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 Gentle Leaves Copper Cuff Bracelet Details 
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Product Name: Gentle Leaves Copper Cuff Bracelet
Size: Medium
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    Cuff Bracelets

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This 3/4-inch wide cuff bracelet was first etched, then a permanent patina added to bring out the gentle leaf design. A clear finish has been used on both the inside and outside to help maintain the patina and prevent potential skin discoloration.

The bracelet is a size medium and can be tightened or loosened by the wearer to fit most small to medium adult womans wrists.

I want you to enjoy my useful art. If for any reason you are not pleased with my item, please contact me within 7 days. I will accommodate you in any way I can. If you would prefer, return your purchase within the 7 days in its original condition and I will refund your purchase price minus shipping charges.

As an Eclectic Metalsmith, I enjoy working with metals in unique ways. With the right equipment and chemicals, the multistep process of etching copper is a great way of making attractive jewelry and household items.

I start with transferring a black and white design to a special material used for etching metals. With the design placed on a cleaned sheet of copper, heat is applied to transfer the black part of the design. The copper is placed in a ferric chloride etching bath which eats away the open areas of copper but will not eat away the black areas that were transferred. After a period of time, the copper is etched deeply enough to clearly see the pattern. At this point the copper is cleaned, dried and the piece completed if no antiquing is to be done. For antiquing, the piece is dipped in the antiquing bath. By rubbing sandpaper over the top of the copper sheet, the antiquing layer is cleaned off the top of the metal and remains in the etched area. The antiquing step is performed a couple of times to darken the etched background and to give clear definition to the design. To prevent the normal darkening oxidation of the copper, the piece is then given a protective coating.

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