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Product Name: Ceramic Tile Coasters 4pc Set
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Rustic porcelain tiles are custom imaged with the artwork of your choice. I current have many classic prepared for imaging onto tile. You can choose a pre-selected set, mix and match, or name your own images. Popular image sets are:
Van gogh#1-starry night, stars over Rhone, church, night cafe
Van gogh#2-12 sunflowers on green, iris garden, irises in vase, gladiolas.
van gogh #3-the sower, yellow sun, olive trees, cypresses
Botticelli-Birth of Venus scene, Venus closeup face, Primavera closeup Face, Primavera scene
Klimt #1-Tree of life, the kiss, expectation, fullfillment
Klimt#2-Blumgarten1, Chickens, sunflower, blumgarten2
Monet-japanese bridge, blue waterlilies, garden path, garden path 2.
Degas-blue dancer bending over, bowing green dancer, dance class, red/white/black dancer resting.
And many more.
DaVinci-vetr. man, mona lisa, annunciation angel, madonna

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