wednesday Farmers' Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Local vendors sell their wares at this weekly Farmers' market. Wednesdays from April 22 - November 4.
05/25-05/29 20182260 mi.Red River, NM33% Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally   Website URL??? 
@ 05/26-12/19&nbs20 mi.Edison, NJ56% Flea Market Every Tuesday  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
, 7:30am-1:30pm 40 Vendors Outside & Inside. Sponsored by New Dover United Methodist Church, 687 New Dover Road, North Edison (1-1/2 blocks west of Wood Avenue. For more information call Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 7:30-1:30
@ 05/26-05/27&nbs1267 mi.Waukon, IA48% Citywide Garage Sales ??? 
Northeast  Region)   e-mail:
05/26-05/27 2017400 mi.Monroeville, PA28% Pittsburgh Sports and Fitness Expo ??? 
@ 05/26-05/27&nbs646 mi.Fremont, OH80% Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Centennial Celebration  Website URL??? 
The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, the nation's FIRST presidential library, is celebrating its 100th birthday over Memorial Day weekend. There will be a full weekend of events, including a ceremony and public barbecue, the Hayes family reunion and more. For updates and...
05/26-05/27 20173359 mi.San Luis Obispo, CA79% The California Festival of Beers  Website URL??? 
�� The 21st Annual California Festival of Beers Sat. May 26 2007, 11am-3pm. Avila Beach, California. Features over 50 brewers and over 100 of their finest microbrewed creations. Admission includes souvenir beer glass and unlimited (but responsible) samples of offerings. Enjo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: $75 admission
Booth Price: 200 10x10 space
Jury Requirements: canopy
Jury Fee: 200
Location Type: 10 acre meadow located at the historic Madonna Inn in San Luis O
Hours: Friday 5:30-8, Saturday 11-4
05/26-05/27 2017 810 mi. Bryson City, NC 51% Heritage Fest  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Riverfront Park, Bryson City 101 Mitchell Street Bryson City, NC ��28713 Map this location This two day festival has it all! Friday night entertainment is loaded with local talent featuring an emphasis on old – time gospel. Saturday entertainment is as varied as the reg...
05/26-05/27 2017785 mi.Versailles, KY41% Art in the Park  Website URL??? 
Free event showcases Woodford County artists on Saturday, May 17 from 11 am until 6 pm at Big Spring Park behind the courthouse in downtown Versailles. This is also opening day for Woodford County's Farmers Market, located at the courthouse. Artists of all ages will display and s...
05/26-05/27 2017803 mi.Ware Shoals, SC48% Ware Shoals Catfish Feastival (1 Comments star) ??? 
We will have lots of FREE entertainment to be announced soon. The entertainment begins Friday afternoon and continues all day Saturday. We will also have a number of arts & crafts venodrs on Friday and Saturday. And, of course we will have TONS of FOOD! The First Baptist Ch...
@ 05/26-05/27&nbs1011 mi.Lewisburg, TN58% Festival on the Rocks  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 7. Annual State Championship BBQ Cook-off. Food, Music, Carnival,5k Run Arts & Craft vendors canceled for 2012 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: 50 12x 12
Setup Time: Thursday June 2 3:00-6:30 pm, Friday June 3rd 5:30-8:00 am
05/26-05/27 20171027 mi.Dickson, TN73% Middle Tennessee Fiber Festival   Website URL??? 
Year # 11. 7th Annual Sheep, Wool and Fiber Festival. Workshops and classes in spinning, knitting, felting and weaving. Over 40 vendors selling yarn, knitting supplies, wool, spinning wheels and spinning supplies, and more.fiber-related workshops and vending4th Annual Sheep, Wool an... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: 10x12 indoor $80 & $60, 10x10 Enclosed $40
Setup Time: Thurs May 23 1pm-7pm, Fri May 24 8am-11am, Sat May 25 7am-8:30am
Hours: Fri 12pm-6pm, Sat 9am-5pm
05/26-05/27 2017822 mi.Maryville, TN60% Antique Tractor and Engine Show and Swap Meet  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Tractor and Engine Show and Swap Meet featuring Ford Tractors and Equipment and demonstration units. Over 200 antique tractors on display, plus many hit-n-miss engines, implements, farmstead & homestead equipment, toy tractors, parts and manuals for your old equipment. Arts & cr... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25
Hours: Fri 8-6, Sat 8-6
05/26-05/27 2017821 mi.Seneca, SC59% Seneca Color Fest  Website URL??? 
There will be an Education Foundation Barbeque Cook-off, Classic Car Cruise-In, 5K Road Race/Fun Run, Arts on the Alley, Craft & Food Vendors, and a balloon clown. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $50
Hours: Fri 1-9, Sat 8-10
05/26-05/27 2017681 mi.Pound, VA31% Pound Heritage Days  Website URL??? 
05/26-05/27 20172685 mi.Ephraim, UT51% Scandinavian Heritage Festival   Website URL??? 
Annual Celebration draws thousands of visitors, many of whom are of local Scandinavian descent to remember Sanpete Valleys strong Scandinavian history. Food and old world craft booths. Ball games, displays and entertainment throughout the day. Bread baking contest at the ...
@ 05/26-05/27&nbs1158 mi.Saint Louis, MO34% Saint Louis Brewers Heritage Festival ??? 
@ 05/26-05/27&nbs1355 mi.Salesville, AR37% Twin Lakes Veterans Family Fest ??? 
Baxter County Fairgrounds Twin Lakes Veterans - Ed Chandler 40 Plaza Way, #8 Mountain Home, AR 72653 Carnival games and rides, petting zoo, large inflatable playground, clowns, rock climbing wall, golf game, great food, exhibits, live music and concerts. Procee