We do not verify promoter credentials or event listing details accuracy.
Contact an event's promoter before making plans! We cannot guarantee that a promoter is not entering misleading attendances or advertising statements, etc. It would take more resources than we have available. Nor do we verify that the event is 'good' for sales. We really have no way to find out the quality of an event other than from you all, so every submitted listing is posted and made available to be rated by any Artist or Crafter! While we have banned about a dozen promoters that we had many complaints about, ANYONE else is free and able to list an event on the website. Once a promoter lists their event, we send them email updates weekly on their listing, reviewing the primary event details that we are announcing for them. We do not ban folks for putting on a bad show, only if they do so repeatedly or if there is reason to believe they have acted improperly. This means that these listings remain online with us, just search passed dates. The intention is to retain these poorer listings, so that you know about them and how they rank.

Anyone can re-publish any of our event listing data, newsletters, articles, etc. Artist and Crafter photos copyrights belong to them, they are about the only thing not copyable. Check out our FREE Database Access API!

Can event comments be trusted?
Event promoters can request for us to investigate any false comments. Promoters can also add a response online to each comment one of their listings receives. Comments of 'negative nanies' that on average rate shows poorer than others will show so in the comment's 'Crafter Deviation Avg' value and their rating will be auto bumped up accordingly, likewise though for high raters. More info on coments/ratings here.

Is allowing comments / ratings on events legal? What if they are false?
False comments are most certainly actionable under law as libel. To be libel, claims must be false ( or exaggerated ). While this site keeps anonymous comments anonymous and will not release your info to a promoter, if a court decides that specific comments are false they can legally demand the commenter's info and we will supply it. As for EventLister.com's liability for displaying false comments, there is a telecommunications law ( and now supporting trial judgements ) that protects a website that re-displays 3rd party comments. The 3rd party can still be sued for libel though... Promoters should contact us immediatly if they suspect false comments/ratings! We will review any comment's authenticity and accuracy. True comments will NOT be removed but promoters can ask us to mark their account so that we show NO info on ANY of your events, no matter how we learn of them.

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